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Yesterday, I went through a post by @iskafan with title A book or a dress? I wonder if I made the right choice. In this post she told how she was wondering if she should buy a dress or not, and she ended up buying a book for the money she had kept for the dress. Something that made her buy that book was the subtitle of the book that said “Create the lifestyle you want by giving, saving and spending smart.”

Iska told that she believes in the power of giving yet she displayed her amazement about the author's point of view about giving. Below are Iska's words showing her amazement

For today, know that every other financial book that I have read often moves the giving part till the end. They always make it seem as though I have to wait until I amassed a lot of money before I can finally give back to my community and those in need. This book is different, it's already telling me that even though I am wrecking in the pool of debts, I can still give.

Her words reminded me of someone whom I have witnessed (several times in my life) giving to others when he was himself in debt. Above all, he always gave for the sake of giving without having any desire for any favors from the receiver. At times, his actions of giving felt like an act of stupidity. How come he could give his hard earned money to someone else when he was himself in need and debt, but he had his one reason for giving: “There is a greater Giver than me, Who gives me whenever I need. He fills my hands through the ways I cannot even imagine of.” That was his faith and belief, and literally I have never seen such a faithful person except him (though, I have read many stories yet haven't witnessed any other practically). Who that person was? He was my father (May Allah rest his soul in peace).

I remember his words “If I have hundred rupees in my pocket and I think to keep them save instead of spending on a need, they remain hundred; but if I spend that money, I have three hundred rupees in my pocket at the end of the day.” He was a man whose actions spoke louder than words. He talked rarely about how much he was giving, yet his actions spoke for his deeds.

Spending on the need of family is also an act of charity as per the Muslims' faith (source), and I am a testimony to his act of giving to his family. I know most of us are ready to spend on our families but not without the fear of tomorrow and saving for it. My father was different. He gave us whenever it was a need. He didn't think for a while what would he be doing without saving. I remember a time when my father had a job loss (it was a job he gave 20 years of his life). We didn't have any other source of income. I was in college while my two younger brothers were in school. My elder brother couldn't get admission in a government engineering university. He had to take admission in a private university the fee of which was high. Father could have told him to do something else or earn for himself, but he didn't. He honored his desire of becoming an engineer and gave half of his funds to his fee the very month he lost the job. I don't remember seeing a spot of worry on his face. He was happy for what he did. The result of his generosity is my brother is an engineer today and is earning a handsome income.

Giving is an act that not only benefits us in our lives but keeps in benefiting our loved ones even after our death. When my father died, my youngest brother was in college. Some months later he had to pay the fee for his coaching. My mom was worried about the money as the time for payment was coming near. It was my father's giving that helped them at that time. One of my uncles called her to inform that he was transferring some amount to her account. He told her that my father had given him this amount when he was in need. Would you believe it was the very amount that was to pay as the fee for my brother.

Same kind of incidence happened once again when my mom was in need of money. One of my cousins came (4 years after my father's death) to my mom and gave her a packet of currency notes. He told that he had taken debt from my father 6 years ago. My mom said that she didn't know of any debt he had given, but my cousin replied that he did.

These are a few instances of giving from my father's life, of which I am a witness. There are many others that I observed happening that made me believe on the power of giving. Statistics and logic may not explain how giving increases our wealth, yet spirituality and faith has a lot to offer , as God says in Quran

The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. (Source)

There is a similar kind of saying in Bible

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. (Source)


This is so amazing. My heart was touched @amberkashif.

Your dad lived an exemplary life of how giving benefits one and moves on to the next generation. I am honored to have inspired you to share this story and lessons with us.

You are right, physically we might not understand the power of giving, but the scripture has a lot to say on this. We definitely have to believe in giving. For the Almighty loves a cheerful giver.

Thanks for amplifying the lessons I gained from that book by giving me proves through your dad's lifestyle. I appreciate you ma'am. 💞💞

Your dad lived an exemplary life of how giving benefits one and moves on to the next generation

Indeed, he did.

For the Almighty loves a cheerful giver.

As a believer, there is no point in not believing it. Giving has been insisted too much in scriptures

Thanks for amplifying the lessons I gained from that book by giving me proves through your dad's lifestyle

Thanks for inspiring me to share an aspect of my dad 🤗.

Blessed day @iskafan 🌷

Yes, the saying is there in the Bible. I've attempted to live by the verse my entire life, even when I didn't have an abundance. This was taught to me by my mom. We were a poor family without financial resources. She told us that there is always someone in worse shape than we were.

The verse tells us to give cheerfully, and it shall be returned to you tenfold.

Thanks for sharing such a lovely article. Take care.

She told us that there is always someone in worse shape than we were.

This very idea makes us grateful, doesn't it?

Thanks for sharing such a lovely article. Take care.

I always love to talk about my father. He is an example for me, an ideal one.

Take care you too @justclickindiva 🌷❤

It certainly does, and has sustained me all my life. I've taught my children this important lesson too.

Thanks so much for the engagement. Talk soon.


Your father was a wise and generous man :) It's amazing the way giving is honored, isn't it 🙌?

Your father was a wise and generous man

I think he was more generous than being wise. Hehe. Actually, he was a man with heart of gold.

It's amazing the way giving is honored, isn't it

It indeed is. We can never understand how God works His plans and gives the giver more

Then doesn't that actually make giving with a pure heart a very smart thing ❤️?


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Yup it does. I thought for a while about your first comment and my heart said to me "every wisdom is not understandable by logics. Some wisdoms are for hearts alone."

Thanks for your wise comments ❤❤

We know it's right, and that it feels right ❤️

That's true

I skimmed through and I already love it. I will come back to finish reading and drop a proper comment.

I will wait for your arrival 😍

Amazing love this @amberkashif
If everyone gave to someone with no expectations we would live in an amazing world😎
Have the best day 😎

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If giving is done only with an intention to gove, the love and peace would prevail.

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