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Hello lovers and huggers, heart space holders and kind folk of HIVE! Somehow in the hustle and bustle we forgot to PIN the @lotusshares announcement of the LOVE CHALLENGE, meaning lots of people missed it! Du'oh!

So we're extending the LOVE challenge for the WHOLE of February, because it's the month of LOVE, after all, and love is definitely what we need in the world!

We're also increasing the prize pool to 200 HIVE, thanks to the generosity of @abundancetribe. However, we can only give it away if there's at least ten entries! By entering our challenge, you help grow Natural Medicine and nourish all it's delegators, bloggers, readers and the HIVERS who support this amazing social media. Are you in? I'm sure you'd loooovvvvveeeee to get involved!

Please find the original post below, posted on @lotusshares.


Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day in February! Whilst we might argue that it's just a marketing ploy to get you to buy your special someone - well, anything! - we think it's a nice time to think about LOVE - like people have for hundreds of years.

So we ask you to write a post based around the theme of 'love', as it relates to healing, health and #naturalmedicine.

We've outlined a few ideas for you below - you can choose one, part of one, change one or make one up yourself!

  • What are some 'self love' rituals and why are they important for our health?
  • Cook a vegan Valentine's feast
  • Make a healthy desert fit for your lover
  • Detail an aphrosdesiac herb and how to prepare it as a tincture, balm or tea
  • Roses are traditionally given as a gift to a beloved. How are they related to our health and how might they nourish/benefit us emotionally, spiritually or physically?
  • What does the act of love do for us energetically, and how might we love better?
  • Is love good for health?
  • What herbs or medicines are good for a broken heart?
  • Discuss knowledge of the heart meridian in TCM
  • How can we improve our cariovascular health?
  • Discuss an aspect of the heart chakra
  • Write a meditation that attracts the energy of love towards our heart centre
  • What herbs are associated with love or the heart?
  • Make a herbal medicine that benefits the heart

Some Other Guidelines

  • Due Date - END OF FEB!! Keep an eye on the title of this post for when I close it as sometimes it may be a day or two before to keep with posting schedules.
  • Entry fee is EITHER the purchase of 20 LOTUS from Hive Engine/Leo Dex OR sending 200 LOTUS to @naturalmedicine - need a hand? Just ask (it's easy)
  • Post as many times as you like after your initial entry fee (you only need to pay the fee ONCE)
  • Please reblog this post
  • Ensure you put your entry underneath this post, which will be pinned in the community.

The Winner

We have to have 10 entries to give out HIVE at all - this helps create good energy for our community and shows the outside world how amazing HIVE is! So we love to support you do just that, but we can't afford to do it if no one enters!

We have 100 HIVE on offer, but we may increase or decrease that according to participation.

We always reblog your posts and tweet the very best, and even give out some sweet tips - so everyone's a winner when you enter!

If you have trouble purchasing or sending LOTUS, do DM me riverflows#4691 or call in to help in the Discord (link below). If there's something that stops you from entering, we like to help and we don't like anyone missing out!

Congratulations to @pavanjr and @phoenixwren, who have already entered. They win part beneficiary on this post for being early birds!

Want to win .50 HIVE? Be one of the first 10 to reblog this post!


Earn Instantly For Writing Natural Health Content

Earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on www.naturalmedicine.io. If you don't already have a HIVE account, you can sign up for FREE here. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics - read more about us on our Welcome Page!

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Earn Instantly For Writing Natural Health Content

Earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on www.naturalmedicine.io. If you don't already have a HIVE account, you can sign up for FREE here. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics - read more about us on our Welcome Page!



Okay, did I catch everyone? I went scrolling through the NM community page trying to find everyone that wrote an entry but maybe forgot to post a link/proof of entry fee in the original post. I got:

Am I missing anyone? Don't forget to put your post links and proof of entry fee in the original post here: https://peakd.com/health/@lotusshares/february-challenge-win-hive ! I sent the above people some SBI as a thank you for entering the contest, so if you entered and I didn't catch you, reply here after you put your link/proof of entry fee in the original contest post and I'll send you a share! :)

 3 years ago  

hey, thank you very much for such a noble gesture of considering tagging us. 😊
the 7lovedays and the february challenge are two different challenges, although the former works in partnership with the community, you can choose which one to participate in or, if you wish, participate in both (participating in both is what gives you the best chance of winning). I am working hand in hand with @riverflows, to curate by myself the posts that participate in my challenge and send them to her. 🤗

it is not strictly necessary to leave the link of the 7lovedays posts here because they are already within the chances of winning in the february challenge, I manage them, as I am not a NM curator, that's why I didn't make it a requirement to leave the link here, since checking that people comply with the 7lovedays challenge rules is my responsibility (and I don't want to burden the NM curators with that job)

likewise it is a community full of love working together. 💖

Ah, awesome! Thanks for the clarity. I just didn't want anyone to get missed! :)

That's a lovely thing to do! I'm sorry I've been a bit offline - with lockdown and remote teaching it's hard to keep up! What a beautiful gesture.


No worries at all, I'm sure you're busy! Thanks for the Engage! <3

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Oh noooooooo only two of us so far? I did two entries, does that count toward the ten as two? 😃

Haha no just one! I'm sure there will be more, just the first one got lost and wasn't pinned.

I shared the contest in the terminal I hope there will be more entries

 3 years ago  

I am also very slow, only one publication seems very little to me. :(

I am IN! And I will share it in some groups so that others will also be encouraged to participate.

Hello thank you for this contest that gives nice opportunities to love and express it.

Here I leave my first participation, soon I will comply with the requirement of the payment of the entry, thank you. @naturalmedicine

Day 1


Day 2


Greetings @naturalmedicine

I was so pleased to see that the February love challenge has been extended till the end of the month. I've been kitten and house minding for the past week and won't be home for another week. But will now have the time to present something for the challenge. PS: Beautiful bush close-by and it's wonderful to have some quiet reflective time. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Fabulous! Sounds so lovely!

Hello thank you very much for this initiative full of love, I already made my entry to the contest fulfilling one of the requirements I will publish my entry soon 😉💖 @naturalmedicine please check 🙏


You have to send 200 LOTUS to @naturalmedicine OR buy 20 LOTUS from the market, which you can keep! Did you buy that from the market? :)

This is my post for the contest :


Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

Wonderful. Did you buy LOTUS from the market or send lotus to Nat Med? We need a screen shot to accept your entry. Please double check the rules.

Don't forget teh 7 day LOVE challenge is a bit different - are you entering both? @danielapevs this is a little confusing, oops!

I don't really understand if they are two different contests, but here is an entry that I make directly to @naturalmedicine. If the other is not for the contest, then they can ignore it.

Hello this is my entry to the contest here I share the link to my post and previously in another comment I attached the registration that I made yesterday, enormously grateful with this beautiful initiation 💖. @naturalmedicine


Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

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Hola, acabo de leer este post y me parece increible..

La tarifa de inscripción es O la compra de 20 LOTUS de Hive Engine / Leo Dex O el envío de 200 LOTUS a @naturalmedicine , ¿necesitas una mano? Solo pregunta (es fácil)

Necesito una mano jaja

 3 years ago  

@dani-amuntai Please can you answer this as I don't speak spanish..

I was too busy for the previous months celebrations and parties after the lockdown. Now we are on lovkdown again I hope I could suit my entry.

Hello dears. How can I buy Lotus from my hive wallet ? Please.

I'm trying to send the lotus for the publication they made, this one:

but the transfer is not made, what am I doing wrong?
I do it for peakD and I get an error.

I need help !!

Hola por favor si alguien me puede guiar agradezco, deseo participar en el concurso FEBRERO ES EL MES DE LOOOVVVVEEEE - ¡GANA 100 COLMEGAS!

En el mes de Noviembre yo hice mi entrada a otro concurso donde compré 20 lotus para participar, mi pregunta es ¿debo volver a comprar 20 lotus de nuevo? para participar en el concurso actual. Lo pregunto porque veo esto entre las reglas:

Publique tantas veces como desee después de su tarifa de entrada inicial (solo necesita pagar la tarifa UNA VEZ)

Si me pueden responder agradezco!

@naturalmedicine although I noticed this late can I still reblog the post. So as to take part for the challenge