My Oh Myocarditis! How I'm Managing this Terrible Heart Condition

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Myocarditis is inflammation and damage of the heart. It causes pain, a fast irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), and death. I've had untreated myocarditis for more than a year, but it hasn't killed me yet, and I've figured out a few ways to keep it in check. In this post, I want to share what is working for me, in case it can help others who are dealing with this increasingly-prevalent threat.

My experience with myocarditis

I wrote about my unexplained heart problem several weeks ago, and recently expanded on it in an article regarding a major study that has shown exactly how this condition destroys the heart.

In summary, my previously-healthy heart started slipping into abnormal rhythms in November 2021. I don't have access to proper healthcare, but I was a medical professional for 10 years, and have managed to keep myself alive through the birth of my daughter, a difficult recovery for my wife, and an unexpected long-distance move with our toddler and newborn.

Some days, I feel almost normal, with just a few palpitations (abnormal beats) here and there. Other days, I'm in full-blown arrhythmia the entire day and night, with a pulse over 150 bpm, my heart stopping and starting, and pounding so hard my whole torso shakes. Regular activities like caring for children, getting exercise, and even sleeping become nearly impossible. I'm adept at spotting patterns, and more in tune with my body than almost anyone I've met, but I couldn't figure out anything that might be causing it. There was no telling when it would be reasonably okay, or when it would be so bad I was laid out on my bed whimpering and clutching my chest. My crippled wife, trying to recover from major surgery to birth our daughter, did everything she could for me and our little family.

At times when it has been out of whack for hours (or days) on end, I got short of breath, even at rest. My chest aches, and I have some sharp stabbing pains at times. My legs began to swell up in the evenings (pitting edema), a sign that my heart was failing to pump my blood around my body, keeping my organs, muscles, and brain perfused with oxygen. I have been miserable. Knowing my life was hanging by a thread, I updated my will and made arrangements with my wife.

No doctor wanted to touch my case, saying "you're too sick, and have to go to the hospital emergency room". When I did that, it happened to be during a moment when my heart was beating normally, and the doctors quickly ran some pointless blood tests, finding nothing, and sent me away. When I was in the ER, I witnessed an incredible amount of people - many of them healthy-looking men about my age - there with the same problem. It seems the hospital has become adept at covering their asses, while at the same time providing no help to the multitudes with sudden unexplained heart problems. I continued to suffer and deteriorate.

Just before our forced move to a tiny Northern town 1000 miles away, I managed to convince a doctor to send me for a week-long Holter monitor, which is basically a continuous ECG that records your heartbeat so a diagnosis can be made. Finally, I was going to have "official" confirmation, which in Canada is required before any care can be obtained. But because so many people are currently suffering heart problems like mine, there was a huge waitlist for the Holter monitor, and our moving day arrived before it could happen, sending me back to square one. A whole year of trying to get diagnosed/treated, wasted.

How did I get myocarditis?

Without care, I have no way of knowing for sure. Even with a good cardiologist in your corner (probably impossible right now), there's no guarantee the cause can be determined. That said, I know my heart was healthy before last November. I'm fit, don't smoke or drink, eat very well, and have spotless arteries. What could have done this?

Most people never knew about myocarditis before early 2021. You've probably heard that in the past couple years, millions of people around the world have died suddenly of heart problems, blood clots, and strokes. It has become commonplace to hear of athletes falling down dead, often in the middle of games. Famous people (many young and healthy) have up and died of heart attacks at an unprecedented rate. The media and big pharma are pushing the idea that "it's normal to die of heart attacks and strokes at any age", and made up the phrase "sudden adult death syndrome" (SADS). All-cause mortality has skyrocketed in developed countries around the world since 2021, and that realization won't be held back for much longer. The blind among us gobble up the official narrative and keep their heads down. The astute among us know something is seriously wrong. Many are speaking out.

Myocarditis is an accepted symptom of Covid-19. The mechanism is the spike proteins on the virus in our bloodstream cause damage to heart tissue. What is less understood by the mainstream is that the mRNA injections ("Covid vaccines" from Pfizer and Moderna) cause our bodies to generate trillions of these spike proteins, which do exactly the same thing, just in greater quantities. So you can get spike proteins - and myocarditis - from either the disease itself, or the only accepted treatment for the disease.

But I never took the Covid vaccines, which aren't really vaccines - something I've been shouting from the rooftops since the very beginning. So I didn't get "spiked" by the shots. Could I have got it from Covid? Maybe, although I didn't have any symptomatic illness late last year, and neither did anyone in my household. We had it in February 2020, and again in July 2022, but not in 2021. It's possible we had Covid last year without knowing it, and the only symptom was a permanently-damaged heart, but that's a longshot. So maybe it's just a really strange coincidence that I got myocarditis at the same time as hundreds of millions of other people, for no apparent reason?

Or maybe, I got it from other people who took the shots. The first booster was deployed here in BC at exactly the time I developed heart problems. But is there any way someone else's spike proteins could get into my body? Turns out, there is.

I spoke with Dr. Charles Hoffe about this issue this summer, and published our conversation here. Even a few months ago, solid research from around the world proved something is passing from injected people to non-injected people, causing genetic changes and problems like myocarditis. In other words, we can't avoid spike proteins just by avoiding the mRNA shots - we also get them from Covid, and from nearby people who DID take the shots.

So until I have another explanation, that's what I think happened to me. Maybe I got it from the other patients at my chiropractor's office, for example. But the bottom line is, I got myocarditis. It isn't mild, and it isn't going away on its own (as the media claims). It's debilitating, and it's ongoing. Luckily, I've finally figured out a few things that seem to help reduce its severity, and possibly even knock it into remission.

What works for me

I now know of a few things that help reduce the severity of my symptoms, and something that may potentially even knock them down completely. These methods fall into 2 categories: things that reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and things that reduce inflammation. (This makes sense, because myocarditis is inflammation of the heart and out of control heartbeat.)

1.) Reducing heart rate and blood pressure:

  • I began to notice a correlation between my cannabis use, and my heart symptoms. This is unusual because cannabinoids are known to be cardioprotective, but there was eventually no denying that when I vaporized cannabis, my heart would fall into abnormal rhythm soon after. When our move happened, and an unexpected ordeal separated me from my medicine, I had a few days without heart problems, helping me clue in to the correlation. THC is known to raise the heart rate and blood pressure. I reluctantly went completely cold turkey on cannabis, and noticed a slight overall improvement. But the myocarditis has continued. Even so, I recommend anyone experiencing myocarditis (or other heart symptoms) to try cutting back or quitting their cannabis use, to see if it helps.
  • I also started to notice that after I ate a meal high in carbohydrates, or had a sugary snack like chocolate, my symptoms would return (or get worse). On days when I had whole wheat toast and peanut butter for breakfast, I'd have less problems. On days when I had pancakes and maple syrup, I'd have more problems. It took a while, and it wasn't a perfect interrelationship, but I'm now convinced that high blood sugar does play a role. And research is clear - sugar in the blood raises our heart rate and blood pressure. If you have heart problems, look into something akin to a diabetic (low glycemic index) diet. It's worth skipping out on potatoes, rice, and treats to see if it eases your suffering.
  • Stress reduction techniques - which for me was meditation, deep breathing, and avoiding alarming or angry situations - help keep my heart rate and blood pressure down. I guess it seems obvious, but it took quite a while to really nail this one down. It doesn't always work. For example, how do you meditate when your chest is thumping, lurching, and aching? But avoiding things that cause extra stress, anger, and shock do seem to be helpful, so I do my best. It's common knowledge, and backed up by science, that stress raises our blood pressure and heart rate. It can't cause myocarditis on its own, but it does seem to make it worse.

2.) Reducing inflammation:

Inflammation of the heart tissue (or lining around the heart) triggers abnormal rhythm because an enlarged heart has trouble pumping properly. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Tylenol or Advil do seem to help a little. Antioxidants like NAC (N-acetyl cysteine, the precursor to glutathione in our bodies) also help, and are recommended by the Front Line Covid Critical Care alliance, a group of doctors and researchers following the science, not the political science. But none of those things work completely, or last very long.

What REALLY does the trick? For me, it seems to be Ivermectin.

If you're not familiar with this medication, please do yourself a favour and visit the FLCCC site, which is the preeminent authority on Ivermectin and on treating people with Covid-19 spike protein disorders like myocarditis. ZeroHedge has done numerous articles, the latest here, also providing great information. I myself have done quite a few posts about this safe and effective drug, which had to be slandered and censored so that the "vaccines" could be foisted upon the world, since "emergency use authorizations" can not take place if there's an alternative treatment. I even paid $1000 for a small box of tablets from overseas, since it isn't legally available here in Canada. It works really, REALLY well against Covid, other viruses, and parasites like worms. Yes, it can be given to livestock, but it has been used in humans for decades. Ivermectin is the definition of safe and effective.

But what happened a couple days ago is something I want to share with you now.

Thinking we were coming down with one of the colds going around, my wife and I decided to take a dose before bed the other night. We happened to look up correct dosages for our weights, and discovered there was new information that indicated we've been taking a smaller amount than we could have. I decided to take a full 12mg tablet.

At the time, I had just gone through 5 days of almost-nonstop arrhythmia. My chest was aching, I was short of breath, and I felt like I was on the verge of death. I couldn't handle another cold or flu at this point, so I gladly took my dose, and went to bed. Not that I was expecting more than a couple hours of sleep, with my heart pounding out of my chest, but I had to try.

What happened next blew me away.

I had a full night's sleep.

That's unusual for me, because I haven't slept well for a long time, even before myocarditis. But soon after falling asleep, my heart returned to a normal rhythm and pace, and that allowed me to sleep like a baby. We both slept well, and woke up refreshed for the first time in a while. WOW! But that's not all.

Yesterday, I had a full day with ZERO heart symptoms. I was ticking like a metronome, and I felt like a million bucks. I played with my kids, I shoveled snow, I did all the things I love/need to do, and nothing phased me. It was like the myocarditis had disappeared. I wasn't expecting anything like that, but it was hard not to notice! The timing is pretty obvious... within hours of the big dose of Ivermectin, I was symptom-free. Sure, maybe it was a coincidence, but it sure doesn't seem that way to me.

Last night, I had another great sleep. And today, I had another day without heart symptoms! I haven't had 2 full days without at least a few palpitations in months. Something's definitely different.

It's not magic. It's not even surprising, if you know what Ivermectin does. It is both a potent anti-inflammatory, and it binds to spike proteins, helping the body eliminate them. In other words, it not only treats the problem, it helps to cure it at the same time.

Do I recommend you consider Ivermectin, if you have myocarditis or arrhythmia that may have originated from Covid, Covid "vaccines", or transfer from nearby people who took Covid "vaccines"? Yes! If you need more help in starting your research, please let me know.

I will continue to update this blog with my personal anecdotal findings, and any new related research I come across. Tonight, even though I haven't had any symptoms in 48 hours, I took another dose. A 3rd night of proper sleep may be in the cards, and it would be the first time that has happened in YEARS. Tomorrow, assuming I have another day without myocarditis symptoms, I will be searching for another source of Ivermectin tablets, because I'm going to start taking it daily. ANYTHING that allows me to care for my wife and children, and live a normal life without constant suffering, is absolutely worth pursing. I'd probably even take it if it was potentially harmful or dangerous, which it isn't. This is why it had to be slandered and censored ruthlessly by the mainstream. It's one of the closest things we have to a miracle drug. It's also incredibly easy and cheap to produce, although prohibition drives up the price and difficulty getting one's hands on it. (If you have a good source, please contact me!)


For me, quitting cannabis, reducing stress, and avoiding extra carbohydrates in my diet has helped to make myocarditis more manageable. But it was Ivermectin that seems to really put it in its place. I recommending you look into all of these potential treatments if you know anyone suffering from myocarditis, arrhythmia, or unexplained heart problems right now. For the first time in a year, I have hope that I might be able to overcome myocarditis, or at least be able to get on with living.



We got Ivermectin in Austria, 8 pills in a Ziplock bag like it was xtc ;)
It helped a lot with C19.

Even though doctors would be allowed to prescribe it, in theory at least, it is very hard to get.
I send my dad (a doctor) to a big pharmacy a year ago, and they said they have no way to order it....

I think you can get it in Slovakia, but you might need a prescription.

btw., I also had heart rythm problems, just after I met someone freshly injected. But it went away.

I am shocked and concerned about your heart issues! Hoping your recent experience has unlocked a treatmenf for you!! Have you tried for a prescription and a sensible pharmacy to fill it for you? Maybe have them add ED drugs (probably a good idea to avoid those, btw lol) so it passes as a confidential mailing?

I know this has to be for real because you are NOT one to put down cannabis! Was CBD oil having the same correlation? Wishing you the best!

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According to La Quinta Columna in Spain, the effects of the shot radiate other people unvaxxed via the 5g. Not so much the so-called "spike protein", but the graphene oxide in the vaxx. Don't know if it's true, but Europe is less controlled opposition than the U.S. or Canada. Hope it's only temporary and you're feeling better soon🙏 Glad you got out of where you were. My greetings to the family and hopes for a better 2023🤗

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