Introducing myself and my grandson Micah to silver bloggers

Hello, I hope this finds you all well. I'm really interested in the silver bloggers group so I thought I'd blog about my adventures in babysitting my youngest grandson Micah.


But first let's get all caught up with his back story...

He's my youngest out of 2 biological grandchildren. I have others that call me Mimi, that I will always love and cherish.. But I rarely get to see them.
Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

Micah is 2 and he has a diagnosis of autism. Admittedly, I don't know much about autism. But I do know if he is autistic, he's low on the spectrum. To me, he's a hard-headed 2 year old that's subject to temper tantrums.. however he can and will hurt himself on occasion if he's really pissed! He bites himself and bangs his face/mouth on things.. HARD!

Part of me believes he was given this diagnosis because he wasn't talking. But he couldn't hear. HE WAS FRUSTRATED! He'd had so many untreated ear infections his little ears stayed muffled. I mean, could we talk if we couldn't understand what was going on around us?? To try understand what his world was like, I placed my hand over my ears and talked. Everything is muffled and garbled. No wonder he couldn't talk! He couldn't hear properly! Then add everything else that was going on in his little life.

His and his sister's story is quite sad for such a short little lives. Although, it could have been so much worse!! We are grateful and thankful things was stopped before something terrible happened!
I will say this, Addison at 6 years old had more maturity to take care of Micah than her grown adult momma! And she forever will be a hero of mine for taking GOOD care of Micah the way she did (everything we found out after the fact)

Micah's Mom has a terrible addiction. Plus mental issues. I do NOT like this girl ... I'm still very angry with her. But, with that being said I do love her and wish she would get help. Not only for herself but for her children. Addison who's now 8yrs old will be adopted in November by some friend's of ours. Anyways back to Micah.

He tested positive for methamphetamines. Not just a little bit either but like he was grown and doing it himself!!

Thinking back to when he was 6 months old. His BAD BAD diaper rashes.. And now knowing what I know... I'm angry!!
All that time, I was thinking she wasn't changing him... Or reaction to food.. Or teething.. Man I'm pissed! That was meth coming out of his little body.
During that time I traveled for work so I wasn't home daily to keep check on things.

I also feel the need to mention(a story for another day) she almost cut my son's arm off with a sword! Happened back in 2020 like covid wasn't enough to deal with....

Anyways, it took a bit but my son finally got away from her and her mom (that woman is worse, very delusional!!) He finally learned he can't stop her or save her.

Recent camping trip.. Micah and his sister Addison


Micah and his sister was taken from their mom this past October and placed in state custody. My son willingly relinquished his rights while they removed the kids and investigated the situation. He did everything they asked of him from drug screens to parenting classes and mental health evaluations. This is the first and only time I was glad to have the state in our business. Although it did feel as though the process was ever going to end. Eventually, in February, Micah was placed with my son on a trail basis and May he was awarded full custody of his youngest child.

Y'all that was one the happiest days of our lives.. To have all that mess behind us!!

It's been difficult to say the least for my son. At first, Micah was not bottle broke and didn't sleep thru the night.. Thankfully he is (bottle broke) and sleeps thru the nights now. So life is a bit easier for them.

Anyways, that's about it the back story.

I quit traveling as a roadie, setting up concerts and events to stay home and babysit Micah so my son can work.

Micah has quickly became my best friend!! And his love for me, his Mimi is undescribable!!

He wears me out physically! My youngest child will be 21 in October so it's been many years since I chased after an energetic toddler! BUT, I've lost 30lbs chasing after him🤣🤣 so I won't complain too much!
Anyways, I'm going to wrap it up for today...

We're about to go run errands and pay bills.

I truly look forward to blogging about our adventures together. I usually have a good Micah story to tell🤣🥰


Who needs a gym when you have a Micah!
What a story and a battle that he has had in his short life. I am so glad that things are taking a turn for the better, I hope he can still see his sister Addison on a regular basis.
Ah yes I remember the camping trip, I am guessing that you had fun.

Welcome to the Silver Bloggers community Rachael and I think that you will fit right in;)
I know how much you are into your music, so you might like to enter into this month's BOM contest.
Have you subscribed to the community, you can also choose a Silvery name and join in the Silver Bloggers discord server.
I will pop back later with some links and things, enjoy your Friday, I need to cook dinner!

We see Addison occasionally as well as his older brother Hunter. Ricky my son has 2 boys. It's been a while since all 3 kids were together at once. But we take what time we can get and enjoy it all to the fullest!
Looking forward to the links! I'd love to get to know everyone🤗

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Hi @rachaeldwatson,
Gosh what an ordeal you have all been through! Addison looks like a real little mama, thank heavens she was there to help Micah before you discovered what's up.
So many grannies take on the role of mommy, it can't be easy but I'm sure his Mimi will find the strength to get through this!
Thank you for sharing your story with us, blogging can be great therapy to help one during difficult times and not keep everything cropped up inside.
We look forward to hearing more about your journey with Mica🤗
Silver-Blond Lizzie

Amen! I don't know how this would have turned out if Addison hadn't been such a good "little momma" to Micah! I don't even want to think about it.
I agree about journaling.. I use to journal a lot years ago. That's kind of why I told part of Micah's story. I still have days where I'm angry. About all of it!

-she won't get help (and I know she loves her children)
-she MANGLED my son's arm!
-wondering just how long Micah was on meth.

I now know those bad diaper rashes he always had as a baby was caused by the drugs. I knew it had to be more than just a diaper rash on sensitive skin. So for over a year he was doing it right along with her! He had sleeping issues, behavior issues.. He was withdrawn or fussing.
I'm angry he went thru withdrawals from it!
And, although it's not as bad as it was but I'm angry with my son Ricky. HOWEVER, without it, we wouldn't have Micah and Addison would still be in hell! So for that I am thankful for!!!

Thank God the storms are over now.

Now enjoying Micah's love, friendship and a little stress😁. That's the joy of motherhood

Absolutely! I don't mind normal stresses.. The daily stuff is ok. I've always loved being a mom.. And being Mimi is even better!

That's awesome. More blessings in all your ways ma

Hi Rachael
Welcome to Silver Bloggers:) Nice to see you here!
What a story. But glad to hear that everything seems to have been put back on a good track. It's not hard to imagine the bond between you two. And now I understand why you were so excited about your camping trip.
Welcome again to the community 😊 Have a lovely weekend :)

I'm so glad to see you here as well! It's nice seeing familiar faces so to speak when trying something new lol.
Yes, it's been a rough couple years but things are better now. We just got back from visiting his mom at the park for a bit. She still needs help but it's important to me he still knows her.
He is the sweetest lil thing but can bee a handful too🤦🤣🥰 but I've never met a child that couldn't be😋🤣 especially 2 year olds🤣🥰

Oh, of course, I understand that it is important that he does not totally lose contact with his mother. At that age, children are adorable and grow up very fast so you have to enjoy every stage as much as possible.
Any questions you have about the community you can hang out on our discord channel or if you just want a bit of chit-chat, hehe. See you around 😄

I'm trying to locate to discord server without any luck. By chance can I get an invite? My discord ID is rachaeldwatson#0451 thanks in advance

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Hi Rachael, let me know if this one works :)

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 2 years ago  

@rachaeldwatson Your grandchildren are lovely!

Thank you! I think so too😁🥰🤗


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