Coronavirus: Stealing Your Freedom

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This unprecedented media campaign on a fake ‘deadly virus’ news, and a social experiment in mass obedience, will leave unpredictable consequences. The first and the most dangerous one will be — stealing your freedom…

On Sunday, March 22nd, a strong earthquake, aound 5.3-magnitude, has shaked Croatian capital, Zagreb. Fortunately, it has made just a material damage, and there were no deaths. A several days after, ground was shaking and people were forced to go out of their homes.


At that day, in all of Croatia, it was recorded 235 cases of COVID-19. Since in Zagreb they have a quarter of the country’s population, you would expect a sharp rise in the number of cases. Well, it was not so. Eight days later, they have only 713 cases. That is only 60 cases a day at the population of 4 million. Why wasn’t there more with all those people out? Because it’s a hoax.

Unfortunately, this hoax proved a tragic point that corporate media still has a powerful grip over the population, and that they can easily overpower traces of reason among the masses. And while the sheeple is spending time in the dark of their dwellings, their lives have already been changed irreversibly…

The cure must not be more harmful than the disease

Under the guise of ‘pandemic danger’, corrupt governments are taking the last remnants of your freedom:

Duration: 3:46

Everything looks like an act of a weasel magician: “Look here, a virus! Do you see it? No? It’s tiny, but it’s there, trust me(dia). Look! Look harder, and… POOF! No more freedom for you!” In real life it is done like this: First, you find a corrupted professor with a considerable media reputation… like for example someone from some institution with a pompous name — let’s say the Imperial College of London. Let’s say his name is Neil Ferguson, and he – for the purposes of the hoax – does a coronavirus epidemic spread model. And let’s say he has predicted an apocalypse with more than 2.2 million deaths in USA and over 500,000 in the UK. A tragedy ahead! We must do something, immediatelly! And UK Parliament forces through procedure in a day Coronavirus Act 2020, that even George Orwell hardly could imagine. Don’t forget to see the details at the blog of our @jaytaylor. Only a day after the Coronavirus Act 2020 was adopted, Neil Ferguson revises his model and downgrades his estimation 25x! From 500,000 to 20,000 in UK! But the Law stays in power…

The next step is closing mouth to everyone who can see through the trick. Even if they are highly respected experts and well known persons. It seems that rising insanity around the coronavirus has made a number of honest people in the medicine sciences very anxious. Professor Valerije Vrček from Croatia, in his text has compiled a number of scientists with a dissenting voices against the senseless paralysis of society because of Coronavirus. All of them went through social media, because they didn’t have any space at corporate media. Like professor Sucharit Bhakdi has done over YouTube:

He is, in essence saying the same thing as Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is saying – that the cure must not be more harmful than the disease!

Instead of experts who can dismantle the hoax, corporate media brings up vulture-scientists, parasites on a dead political narative, waiting for their five minutes of fame and spreading panic and hysteria.

Even when someone highly respected and influential in the community comes across social media, corporate media must attack him. Ron Paul has warned about the hoax on March 17th. You have to listen to these four minutes:

Duration: 4:22

Because of this, he was attacked by the Politifact (Soros) as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. No more corporate media space for you, Ron! Despite the fact that his son Rand was tested positive, but have no sympthoms at all!

Now, what is left? Are we going to discuss the obvious all day…

Duration: 24:46

…and let every single part of our lives under the control of the Big Bad Brother…

…or are we going to resist?

* * *

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This is going to be a huge huge problem. Unfortunately, people will most likely give in to the fear of the virus, and allow the phoney politicians to dupe them into giving up their freedoms for the comfort of safety. By the time they realise what happened, it will probably be too late, and all the laws that have been pushed into existence during these troubling times, will be almost impossible to reverse at a later date. I really hope I'm wrong on this one...

Of course you are not wrong, @palikari123. Once taken, right can be restored only through armed revolution. History teach us that.

I'm starting to lean more and more towards this way of thinking. Eventually, people are going to stop listening to their masters but it is alarming to me to see how many of my friends over on FB are 100% ready to comply and believe everything they are told.

Thank you, @beelzebubba, and here it is another video of ‘excessive death numbers’ – Italians are counting ALL the deaths, and do not make a difference with COVID-19 deaths:

Video is in Italian and Serbian, if I find English subtitled, I will send it in the next post. Why are they doing this? Italy is one of the most indebted countries in the EU, and an ‘entry country’ for the immigration. They are probably trying to extort more help money from the EU, while EU doesn’t give anything. It’s another fantastic way to see how fake news are created.

It’s all fake. It’s a seasonal flu.

well i am sure you have seen the recent news about how they are counting in USA right? They aren't even trying to hide this fact.

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