Reward: 1000 HIVE for sending me Ivermectin

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When I offered 500 HIVE to anyone willing to ship me some Ivermectin tablets, I was happy to over-pay to get what I wanted quickly and smoothly. We hear all the time how "you can get ANYTHING on the internet, especially if you pay with crypto!" but I've found that's not exactly true. I can't even get a common, cheap, legal medication! I've been actively trying for 2 months now, every way I know how, and I am still no closer. I've given 15 years (one third) of my life to creating free content to help others, been credited with changing and saving lives, given tens of thousands of dollars to help Venezuelans and other people I met on the blockchain, never charged for my content, and after more than 4 years of full time posting, never withdrawn or spent a single cent I've earned here on Hive. Now, for the first time, I need a favour in return. Just an hour of someone's time and one box of medicine. If they do that for me, I will happily give them 1000 HIVE to show my gratitude.

What I want:

  • 720mg of Ivermectin tablets (ie: 60x 12mg)
  • postage/shipping to BC Canada

The reward:

  • 1000 HIVE sent from my account to yours

Details (copied from previous post)

I don't care if you're from Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Sweden, or right here in my town. I don't care if you pay $200 or $2 for the tablets. I don't care if you make a massive profit, and I don't care if I could have done this much cheaper. This is how I'm doing it. If you don't like it, I'm not pressuring you to be involved.

I will make arrangements with you by email ([email protected]) - send me your proposal and I'll get back to you. For example, 'I can ship 120x 6mg tablets in a small bubble mailer via Nigerian Post airmail on Monday', or whatever. The first person to satisfy my requirements will be confirmed, and given my shipping address. We can keep in contact via email. When the Ivermectin arrives safely I will send 1000 HIVE to your account, and do another post about it. Your details (other than your Hive name) will remain private. Let me know if you would like an advance to cover expenses.

As I said last time, I have suffered from symptoms of "long Covid" since I recovered in April 2020. For example, unexplained bouts of shortness of breath, even at rest. Other symptoms that match those of "long Covid" have been present for 5 years, as I have an undiagnosed neurological condition. These symptoms include fatigue, nerve pain, unwanted movements, brain fog, and more. I'm already doing everything else I can for my health. Ivermectin has been shown effective against "long Covid", as well as other conditions caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc. Since it can't hurt me, and might fix me, I'm going to try it. Millions of other Canadians and Americans are doing so, many with great results. It's my turn! And I'm going to keep a few doses on hand for my family. Also, a portion of the Ivermectin will be gifted to someone who - like me - can't get it in Canada.

India created Delta variant with vaccines, then destroyed it with Ivermectin:

But I don't need you to agree with me about Ivermectin. I just need you to do me a favour!

For those who are interested, please email me now. The first to make a suitable suggestion will get the contract. Thank you.

Know somebody from Central or South America who wants to make more in an hour than they normally make in a month? They have inexpensive Ivermectin available on every block. Please tell them about this post! Maybe they'll split the bounty with you.

My gratitude to the Hive blockchain for making this possible.



Hopefully someone with easy access to the tablets will jump on this opportunity to help you get this medication.
Even if it's not easy access it's worth a little work with such a generous reward for making it happen. I'm pretty surprised it hasn't happened yet. Maybe Hive is the wrong place to be looking idk.. Seems logical that someone here would jump on this.

Best wishes with obtaining it, if suddenly I'm able to get it, I will let you know. Right now it is not possible for me to obtain.

Yeah, I think some people out there already own some tablets, and it would just be a matter of going to the post office. Others will need to have a pharmacy or other source available. But if hundreds of millions of people are taking it for themselves, they're getting it from somewhere.

So far, no offers or even inquiries after the first 12 hours. Last time I only got 2 offers and 1 inquiry (both offers fell through). Hopefully I find somebody who is motivated to make this happen. It's at least $500 USD in profit for under an hour's work.

Yeah bro, the people who have them ain't giving them up, some shenanigans going on here :D
Amazon's willing to give them to people in trade for their medical info.. lol..

Just fill out a form and upload your med docs lol. They gotta those blood types somehow..

I hope we find some! !LUV

I have reHived it, in the hopes of helping make it happen. Good luck : D

Thanks for sharing.... reminded me to check it out.
I think we should probably all try Ivermectin if we're having symptoms that could be a parasite or virus.






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I hope someone manages to find some for you.

A friend of mine had Covid, and went to the pet store and got the paste. Same shit, and it is even flavored. Not sure on the conversion for a dose. But I am sure you could figure it out. Not sure how they do that in Canada.

Yeah nothing wrong with the paste, just gotta pull out a calculator and make sure you take the right dose. It's the same stuff for all mammals. But yeah we have some trouble getting it here. We have less of an agricultural society than most parts of the USA, and in places with livestock supply shops, many have been told not to sell to strangers. Some just don't sell it anymore now, afraid people are going to take it and get sick (which is impossible as far as I'm aware). But I think I have someone willing to take the contract, so I should be getting some tablets soon : )

That’s good. And yes dude isn’t it bizzare how people are acting over everything covid! I’m so since of it and want to be left alone. But they just keep pushing the stick even harder into my side

At the job?






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Hi. i will semd you a PM, i can hook up most things ;)

however id like a smaller payent, or repeat buisness =)


I didn't get an email from you, if that's what you meant by PM..

I used to work in a pretty "gray area", before my time as Eythorphoto. But i am sorry i didnt send a private message, but it was late at night that i replyed and was hoping to remember first thing in morning, (wich is now for me).

I will now collect information on the substance you are seeking, i will find all alternative names and manufacturers as well as scour the gray web. My fiancé will also do some research and if possible we will try and get it prescribed locally.

I hope sincierly that i can help you with this. but and i know you said in text you want to do it this way. but what if i feel that a bit less payent to be more fair. hehe, then i will donate this HIVE to some cause or something.... Bit thats for later, now i´m on to tend t my dCity, drink one coffee, and then check this out for you.

Your friend


Thanks very much Eythor.
I'm going to look over my emails this evening and see if I have any suitable offers. Fingers crossed!

Here try this from @projectcamelot


Btw crypto was invented for darknet drug dealing... finding a legal fucking medicine shoukdnt be a. Problem lol

We cant have the whole world unable to get a basic medication..we need small labs to make us this shit

Use the memo keys lol but use them to send public key for like keybase or somethin for extra layer lol or yelegram self destructing messages

This is the Power of Hive!!


Hopefully, anyway! So far no definite results.

Add this $ManHour to the reward pool my friend.

I know people interested in the same and/or Hydroxychloroquine.


Thank you!
Yes, these simple compounds have suddenly become very interesting to a lot of people, for good reason :))

Have you tried quercetin? It is readily available as a supplement off amazon.

It's also sold in stores, but he's lookin for Ivermectin.

I know but that is very hard to come by in Canada; so is quercetin.

It seems to be a lot less effective against long Covid, which is what I'm trying to deal with, as opposed to an active infection. Also, it has a lot more risks and side effects than Ivermectin. But yes, I've tried it. :)

What side effects did you note? If you don't mind me asking.

I didn't note any side effects, but only tried a few doses.
I did try some pine needle tea today, which tasted better than I assumed it would.

I heard orange peels works as a tea too. You could probably try regular dosing with herbal tea containing citrus peel.

I felt something coming on yesterday. Took quercetin over two days and now I am right as rain.

Yeah I tried some quercetin as well. It's hard to tell exactly what worked, but when something was coming on it got fixed up really quickly. Coulda been delta variant for all I know, or just a common virus, but it's gone now. I wish I had known about vitamin C, D, Zinc, quercetin, oregano oil, colloidal silver, and a few other natural remedies years ago.

I have used zinc and C for ages but yeah quercetin is a game changer; that a low carb diet.

Why can't you just make your own? Homeless people make fucking meth using hot plates batteries and scooter batteries lol come on man

Learn to chemistry

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Man I wish I had gone past 3rd year organic chem.... then I could be making ivermectin and meth in the kitchen! :D

its fuckin easy lol

i bet you making HCQ and Ivermectin is super cheap for chinese or indian labs but guess who else can make it?


bro they make so many drugs from meth to FENTANYL thats NOT EASY, its probably NOT VERY HARD AT ALL TO MAKE HCQ and what we will just call "horse" it will be pressed in old mdma labs with lil logos of a horse lol and theyll come with a lil extra mdma that hey was just stuck in the machine lol


Cartels scare me, but then again they are probably no more ruthless and violent than big pharma and their tactics....

I did happen to make some pine needle tea (pinene, antioxidants, and quercetin) yesterday, and have had a few cups now.

ya if cartels were the only ones manufacturing our fucking needed medications because the fucking government is literally trying to kill us, than yeah... it sorta proves us right to anyone saying the government trying to kill us is a delusional conspiracy lol ..... ok tell that to the jews in nazi germany .... its like holocaust denial lol

so anyway yeah cartels wont eb so scarey when they savbe your life... and were back to that old idea about the mafia becoming the real government for the people lol

It’s super easy to get in some countries.

I kind of need to use these tunnels to get into the USA though from
Mexico 🤣

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I can actually do that for you. But I don't know if you already gotten the ivermectin..

My friend gets these over the counter in India.

You can inbox me and I’ll ask her.

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Thanks bro! Be careful : ))






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Lol bro rhats not the whole darknet lol

But Hook me up with some ⬜⬜⬜⬜2mg lol

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