State Media promoting Segregation and Oppression of Unvaccinated

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After decades of human rights advancements, we had finally ended systematic segregation and oppression in most parts of the world. Humanity finally agreed that it is wrong to discriminate based on a person's sexuality, ethnicity, disability, age, gender, medical status, religion, language, etc. And yet in 2021, the state is openly encouraging hatred, oppression, and segregation of society based on compliance with a Covid-19 injection.

The bait-and-switch

The injection was introduced several months ago as an optional experimental treatment that would immunize the recipient from infection, and allow an end to mask mandates and lockdowns. But once most of the willing volunteers had taken it, things changed, and now it only prevents serious symptoms - you still get Covid and you still give it to others. And it only "works" for a few months and then you need another shot. And hundreds of thousands have officially died from it, although the real number is likely much higher. And millions are already permanently injured by it, just by official numbers. And we have NO idea what it does in the medium to long term - no idea at all. If the short term is any indication, the medium and long term are going to be disastrous. And it's no longer optional if you want to work, or participate in society. It was a bait and switch.

And yet, many of those who were tricked or pressured into taking it, instead of realizing their mistake, are attacking those of us who were smart enough to avoid it!

An approved comment on a recent CBC News article:

This commenter (if it's not a paid shill or a bot) is advocating financially punishing people who haven't taken a Covid injection. A 10% penalty for not being vaccinated. "James Bowman" seems to believe the lies he reads on CBC, such as that many hospital admissions are unvaccinated Covid patients, and this is causing a shortage of beds. In reality, bed shortages are caused by staffing shortages, which are caused by up to 25% of the staff quitting or being fired over vaccine mandates. Nurses don't want to have their rights violated, or be part of an experiment that violates all medical ethics, so they're walking away from their careers. The resulting bed shortages are blamed on "too many unvaccinated people taking up all the available resources". This lie is repeated across all mainstream news platforms, unsubstantiated, in many parts of the world right now. It's pathetic, and has no backing in reality, but they continue to scream it over and over.


What pandemic? Where are the deaths? Even with the numbers jacked up artificially by including 93-year-olds who were hanging by a thread, flu deaths, and some car crash victims, this virus STILL doesn't pose any significant threat!

From the official (skewed in the state's favour as much as humanly possible) data:

Where's the fire? Why are we rushing into a billion dollar "vaccine passport" system of total technocratic control? Because of a few hundred deaths in a country of 40 million? More people are dying of PEANUT ALLERGIES! More people are dying of slipping on banana peels! More people are dying of bee stings! More people are dying of skateboard accidents! More people are dying of being trampled by a moose!

Think how few the deaths would be, if we weren't suppressing the use of Ivermectin and Chloroquine?! There's no need for even the small handful of Covid deaths still happening.

Every day, 6 people die of opiate overdoses, just here in my province of BC! Every day, week after week, month after month, year after year... and it's getting EVEN WORSE. But there's no pandemic announced for that. No counter on your TV screen, driving up fear. No stories showing the faces and names of those who were lost. 6 humans are put in body bags every day, whose deaths were preventable, just here in my part of Canada, but nobody cares. But someone dies of Covid, or maybe it's the flu (who really knows anymore?!), and we all have to give up the freedoms our grandparents fought and died for? Suddenly 4 people in a care facility with advanced diabetes die with Covid, and all of Canada has to comply with vaccine passports, digital ID checks, and a segregated society?

Segregation encouraged by the state

Alberta's premier says a lockdown would make "no sense for the 80% of the population that is vaccinated," and the 20% who aren't vaccinated are behind the surge in cases.

He's reluctant to start a new lockdown "because it would punish the vaccinated". So he only wants to punish the unvaccinated. That's the very definition of segregation and discrimination.

In the same breath, he also blamed unvaccinated people for the surge in cases, even though vaccinated people are spreading Covid and getting sick in massive numbers. There may be some small protective effect of these "vaccines", but it has yet to be scientifically demonstrated. Many doctors, not on the state payroll, have the opposite opinion - that it is the vaccinated who are causing and spreading variants like Delta. The data is still being gathered and the jury is still out, but for months now, politicians and health officials have been pointing fingers at unvaccinated citizens. They use the unproven mantra "unvaccinated people spread Covid more than vaccinated people" as justification for lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, violations of our Charter rights, and total division of society.

"Anti-vaxxers don't deserve health care! They made their choice!"

"Just let them die" is a common sentiment among experts interviewed for mainstream articles. Don't treat unvaccinated people when ERs are busy, some doctors are saying, or send them to the back of the line. As my wife pointed out, how close to "let them die" is "kill them"? It's pretty close. We're not far from openly calling for the blood of unvaccinated people. If we've come that far in a few months, where will we be by spring?

The plan to segregate society down the lines of "vaccine passport" and "no vaccine passport" has been in the works for a long time. This is the reason for the hardcore division of relationships, families, and communities we have seen in the past couple years.

"It's happening again"

Total state control has been attempted at many times and in many places. History books are filled with examples.

Canada has a reputation for freedom around the world. For decades, people fleeing communist dictatorships and totalitarian regimes have come to Canada, and joined our society. We are a better place because of it. These immigrants have been hard-working and contributed to the strength and diversity of Canada.

In 2021, these people (and their children) are coming forward, warning that Canada is slipping into the grips of communism and totalitarianism. Everywhere you go, you meet first and second-generation Canadians, who escaped places like Romania in the 1980s, saying "it's happening again".

I know a German woman whose family went through the events there in the 1930s and 1940s. In fact, her family is from Nuremberg, the place made famous after the trials of Nazi war criminals at the end of WWII. She is very clear that what is happening in Canada today is EXACTLY what happened as Hitler was rising to power. "Never again," the people of Germany say, vowing not to allow segregation and division to destroy their society and allow atrocities to be committed. And yet, it's happening again, and they are cheering it on, just like last time. But now, not just in pockets of the world. It's EVERYWHERE at once.

So this time, there's no true North strong and free to escape to. No land of the free and home of the brave. No land down under. Everywhere is falling under this globalist technocratic nightmare, all at once.

They're coming for my unborn child

My wife is pregnant, and her doctors want to inject her with the Covid "vaccines". She has already decided she will not be taking it. Unfortunately, she is being denied service, and being discriminated against, in her attempts to get basic medical care.

Put yourself in her position for a moment. You're crippled, you have a dozen pre-existing conditions that make vaccinations dangerous for you, you have no support from family or friends, you're 4 months pregnant, you and the baby will die if it isn't delivered by specialists, and those specialists are demanding you be injected. No exemptions are being granted. Either you take the "vaccines", or you're on your own.

And that's if the rules stay the same for the next several months, which is unlikely. More likely is that before much longer, we aren't going to be allowed to just opt out, and drop out of society. Soon, they're going to come for us, and hunt us down, one by one. That's why we're being demonized as the cause of the pandemic, and the reason the lockdowns and restrictions must continue. Australia and other countries already have internment camps being constructed. Some countries are restricting unvaccinated people from buying groceries.

So yes, we're quite concerned about this segregation. The media is already claiming hospitals are full, and baby deliveries are being paused or shipped to other areas. Officials are already calling for "anti-vaxxers" to be denied care, financially penalized, isolated, and considered second-class. Government is openly calling for the public to put constant pressure on unvaccinated people, deny them access to private homes, remove them from humanity. What a complete nightmare, for us all! Who wants to live in that kind of world?

Women are supposed to be safe, protected, and stress-free during pregnancy. Stress during pregnancy leads to poor outcomes for the mother and baby. And yet here we are, threatening to use force on her if she doesn't comply with something which may kill her and the baby. Unreal. This is health care? This is "we're all in this together"? This is really about a virus? This is really about reducing harm, and increasing safety? You're going to inject a crippled pregnant cancer survivor, who has already had Covid and is immune for life, with a shot that sometimes even kills people in top condition? Against her will? FOR HER SAFETY AND HEALTH?!?

We know the MSM is lying to bolster support for mandates and passports. In reality, most of us are against segregation. Recently, more and more people at local protests are not anti-vaccine, but merely anti-tyranny. They see what's going on and they're not okay with it. So there's going to be resistance to what's planned for Canada, and the rest of the world.

Communism was never defeated, and now it's trying to all-out conquer the world. This is their big play. If they don't win this, they're exposed, and we're going to destroy them to regain our freedom. So they're pulling out all the stops.

Segregation for any reason is wrong. We must keep calling out the lies, and refusing to comply with evil.



Great post, it’s going just as they planned. Stay strong, and hope your wife can have a safe and healthy delivery outside of the hospital if it comes to that. Forcing injection on pregnant mothers isn’t only a risk to their health and life, and insane with no pregnant women in any of the trials, but especially to the babies. Miscarriages are numerous, and I saw the saddest video recently of a baby born 1 month after mother was injected, against her will, hospital requirement for delivery, and the baby is shaking uncontrollably - a newborn! The same effect it has on many adults. No cure or treatment has yet been found for adults with this and many other similar (neurological) undiagnosed conditions. Unborn babies are subject to the same adverse effects of everyone else - death, neurological damage, and the rest, it seems. Only the insane would attempt to force an injection with so many known and proven risks on those who do not want it, most insane of all to do this to a pregnant mother. Criminal, and sickening. I wish you luck in your journey, and pray for humanity.

Thanks friend. I agree. I'm giving her as much love and protection as I'm able. Neither of us are doing very well but we're tough people who have been through a lot. My vision is really failing fast and my pain levels are pretty high at the moment. I don't know if it's spike protein exposure, or the fallout from my 2006 avian flu vaccine, or something else.
We took a nice walk in the drizzle to the farmers market today and got some nice produce. Making fresh hash browns now. Trying to focus on what we can control, and saying positive.
I trust your health continues to hold out well.
Thanks for your support.

It has been disturbing to watch things progress. In less than 2 years we are basically calling for 30% of society to be hated, feared, and separated from the rest. How can this be good for anyone? And is this really about an infection anymore?

People are selfish cowards who know better and are using every possible defence mechanism to pull the wool over their own eyes.

Guess the we stood for we, the chosen ones in the cult

Tell them to call 911 and watch the stupid look on their face when the cops don't show up lol

When the cops show up, don't say anything about your vaccination status and insist you are being discriminated against for your genetic characteristics.

LOL Yeah..... you don't have the right spike protein code in your system! ACCESS DENIED!!

They are really trying to destroy everyone.

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