So much beauty to ease the pain.

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At times of trouble nature soothes my agitated mind.

The elements combined to present the most amazing views when it welcomed me today.

Apart from the recent Hive scenario, our charity work at times also offers us harrowing situations that need urgent and compassionate attention. I will not go into the details as it is very disturbing and at times one has to cling to sanity to try and understand the things that people do to others. Savage onslaughts against innocent children and old people can certainly leave me speechless, but life goes on and one has to try and cope.
Come and select the picture that eases your mind.





Makes one's head spin to see all of the beauty. A soft unseen hand strokes my soul and the soft wind whispers in my ear that all things are as they should be. The world is tired of its treatment at the hands of mankind, as love and appreciation continue to be ripped away from it to be replaced by greed and hatred. Destruction is at the order of the day and the natural residents of this planet are slowly, but surely disappearing.






I don't think the guy got his smoke signals right that he sent up here :)

So many of us, and I am one of them, are slowly becoming hermits as we withdraw from society. Enough is enough we say, as we get sick and tired of the cons and the scams. Instead of 6 senses, one has to have 6 eyes to keep a watch against possible dangers. We live in fortresses barricaded with burglary defenses and everything is securely locked up. And yet these pictures today clearly show our longing for freedom.

Everything is falling apart, murder and mayhem rules as the daily news is not news, but rather reports of unbelievable atrocities. So when is enough, enough? Where does a person turn to at times like this? I find nature to be the best way for me, as it has no demands and it is free. To take my mind into the beauty to be washed and cleansed from the filth and insecurities that the atrocities try to coat it with.
And yes, it really works for me at least, as the beauty and the serenity stroke my soul.

A lament from my heart reflected here and I hope that you liked the pictures.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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One withdraws to protect oneself from mindset around, being out in nature the best place in silence and solitude whenever possible.


 last year  

Yes it is a cruel and scary world we live in nowadays. More and more people want to change where they live, retreat themselves into the countryside… live amongst nature. Me too…
Yes, nature is my way to cope and recharge my soul and energy. We need it.
Have a wonderful day Zac 👋🏻😊 thanks for all you do!

 last year  

I am so glad that we decided to make the move 4 years ago, as with nature on our doorstep it's an entirely different world. I hope that you will also have your turn, as I know that you are also in love with nature.

An absolute necessity to maintain sanity!

Thank you and I hope that your day was bearable.


 last year  

I can imagine, happy that you did and that you enjoy it that much.
We will… soon, looks like we are planning for the middle of December now. Just need some ok’s 🤞🏻🍀😉

Thank you so much, my day was good. Had some good news and exciting things happening.
Hope yours was good too, even with all the challenges.
Have a good night Zac 👋🏻😊


 last year  

That old saying; "If only I had done it years ago" comes to mind 😉
Middle of December is around the corner and I hope that the ok's will arrive speedily 🤞

Good news always welcome and glad to hear about the exciting things.
Mine was good and we are used to the challenges 😊

Blessings and !LUV

 last year  

Hahaha 🤣 funny saying.
It surely is around the corner. And we are closing in on all the ok’s, next week we know 🤞🏻🍀

It is always welcome.
Good to hear, and I know what you mean…
Blessings and !LUV

 last year  

Oh yes, funny and true.

So I think that next week will be good 🤞

Always good my friend.

Blessings and !PIZZA

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Yep, will be a great week coming up. Finally decisions 🥳🥳

Thanks a lot.
Blessings my friend and let’s add some more

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Thank you kindly for the curation @ackhoo and the @qurator team.

I loved the first picture. Yes. It's really something else these days. We need a form of anchor to remember who we are and what our purpose is so as not to let the bad going on eat us alive. Haha. Great pictures as always.

 last year  

Oh yes and my anchor is nature, as I find a sense of serenity in it.
Glad that you liked the pictures.


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Glory! I am happy that you have these places to go to, and happy too that you take the time to show them to us. They are unbelievably beautiful to this upstate New York gal.

 last year  

Thank you and now you make me happy for showing it. A totally different world from the old place that we worked in for so many years.
Glad that you liked it.


Wonderful photography, stunning landscapes. Hehe so many sky signals 😛 Thanks for sharing!

 last year  

Thank you for the appreciation and we live in one of the richest biospheres in the world.
Mother nature holds my hand every day !LOLZ

I was so mad when I found out I was cloned.
I was litteraly beside myself.

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Beautiful landscape.
I had the good fortune over Spring and Summer to escape to a similar landscape. It is soothing for the mind and soul.

 last year  

Thank you and glad that you can see and experience the same.


This is place is very nice!! Very relaxing 😍

 last year  

Thank you and yes, it is very relaxing 😊

That first photo is AWESOME! Then I saw the irrigation system spitting water out onto something. Funny but absolutely beautiful!

 last year  

Thank you and now I am trying to get the swallows speeding through the sprayers, as they love it.
Near impossible as they fly through it at high speed.


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