A Trick To Create Space for My Thoughts

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I wake early most mornings, and my head kicks into overdrive within seconds. It's just what my brain does - I go from zero to 150 and there's no gentle awakening in the softness of dawn for me. I think of things that must be dealt with and done, the projects I want to start and finish, work to do, jobs to get done. Do other people's brains do the same?

I feel calmer when I am doing. It's why gardening and surfing and yoga are important to me, as my thoughts will slow down if I can breathe and move, breathe and move, breathe and move, until breath and motion are in flow and I drop out of my thinking mind.


But sometimes this doesn't even work. I can walk kilometres and still my thoughts are spinning and tripping over themselves, erratic and purposeless. The back of my head will hurt and I feel so exhausted that everything is an effort. I feel grateful for years of Yoga practice comma meditation and self study that helped me understand that's my thoughts are not me and they are just thought and nothing more. Tell that to my brain though, who's more than happy to shoot chemicals into my bloodstream to fight, flight or freeze. No amount of rationalising will talk that amygdala down. Thanks for looking after me, primitive brain, but turn it down a notch, will ya?

One of the tricks I have been using lately is naming what I see. It is a way of coming into the present moment and fine tuning thinking so it is more focused and attentive. It is easier sometimes if I say it out aloud.



Unless you have a very talkative mind like mine you might not quite understand the feeling of peace and relief that wash over me like velvety cool water when the chatter slows to a more gentle and reasonable pace.



It is then where each thought can be turned over like a jewel and appreciated and processed rather than looking for something to turn down the volume like sleep or drugs.

I can turn it down even more by slipping into the ocean. The water this morning was 18 degrees Celsius and the air temperature was a degree cooler, so that it was warmer in water than out. There was no surf, and I hadn't come prepared with a wetsuit, so I dove in with a bra and my cotton trousers, sinking beneath the ripples, eyes open, looking at the ridges on the sea floor and the drifting seaweed. On the surface of the water, I watched the light glisten, and the bigger sets roll on through, a perspective not visible from the top of the cliffs.



I could feel my breath slowing, rhythmic, like the waves, and tranquility flow on through, wrapping itself around me, swirling and comforting. Each thought became purposeful and slow, easy and moderate - no more staccato screaming of a million things to get done.


Perhaps my amygdala is saying: 'Ah, this I can focus on. You're moving and the tiger has gone. You're all good now'. All those nerve endings tingle with processing normal sensation - the shock of cold, the movement of my body in the water. There's little to respond to, little to fly from.

It's this kind of practice I have to really make time for. It's easy to say there's too much to do, that I don't have time to be so self indulgent. But when I create space like this, I have more time. More clarity. More ease as I go about my day doing all the things that were going to get done in their own good time, no matter how much my thoughts fussed about them.

How do you create space for your thoughts?

With Love,





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Thanks so much @lotusindonesia!!


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Thanks for looking after me, primitive brain, but turn it down a notch, will ya?

Ah ha ha ha ha. I felt that. 😂

This is such a great practice. I don't know who originally said it, but some meditation teacher said something like, "You should meditate every day for 20 minutes," and when someone said, "What if you don't have time?" he said, "Well in that case, you should do it for an hour." It's so important to take this time to get your mind right, not "self indulgent." I don't know if Australia is the same, but in the States we culturally have that Protestant work ethic where if you are not constantly being productive in terms of work, then you feel guilty and lazy. It's a hard trap to overcome, but it is a trap. If you don't take care of yourself, you just burn yourself out - and you're not as productive during your work time, either! In myself some days I call it "spinning out," where I am doing and doing and doing but not getting anywhere.

Oh, and PS - did you see my reply in Lotus Chat?

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Oh haha we probably keep missing each other on the chat, I havne't popped into today as I've been working on not spinning in circles!! All the meditation teachers I have studied under - big ones - said that meditation creates time, and it sure does. But sitting down to meditate when I'm spinning makes me feel worse - hence tricks like this one, that work really nicely. Then, if I choose, I can 'sit' to meditate, for an extra bit of self care there!

I'm much better at slowing down these days, and making time for it - it's ESSENTIAL. And saying NO - honestly, this culture pushes you to the limit! Work especially expects stupid things. Like Jamie - he's meant to go on a school camp for a week on the first day back of school. Fine, it'll be lovely, outdoor adventure and all of that. It's on the South Australian border, six hours drive from us. Also no issue.

But they want him to join in the Day 1 Professional Devt activities first THEN go. So 9 - 3.30 work, then drive for 6 hours with kids and arrive late at night? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME. I'm begging him to tell them where to shove it - that's just ridiculous.

Taking time to breath and slow down is JUST as important as all the shit we feel we HAVE to do to live 'productive' lives.


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What should I say? you always have an elegant way of thinking. your brain works fast, so does your body. hahaa..
Looks like my brain is a little frozen, just have to try your method. 😁😁👌❤️

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I dont wish my brain on anyone!

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This sounds like a quote. Hahaa ...And I agree with that, although sometimes we need a little support.

This sounds like a quote. Hahaa ...And I agree with that, although sometimes we need a little support.

Naming what you see is such a useful tool. I like to practice this often and it's something I try to encourage my eldest to do when she feels overwhelmed. Interestingly, many therapists have adopted this technique with their clients too. I think they go through the senses. List 5 things you can See, smell, feel etc...

The calmness of the sea washing over you can also create a feeling of ease. What a beautiful place for you to calm your mind in.

Big hugs xx 🤗🤗💚💚

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It's a technique i started using out of desperation one day, and boy it works better than I imagined!! Another trick is to get your eldest to focus on her hands, just her hands. That can work too.

Gosh, it was a beautiful morning, and I'm still there in the water, even hours later, in front of the fire under a blanket, about to go to bed! Thanks for your love xx

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Thank you yes I shall encourage her to try that. X

I'm glad being down at the beach help you and hopefully you are nicely recharged for the week ahead 🤗🌼💚


Hello Thank you for this beautiful text. I just registered here and it's the first post I read. I will put your method into practice.

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Oh gosh, that makes me blush... and welcome to HIVE!!!

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Let me know how I can help. X

Striking a balance can be very difficult at times. A mind that races is much better than a mind wasting away with could have, should have, or would have. Procrastinating is a characteristic perfected by the lazy.
There are times when we all need to slow down and do what it takes to put our minds in a state of relaxation, but finding a way to do just that is a win.
Finding a reason to put things off is a lot more difficult and must be even more exhausting.
As the old saying goes, (If you need a hand getting something done, ask a busy person for help, they will always find the time.

Aww this is enjoyed time!!! I hope my family can visit season soon and we will swim together. Have a nice day day 🥰🤗

I wake just as you do, mind starting whirling with all that needs done around here. But I don't have the constantly spinning mind. My sister contends with that and has described what it's like to me. I'm going to send this post to her, and maybe she can incorporate some of it in her life.

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For a moment I thought, oh my goodness we have the same thoughts at full speed, an unstoppable brain. For example, the only way I can give a break to the machine gun of thoughts is drawing, since a few months ago I have become too anxious and I am at a thousand per hour. I wish I could find some other way of clarity, I will practice naming everything I observe. 🌼

Thank you for this! Kind of came in handy for me today... thank you again!

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Totalmente natural su post, el leerlo es como una musica, lo felicito, esta excelente. me gusto. se ve que esta hecho con empeño y constancia. mil bendiciones

I have a very busy brain too, sometimes my thoughts completely consume me, despite all mindfulness I'm trying to cultivate. I haven't really tried to name what I see and speak it out loud, interesting.

I have felt anxious for weeks now, been really challenging. I hope this state shifts soon.

I can 100% relate to this. Water is one of the best elements to balance us and I believe salt water has an even stronger effect on us. Did you really see a sting ray that day?

Big hug!

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Bluetooth speaker.
Portable monitor.
Sewing needle.
10 Suriname Dollars.

I'm already feeling it pass, thanks teacher.

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