The Conspiracy To Poison You From The Outside In (And The Inside Out)

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Many people are aware of the term "toxin" and how we are bombarded with different types of these toxins through various means, mainly what we eat, drink, breathe, and otherwise consume.

But few truly understand the extent to which different toxins enter our bodies, causing acute and chronic diseases which are both on the rise around the world in general.


It is crucial in a time where we are propagandized to an absolutely astounding degree about fictitious and dubious viruses to understand this simple fact:

If you don't strive to make your health an absolute and unwavering priority you will find yourself in the most diabolical and harmful system which has ever graced humanity: western medicine.

Again, most of us know by now, or should, that proper food, proper nutrition, and proper nutrition is pivotal for health. But, the conspiracy, and it is a conspiracy, to slowly sicken and kill large swaths of populations in the name of profits, goes much much further than just the food.

Here are a few lesser known areas of toxicity that affect people unknowingly on a daily basis, and that generally run under the radar and quietly poison us:

Flame Retardants

Most materials in Western households contain bromine derived flame retardant chemicals. It is usually a matter of legal code; the companies must put these in their products to sell them. But bromines are one of the most toxic chemicals one can consume. And make no mistake, your skin, the body's largest organ, absorbs chemicals as well as it is in fact consumption of a different nature.

Bedding, sheets, pillow cases, couches, rugs, carpet, clothing, car seats, electronics, cellphones...anything with a circuit board. All of these things contain for the most part brominates. There is a trade off: they do in fact stop fires, which is a positive. But for most of us sane people, that aren't readily burning our houses down, the downside, the carcinogenic nature of the compound, vastly outweighs the benefits. And overtime, as the word carcinogen implies...cancers can occur.

How many people have you met recently that had or knew someone that had a "random" cancer...that they "just seemed to get" despite the fact that they were "healthy" on the outside?

How many of these innumerable cancers came from bromides? No one knows. Your doctor certainly won't. And then how many of these cancers are "treated" with more carcinogens and radiation, or in many cases mustard gas?


Its high time we blast this ridiculous notion off the face of the planet and quit drinking poison: the idea that fluoride in the drinking water prevents cavities.

The verdict is in: fluoride is a carcinogen. Even if it were to prevent tooth decay, which it does not, and would have no reason to anyway, you aren't supposed to consume the fluoride. That's why you're not supposed to eat your toothpaste.

Here is a good rule of thumb from someone who has studied health for years: If you're not supposed to ingest it, it shouldn't be in your mouth, period.

fluoridated toothpaste.jpg

And here's the thing: its not just in the toothpaste and its not just in the tap water. When you shower, and if you take a very hot shower, your pores open on your skin. This can be beneficial it itself for clearing out your pores. But, as stated before, things are absorbed in the skin. So if you are showering, as most people are, you're literally in a gas chamber of fluoridated water and this fluoride not only penetrates the congregates where iodine tends to (for reasons related to the period table of elements and chemistry) and one of the most pertinent areas is the thyroid.

If you notice the column in the periodic table where fluoride is located you will find: iodine, bromine, and chlorine. These chemicals all tend to migrate to the same structures in the body.

And we know that chlorine is in the tap water as well. Its also in the shower water, the pool...etc.

Is there any wonder why there are so many thyroid issues these days, especially in women?

Get your hands on a Berkey water filter and the specially manufactured fluoride removing filters available. You can also find shower nozzle filters.

Tip: Only an idiot would believe that fluoride, one of the same molecules found in rat poison, and the industrial by product from which said fluoride comes from and the reason its poured into water supplies nation wide, will help your teeth.


When you're throwing out your toothpaste and getting your water filtered, make sure to take a look at the sulfates, parabens, butane, and propane components that are in your skin care products and cleaning products.

barbisol ingredients.jpg

Let's be honest here. It should be fairly obvious upon minimal inspection, that you should not be lathering propane and butane on or near your face, especially the orifices of the mouth, nose, eyes and ears...not to mention the ganglia of lymph nodes in the neck where absorption is expediated.

Yet, we do this. Sometimes daily, for years. And this is just the shaving cream.

Then there is the shampoo and conditioner dilemma. This shows an interesting marketing trick: people think that stuff that foams is better than stuff that doesn't...and that's why they choose products with foaming agents, which are usually known carcinogens.

Women obviously suffer more with these carcinogens because let's face it: as guys, we just don't do that much with our cosmetics. They have toners, cleansers, makeup, and worst of all make up removers which can resemble paint thinners...all of these are toxic and are absorbed by the skin which cannot be emphasized enough.


There are so many more areas where these toxins come into our lives. The reason I call this a conspiracy is simple: the companies generally know that the products contain carcinogens, yet they promote them anyway to appease share holders. You can blame capitalism, you can blame whatever you want...but the end product is that they know and they do it anyway and that is the definition of conspiracy.

If you add together all the toxins...the bad food, the contaminated water, the horrible things we put on our bodies every day, the cleaning products and toxic chemicals we use to do daily tasks...if you add it together you get the end product: cancer and sickness of all kinds, often times unidentifiable.

They'll probably call it Covid since that's the newest fad.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor: look through all the products in and around your house that you use, and slowly start to substitute healthier options, which you can find easily at "natural" stores. You can find non-fluoridated toothpaste, water filters to remove various toxins as well as all the other gunk that's in the water, better food, better cosmetics, paraben and sulfate-free shampoos and soaps, natural beauty products, aluminum-free deodorants, allergen-free bedding and sheets, natural carpets, and everything else you could possibly think of.

Can we at least agree, no matter how anti-life and "pro-science" you might be, whatever that is worth these days, that if you did this your body would not only be much much healthier, but would also be able to extend beyond mere health and into wellness which is the optimal health state?


Don't forget modern day building materials and practices. Not only do you have all of the synthetic fibers and materials in your home off gassing together. You also have glues adhesives plastics and who knows what involved in the manufacturer process. And that's just your home.

How about cars all of the foam synthetic leathers and plastic air system that's heated?.... Oh yeah.

Start looking all around you.

I wonder where all of this is going from and why they don't want you to make your own furniture out of wood and live in a log cabin on your own land....

Excellent post and I can't wait to see even more amazing work from your account!

Thanks, and yes I agree totally with the building materials and car stuff...its a bit hard to swap out the leather car seats but maybe I can find something in the future!

As for the "why" I'm becoming more and more convinced that this world is in fact Satan's realm...not to sound too negative about it, but really this is the "false" world that is based on materialistic and frankly synthetic stuff. Our higher selves / souls etc. are where we should be operating from and I think humanity's best work comes from working with spirit...but its so hard to do and can't be proven to all of the "science" robots wandering around.

The globalist and satanic movement thrives off of anti-life, anti-nature and most of all anti-God operations. That's why when they speak of "health" its always either a fucking vaccine injection, or a mask or something else similarly evil and stupid. They never, ever will teach humans how to eat and grow healthy food or grow their own animals and farms. They hate that. They want people on the phone, lethally injected, taking synthetic pills and ignorant of nature in general.

There's plenty more where this came from and I already subscribe to you and like what you're doing as well and the #hive community in general!

I actually do a little learning class for people to automate their account and start maximizing the interest off of the cryptocurrency we already get paid here.

If you're interested I'm totally down to show you some stuff. Sometimes I run into cool people like you and teach them some of these really fun tricks and they end up doing phenomenal here on the blockchain.

Do you got discord?

Yeah I do. I don't use it much but I'm definitely interested. Shoot me the link or invite or whatever.

There you go here's a link to my private room!

I was having trouble getting into the server, could you send another invite? I think I tripped an alarm or something for trying too many times...I usually use my phone for Discord but want to get it on my computer...

This is one great article I’ve read in a long time and it was worth the time. I’m just imagining beginning my day with a “fluoride” containing toothpaste ,right after I rinse my mouth with tap water…that’s enough trouble to begin with. But come to think of it,if something is so harmful and not to be swallowed then why add it to something used in the mouth on a daily basis. You can’t put a mouse right in a cat’s mouth and expect it not to eat. It may eat it intentionally or unintentionally 🥲. I think it’s high time we really look into the ingredients /contents of substances we use on our bodies or even consume.There’s no wonder there are a lot of illnesses with unknown causes. Thank you for this eye opener.

Thanks for the compliment. I think that if people really take an inventory on all of the products in their homes and slowly start to swap things out for healthier options they can really give their bodies a chance for a breather and to self-heal. For example, I use aluminum free deodorant, allergen free (bamboo) based sheets, comforter and pillow cases. Natural hair gel and shaving cream which is admittedly harder to use but well worth it. Fluoride-free toothpast, and no mouthwash...alcohol based mouthwash is one of the worst culprits.

Food and nutrition should be the first to be changed for health reasons, but then secondarily you can move on to all of the things I talked about here. Or you can start here and vice versa. Small changes magnified over time create lasting health.

These are really good suggestions. But as it’s always said nothing good comes easy. In our part of the world I don’t know how to come by these allergen free (bamboo) based sheets and others. But I will definitely give it a try. Thank you