Understanding & Adjusting To The Real Purpose Of Motivation

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In this video I talked about how the social media as a tool of interaction and communication Influences motivation in a sentimental rather than logical or in a reasonable manner. I laid emphasis on how people have allowed social media tap into the fabrics of their moral compass, in a mind-controlling fashion. I talked about how its Important to tap motivation as a source of inspiration.

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 2 years ago  

I had to watch this video again to fully grasp what you are saying. To me, I think some people who aren't doing well and think they aren't unique in their own ways is because they tap into a motivational quote or speech wrongly. Those who are writing these motivational quotes are doing it based on how their emotions was then and if we as humans needs to be motivated, it must be what we really need at that moment so that in case if we want to get inspired, it would be for the right quote and not listening or reading against your emotions at that moment.

To me, whenever I feel sad or bad, I simply go for motivations similar to what I am experiencing at that moment so I can feel positive and inspired. This is why there are different quotes for different emotions.

 2 years ago  

In reality, you absolutely understand the video and the real reason why I made it as the text that accompanied it might be a little bit hazy. Thank you for totally understanding this. I find it hard to trust motivational speakers, this is because I feel everyone has a life that's unique and something that's generally said might not really work for everyone. But then, we can tap into motivational speaking to particularly jive us.

 2 years ago  

Exactly! Not every motivations actually work for everyone, we need to understand that and work towards being great because we are unique in our own ways. Thank you 😊

I do agree that motivation embarked upon by inexperienced people with little knowledge and skills can be problematic.

But one thing I am certain of is this... Motivation is what makes a lot of humans shift the frontier of possibility.

When I want to embark on a project that by all counts seem impossible... Motivation shows me that some has done something like that before, or that even if it seems impossible, it actually isn't...

There are psuedomotivational speakers out there and usually, it is time that reveals there value to the public...

But the real guys, their value is priceless and their knowledge usually transcends a vast frame of time.

I believe motivation is key to human existence...the fact that people abuse it doesn't mean it isnt vital for progress.

 2 years ago  

This is exactly why I said some people tap into it for the wrong reasons.

It's meant to give us essence, the energy to individually thrive or take advantage of our fading strength, however take a look at the time of motivation that is rampant on the social media.

How people twist it's very essence to mean something totally different. I have seen motivational speaking that sees no wrong in societal disrespect and cheating in relationships.

Some who are particularly guilty of this would tap into the essence of this kind of motivation to fuel their wrong ways.

I have seen motivational speaking that sees no wrong in societal disrespect and cheating in relationships.

That's true. A lot of motivational speaking devoid of a moral compass and generally suggestive of extreme behaviour...

They are a plague I avoid.

You re so right about people not want to make mistakes again.
Well the cost of some mistakes may be varied based on the paths, but mistakes are also lessons learnt.

Motivational quotes and talks are so much out there, the sad thing is that it is often anchored on just human efforts.
I see humans as spirits and the essence of motivation being a spur or stir in this nature. We are Godlike right and so beIN motivated to move should always be anchor to the maker. I listen and read motivation speeches and book only when I feel directed to move in a specific aspect. But people put the cart ahead and get motivated,move and hit a wall.

I like your video Chief. Nice topic.

 2 years ago  

Thanks so much sir, I do believe we live in a world where people are dependent on external motivation to live their lives, it's a saddening aspect of reality that the social media brings. Everywhere, people are succumbing to relationship advise and quotes, it's misleading.

Yh relationship ideologies are mostly misguided by media. Gives them this high expectations which is often never met and the may tilts into depression because the motivation was short lived and poorly guided.

Lol.. motivation speakers can be of a good side and a bad side. The thing is they are to drive us to do better and believe in ourselves.

But yet people might see it as something else. They might end up getting the message wrongly.

 2 years ago  

Girls in our society tap into motivation speaking for relationship advise and it messes some of them up. Movtivation speaking, shouldn't be generally relatable, if not people will begin to lose sight of reality bro.
But like you said it's good sides is to give is good vibes. Thank you for coming through.

As a general rule... I don't listen to anyone who claims to be a relationship/marriage guru... Even the pastors that preach on the subject... I avoid them.

I've seen too many trashy talk in the name of relationship advice.

Plus... Making mistakes is a very key part of motivation right now... I am yet to see a motivational speaker that discourages making mistakes and failure...

Yes this the part of perfecting your art, making sure that your work is flawless, but you only come to that through a series of mistakes and refining of your work.

That's the motivation I know...

 2 years ago  

Thanks brotherly, this is the motivation we should all come to know.

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 2 years ago  

Thanks @indiaunited

Hey there. Nice one as usual. I am interested in reading up about psychology. Where do you suggest I start?

 2 years ago  

Hello there, thank you. @ecotrain and @abundancetribe is the place to be.

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Great speech 💬
I really loving your word's ❣️

This is so amazing and lovely speech. The video was so interesting and superb.

likr the saying goes too much of everything is bad

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