GoatGang Growth Proposal for the HIVE ecosystem

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(GGP) GoatGang Growth Proposal for the HIVE ecosystem - Enabling Hive Help Desk Administration and Contest Management.

Only a tiny fraction of the total population of the world is currently using Blockchain technology. So, instead of focusing on getting crypto users from other platforms to visit Hive - we plan to tap into the non-crypto world to have those users join us and experience the crypto side.

How do we do that? By Giving incentives so they can use the primary feature sets that give Hive its unique value proposition. Making users feel comfortable within the HIVE ecosystem and help them engage in the field they are confident in. While, expanding their experience deeper into the Hive ecosystem with learning material and supportive community engagement.

This proposal is to establish a long-term funding mechanism to increase and reward the work of Hive community members dedicating time and effort to promote awareness, understanding, and adoption. Community participants will construct the full spectrum of content that will capture the attention of users of traditional centralized social networks. GGP funding will provide the resources to design and implement a marketing campaign powered by community generated content. Additionally, the proposal seeks to fund users administering and contributing content to the Hive help desk. This initiative aims to enhance the adoption and onboarding of new users. This would be achieved by creating and making readily available a series of educational materials and best practice guidelines, explaining how to access, navigate and interact with the Hive ecosystem and feature set.

How will these proposals benefit the Hive Community?

Step 1: Creation of events targeting non-crypto users - The bigger the prize pool, the bigger the attention it will gain.

Step 2: Have them join the GOAT Gang and introduce them to the crypto world - The well versed and experienced members will help them understand all there is to crypto, both gaming wise and as a social tool.

Step 3: Help them on every step as they explore - We will help them create accounts and provide them the best tools and knowledge about Hive and how to use it correctly.

Step 4: Paid in crypto - As we proceed with many contests, giveaways and events we slowly help users engage with the crypto world by paying the prizes in HIVE. The idea of earning will make trying the Hive platform more appealing and having some HIVE will make it accessible, reducing barriers to entry.

Growth Potential: it's equal to the population of non-crypto users, so it's just huge!

Our Target Audience:
Artists, video streamers, bloggers, designers, content writers, gamers. Basically everyone active

Artists: They can get rewarded for their graphic design contributions.
Video streamers: They attract a lot of gamers. Goat Gang Contests will make them stream on Hive. They would additionally enjoy the fact that each of their streams can earn them crypto, something most people have not experienced.
Gamers: The traditional gaming industry is worth billions. Gamers put in a lot of money without any guarantee of proper returns. We will have them informed about the advantages of crypto-gaming and how their investments in games can actually pay off.
Bloggers: Every experience can be shared and the best part is that it can generate income. This prospect will have more active bloggers and Hive will grow.
Redditors: Reddit medium and other traditional markets will be our strong focus. They have a very active community and having them experience Hive would be very beneficial.

Everyone: The crypto world is so diverse that everyone could find a niche and earn while doing so. As we, the GOAT Gang, increase our reach, more and more people will be able to experience the Hive blockchain.

About the marketing campaign:

The target group of this campaign is traditional users of centralized social networks, with an emphasis on gamers and bloggers. The objective is to increase this group’s interest in adopting blockchain-based social networks, ultimately, to raise awareness among traditional game players operating on legacy platforms; we want those users to join the Hive ecosystem.

We will achieve that by showing the benefits provided by crypto gaming and blogging platforms. During the first phase of the campaign, we will target the following marketing channels:

  • Reddit (targeted to specific subreddits)
  • Steam
  • Twitch
  • Discord

When the first phase of the contests are complete, there will be a second phase where we will target the following traditional social networks and blogging platforms:

  • Medium
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

When a reasonable level of participation during the second phase can be determined in parallel, we will start running the third phase expansion. During this phase, we will target the leading game console communities through a new series of contests specifically designed for engagement with such platforms.

  • Playstation Network
  • Xbox Live

Our support systems and personnel are currently being expanded, so that with funding assistance will be available continuously and 24/7, based on an inclusive policy, and with diverse languages and chatbot translators. This enhanced system will help new users with the on-boarding process, while also providing new promotional materials for users actively promoting Hive adoption.

Learn more about our efforts already underway here
Read about the contest structure here.

In order for us to be able to provide the necessary resources to design and implement these persistent marketing campaigns, support team management, for the adoption and on-boarding of new users, for prizes to enable the proliferation and disbursement of educational materials.

Show your support for growing Hive and VOTE GOAT!

Prize system for user retention: https://peakd.com/proposals/136

Growth proposal for the Hive ecosystem: https://peakd.com/proposals/135

  • How much of those funds are going to be given away?
  • How much is being used to "pay support systems and personnel"?
  • Do you think people will care about Hive when you give them free money? We already have such a system, it's called the rewards pool, but people are still leaving, why?
  • Does it make Hive more valuable to give it away for free or does it make look like a shitcoin?
  • Who is part of the "Goat Gang"?
  • Is this a trick to milk the dhf and bootstrap an own currency, maybe called GOAT?
  • Why do we need marketing? Does ETH have marketing? Does UNI have marketing?
  • Binance has marketing. They're a business and have revenue. What's the revenue of Hive? How can Hive sustain sell-pressure of 375 HBD per day as freebies?

If people like @themarkymark is here until then no one will stay here. He downvoted my all post without any reason. I asked him many times why he downvoted my post. But he gives no answer.

Than you. VOTE GOAT!

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This is so in increíble, Greatest of All Time.

Thank you Yoni, we can make big things together.

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I already did hahaha

Healthy support management systems add value for everyone

Absolutely agree with this. VOTE GOAT!

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Hi! When you get a chance may I make a pitch to see if you would consider voting for leofinance as a witness. They bring a lot of value to Hive blockchain, community and its stakeholders. I would be happy to tell you more about Leofinance if you are interested. It would be awesome to have your witness vote for leofinance. Thank you. Let me know.

I will like to be a part of this family @self-power.com

I will say its a goatly (really a good one) idea. This will make the hive chain more interesting and we will attract new users.
Everyone should put effort on it.

Goatly sounds good! Hahaha.
We are going to do our best getting attention out there and attracting new users.

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Marketing is always good.

Agreed, and we together with the community will make sure the marketing campaign is attractive and powerful. VOTE GOAT!

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Hive needs something.

Yes, we know. Let's do this together.

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VOTE THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: voted now be interesting to see who is behind this.

Check link to discord server on the post. We also have the GOAT Gang community here on hive and soon website too.

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Love and support it.

Thank you. VOTE GOAT!

Yes, Done!

A few question mate!:)

What kind of events?

We already have users from all of these platforms.. If we are not getting unique users organically, what would be different about your approach?

People are already selling hive more and more everyday making the price go down the poop chute.. Wouldn't it be more harmful for such a massive amount of hbd to be sold everyday? How does that help?

This is the great idea to attract more people on hive. Thanks to bringing this evergreen community. Cheers !