Ladies of Hive Community Contest #93

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Authored by @thekittygirl

W E L C O M E 
TO THE 93rd EDITION of the

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This week, there is only one question
and we want to know:

When I was a child, I frequently heard: "You can't be a  _________  because you're a girl." The blank could be any job or profession which had historically been held by males, such as lawyer, police officer, astronaut, CEO, etc. Jobs considered "acceptable" for females were things like school teacher, nurse, secretary, or sales clerk (of course, in a store owned a man). Society's "preferred" job for women was "housewife," and many men insisted that their wives not work outside the home.

Long ago, women were not allowed to wear pants, or vote. Even twenty or thirty years ago, few businesses seemed to be owned by women. Even today, many religions view God as a purely masculine entity, and women are not allowed to serve as priests/pastors because they are not made in the image of God as men are. When I came to the blockchain five years ago, many men asked, "You're a woman, why are you here?" as if women were not allowed in the world of crypto.

Sadly, changes to this sort of backwards thinking happen rather slowly as societies mature and attitudes begin to relax into more liberal ways of thinking.

When did you begin to see attitudes towards women changing in your life, and what do you think prompted those changes? Please give some examples.

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Good luck, Ladies!

Questions this week by: @thekittygirl
Judging will be by: @thekittygirl

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You always making a difference and bringing the good spirits to learn. As you say there is still a lot of discrimination. And we will continue to make a difference. In drums I have seen few girls who dare to take the baton. Much success and a hug. @irenenavarroart

There is a lot to do as a friend, so that our future generation of women do not have to go through these things. Lets keep working.

Extraordinary progress that you mark here with the current difference, the truth is that we are the ones who have to set that pattern in the children and not repeat those parameters of the parents. Very successful in the challenge. Excellent contribution to the subject, very well explained with life examples. @isabelpena a hug

Thank you very much friend @ sacra97 you already know that we are warriors and that is what I avoid teaching my daughters and now my granddaughters.

I can relate to this in the fact that growing up, my parents pretty much saw me just as a mother and wife; no career or anything. I was a member of my high school band and was not allowed to go to Europe as my brother did with the band, because I was a girl! Whether it's a familial restriction or a cultural restriction, it will be interesting to see what the ladies have to say!

What a great regret, if we traveled we were liberals. Life has frustrated us with all those prejudices.

Good luck Ladies!!!
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Buena suerte chicas!!!
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Good morning Sir 😊.

Good morning @hopestylist!!! Have a super lovely day!!!

How are you doing sir? It's been a while since I last saw a comment from you 🙈.

Yes I will, you too sir ❤️🌹.

Yes, @hopestylist, I've been on a break for a little bit, am working on a couple of other projects temporarily. I suspect I'll be back in a little bit, I'm okay though; it could always be better, and it could always be worse hahahahahaha!
Thank you for your inquisitiveness!!! It means a lot to me!

Oh that feels so good to hear, I think I can be more happier now, hehe.

I hope whatever is it you are working on, goes very well even beyond your expectations.

I hope to see you soon, I've missed replying to your comments, lol.

Please stay safe and stay healthy.

You're welcome Sir 🤗💙.

Hahahahaha, thank you @hopestylist, I forgot which account I was in if you were wondering lol.

Yes, I figured it out 😂.

Interesting question. I didn't able to make an entry last week but will surely wrote about this one. Thank you LOH ☺️🌸

This one is surely an interesting topic. Show us your "girl power" story everyone and good luck. 🥰

Things are definitely changing from how the society use to view women.

Time to share our stories ladies 🥰🤗❤👍

This is an inspiring topic, though in have been offline for a while, that I couldn't participate in the other contest, I will try to write something on this topic. Thanks for the topic ladies of hive.

Good morning, excellent question this week, I will be glad to be part of it.

This is a deep question @ladiesofhive! I believe this will bring healing to many as we share our stories in this contest. Feeling emotional already 😭😭😭. All the best to everyone!

I agree with you that social networks help women a lot since we are the ones who spend more time on the internet, but that came after many women had made the decision to change and add themselves to the roles that men did. Good post yours.

Things are changing, we need to choose what is better. Thanks for reading and for appreciating.

Excellent question for ladies to ponder how much change has occurred or where still needed.

Sometimes we move six foot forward, pushed back ten by people not fully understanding what a woman's role is in life.

Good luck ladies! The topic for the week is so interesting. It would be awesome to read how things are going for women in other parts of the world :)

Because of this macho thinking, many intelligent women were left without an education when they could develop their full potential in a career. Thank God, things have changed a lot, but there is still a long way to go and we must continue helping the process.

Me llama mucho la atencion esta iniciativa. voy a participar.

My entry to contest #93 "My Life As A Woman And My Attitude Towards Handling Positions #93 — Hive"

You are very determined, sure of yourself and beautiful, that makes men want to impose themselves. I wish you much success in your endeavors. A week of success @beatrice3em

You are a woman with determination and strength, that is what makes you a leader. Continue to help take the female gender to the next level.

Cool questions @thekittygirl 😉👍
Good luck everyone and happy sunday ♥️♥️

Un tema muy interesante sin lugar a dudas, algunas de las más viejitas hemos visto y sufrido ésta discriminación en carne propia, algunas con más complicaciones y otras fueron superadas con el tiempo. Muchísimo éxito en esta semana de buenos temas @ladiesofhive

A very interesting topic without a doubt, some of the oldest we have seen and suffered last discrimination in our own flesh, some with more complications and others were overcome over time. Much success in this week of good topics @ladiesofhive

Interesting topic, would be glad to be part of it.thanks ladies of hive

I love the way you didn't allow.anyone belittle you. Currently, when people see women that are mechanics or electricians, to them it feels awkward for a woman to occupy such position.

That's right there are still many out there, who do not believe in the value and knowledge of ladies. Thank you very much for the support @onyinye.nmeri85

I think that the fact that you were able to demonstrate that you knew about the subject was what changed the mentality of those men who came to the business. Well done for you and thanks to your mom who also prevailed and helped the change.

Creo que el hecho de que ustedes supieron demostrar que sabian del tema fue lo que hizo cambiar la mentalidad de esos hombres que llegaban al negocio. Bien hecho por ustedes y gracias a tu mama que tambien se impuso y ayudo al cambio.

Muchísimas gracias, de verdad fué mucho el cambio lo qué logramos y lo que falta por lograr @isabelpena

Another interesting topic for this week. I will join in this for sure.


Very interesting topic, I can't wait to write about this 🥳🥳🥳

Your friend's type of work reminded me that in my time stewardesses were called prostitutes and it was a job that I loved because you could travel to many places, but because I was not cataloged with that name I could never be a flight attendant or stewardess . But my technical career is also along the same lines, since secretaries have always been assigned the role of lovers of their bosses.

That's true friend, we've come a long way. I would say that we are missing something to be able to say that machismo has been overcome in Venezuela and that is the fact that we have a President of the Republic. I thought we could achieve that with Irene Saenz, but the men tripped us up. Let's keep working that if you can!!

Eso es verdad amiga, hemos avanzado mucho. Yo diria que nos falta algo para poder decir que en Venezuela se ha logrado vencer el machismo y es el hecho de que tengamos una Presidenta de la Republica. Pense que eso lo podiamos lograr con Irene Saenz, pero los hombres nos hicieron la zancadilla. Sigamos trabajando que si se puede !!

Falta poco amiga, se que llegará el día en que una mujer lidere a nuestro país pero sucedera en el tiempo que correspondan. ¡Muchas gracias por leer!

Although I haven't been deprived to take what I want. This prompt is interesting 😊

Very good question ladies, I will try to participate.

I love the theme. I consider it essential to leave our impressions in this contest. We are still living in a macho world, and it is a great contribution to society to leave our impressions on the subject. 🥳🥳🥳

I'm figuring that this would depend on who would be uttering such a tactless statement.
School peers, teachers, siblings parents or other? 🤔

Saludos mi estimada comunidad Ladies of Hive, por aca les dejo mi entrada, espero sea de su total agrado:

Hi, I am very much excited to share my thoughts about this and what my mother had done to the family to support us and give us the best in life, so I am sharing my own story. I am a woman of courage too and that is not possible if I didn't see my mother's sacrifice for the family. She is my hero. This is the link to my post.

Another week of ladies of hive community contest. Another topic to write. Another story to share. Thanks for initiating this @ladiesofhive and thanks for the wonderful question to think @thekittygirl.

Here is my entry.

Buenos días queridas amigas de @ladiesofhive 🤗

Por aquí les comparto mi publicación sobre la iniciativa de esta semana 💟 Gracias!

I love military alot of i wasn't allowed to attend because they believe it was mostly for male

That has changed a lot, now you can see even more women than men in military parades.

Yeah that's true
Glad the change is happening

Things can only get better for women, I wish this August be kind and blissful for us all.

Here is my entry, thank you.

the topic is so interesting! i will surely write about this

One of my favorite topic to talk about. Loved so much to participate.
Here's my entry

Interestly, I never really had any restrictions that I can remember of but I can relate to the topic

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Hi everyone, I thought this week's question was a great one and that's why I wanted to participate by talking about my experience.

This topic got me thinking real deep. A lot has really changed with how the world perceives women. I'll send my entry asap.

I am glad I still made it on time. I enjoy writing it very much!

Here is my entry:

Oh dearie.
I'm late for this contest.
I hope my entry is acceptable?