First photo of Hive branding on our rally car!!!

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Hi, friends!

I am so proud to have Hive name on our Citroen C2 R2 Max rally car. I am here from August 2016 and I have met some very nice people through Hive.

But there is one name I should add as special: @pfunk. This guy helped me so much and I am very happy to know him.

Rest of the photos should come very soon.

Stay tuned!


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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!



@ssekulji Wow- Hive branding in real world!! Blockchain based platforms and real world merging... Hive seems to grow by leaps and bounds. Kudos.

I must check if I can brand my Photography gear as 'Sponsored by HIVE' Lol. Just kidding. I am trying hard to bring wildlife awareness through my wildlife photography related posts but I do not think I would be worthy of Hive branding. Perhaps @pfunk can comment 😀

I am glad I somehow landed on your post today. I am into off-road travel for wildlife photos so I browse #rally community but not an active member. Will join today. It is great to see such real world applications of Hive. I see PeakD branding too. Cool.

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I am proud to be a member from August 2016 :)

Wow. Tha is great. I joined in 2017 and was quite active on erstwhile platform but due to a personal tragedy I stayed away from all social media for almost 3 years. Came back to find Hive and started again around 9 months ago. Am trying to contribute to communities and post good content regularly. Anyway - great to know you and the rally community.

You've got a rally car! Holy awesomeness. Once I wanted to be a rally driver, but ended up only playing Richard Burns rally on a simulator o\

If you haven't tried it yet, play Dirt Rally (original, not 2.0) with a wheel. It's fantastic

The Dirt video game series are indeed awesome. There are many things in this series. Not just/only rally. For example destruction derby. I played Dirt: Showdown (2012) a few years ago. It is a very good arcade game.

The first rally game I played was either Sega Rally (on PC), or V-Rally 3D (on mobile). But the more memorable for me is the Sega Rally, because my mother gifted this game to me. I do not remember the full title of the game, nor the occasion, but nowadays I clearly remember that it was a gift from her, and it reminds me of her.

She passed away because of brain tumor (cancer) on 2017.12.17. She was 64 years old.

I really miss her, and nowadays I holding on to the good memories. The above mentioned gift is one of these good memories. She did everything for us (for my brother and for me). She deserved better. Both from life, and from me too. I wish that I would have behaved much better with her in my childhood.

Your mom was awesome. I'm glad you can remember her with such a fun game

I have many good and pleasant memories with her. For example we went into a PC club (internet café) around 2002-2003, and we mostly played video games. Mostly GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. We had a PC at home, but it was not capable of running these video games. This is why we played them in the PC club. Mostly for 30 minutes, or for one hour, after school.

We visited other places too. For example we went into the Tropicarium in the Campona shopping mall in Budapest. Nowadays sometimes I think about re-visiting this place.

We also went to cinema multiple times. I still remember the first movies we watched in there, including the 3D movies. Ice Age (2002), Ice Age 2 (2006), Spy Kids 3-D (2003), War of the Worlds (2005).

I remember our pickniques too, and cooking bacon in the garden. Many good and pleasant memories.

I recommend Logitech G29 wheel :)

I did! For a while... before my pc toasted. Is the 2.0 any good?

I used to play a lot of RSRBR (richard burns rally best mod) then Dirt Rally came along. Also played a lot of iRacing back in 2015/16. Let me show you my final project as an engineer. I built my own pedals using load cells.


They fucked with 2.0 too much for me. It didn't feel right. And then they tried to sell all the "1.0" tracks as DLC and I'm not sure if they even made any new DLC tracks. But your mileage may vary. Maybe pick it up on a deep discount.

Really they should have followed through on new DLC tracks for Dirt Rally 1, but where's the profit in that? Codemasters doing Codemasters things.

I did lot of trainings on 2.0 and it wasn't that bad for me (except that longest special stage is around three minutes) . Never tried McRae 3. I like WRC 7, very long special stages just like in real. Didn't try newer version. Cheers from vacations :)

Cheers! Where did you go on vacation?

Town is called Split in Croatia. It is also a town of my favorite football/soccer club called Hajduk Split. I am their big supporter from when I was a kid. :)
And you? :)

Disgusting indeed. They should provide the engine and let the community mod, just like Farming Simulator. I used to play FS19 for fun and I'm yet to see a game with so much well-made add-ons. I'm trying to safe up for a computer as my gaming one burned in 2018.

I started with Colin McRae series in the late '90s. Dirt is just next to that. Never tried RBR seriously....

Oh yeah, Colin McRae on PlayStation 1 back in 2001. I didn't include that because it was arcade.

I enjoyed it very much!

McRae 3 was so much fun back then. Not too realistic but a joy to play.

You can always start your rally career. Just visit some rally school and they will help you with everything!!!

Yaaa, unfortunatelly we don't have any racing schools around here, only kart. =/

Then try to find rally clubs close to you or a sport government body. They will help you :)

Hahah that´s awesome!!! Love it! !PIZZA


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Wow....this is super awesome!

Thanks, man! :)