Be Happy


Sometimes you think life is cruel and unfair. Too many things to worry about, big problems, hard challenges and the worst one, the pathetic life situation. There are even times you think of giving up because it's too much. You compared your life to others and then asked, "Why only you have this sickness and why are you too poor to achieve the things you wanted. You can't even understand the kind of life you are having because it is only filled with emptiness. You keep explaining it to yourself but even words can not convey it. You think it's unlucky indeed but believe me, it's not true.

  1. Another Day to Live.
    Not all people have the chance to wake up another morning and see the world's beauty. Some might have experienced an illness that ended them for a short life. While others experienced a painful incident, again, there's no tomorrow for them. So when you still can breathe, can see, all in all, alive. Don't you think you are blessed and lucky;

  2. The things you can still do.
    When you are alive and well, tell me what's dragging you not to do things you desire. If you want to have a better life, obviously, you need to work hard for it and be determined for it. You can not grow plants you wanted when from the beginning you didn't plant them.

  3. Be Contented.
    You know what, this is a bit offensive but I think most people are dumb not to realize it. When you ask for more, yet you can give less. I think it's the way you discipline yourself that's why you are having a hard time dealing with your daily lifestyle. Many of us complain about a lower salary, but then spend a bigger monthly wage. It's about discipline and contentment if you don't want to experience poverty.

  4. Be Thankful.
    Even small things you should be thankful for. There are times you think living another day is just normal that you forget to be thankful. When you wake up, tell God "Thank you", and always think that thanks to him you can again enjoy this beautiful world. A simple act but it influences too much, not just for you but for others as well.

  5. Be Happy.
    Of course, all things become greater when you are happy. You are happy with what you do, what you have and what you are. When there's happiness, everything flows smoothly like a river that never stops. If you have a happy heart, you are thankful for "another day to live." "You can do things you want to do'' and "You will be content thoroughly." Then when "You are Thankful", you can now "Be Happy."

Most of us forget the beauty of life, I'm sure even you because of the challenges and pain that are unbearable. However, you can not achieve true happiness when you don't experience true sadness. Just like they said, "There is no sweet success without a bitter failure." You can not tell the best feeling of being a Winner when you don't suffer a tormented Defeat.

Whatever you are experiencing right now, always think that it's part of your life to be better next. Just don't think it will happen easily and immediately because there are no shortcuts in life. You can not be an adult right away after the day you're born. There's always a process but that will make you who will become in the future. If you'll trust the process you can understand that this is Life indeed; That's how life.

You don't need an explanation to understand it through words because experiences will help you to learn it. If you suffer, maybe there's a reason behind it but you are too egoistic not to notice it. So keep going and battling because the one who will have the last laugh after is the one who fights desperately.

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