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I am thrilled to join the new community Ladies of Hive, created by @silversaver888, who invited us to re-introduce ourselves and to get to know each other.


My name is Neli, I live in Bulgaria with my partner, who is English, one dog and two cats. My first steps on the blockchain were timid and now three years later I ganed confidence and yet it is not easy to put in writing my thoughts. It is not because English is not my mother tongue, but because I have never been so good in writting. Nevertheless it is never too late to improve my skills.

I chose a rose for my first image of the post, because the rose is a symbol of my country.

When I was younger, I found myself too busy with everyday chores and hardly I had time for hobbies. Reading books was always something I loved to do, but never considered as a hobby. Now I have more time for myself and I become more enthusiastic about things I am interested in, I am more eager to learn new things and I am more curious about everything. Almost everything.

You know that saying - Be careful what you wish for, for it may come true. Well, since cooking has not been a passion and I was not good at all, I always thought how nice it would be to have someone to cook for me. And my dream came true. Dave, my partner was a chef and he loves cooking. And guess what, I am spoiled rotten now as I hardly use the kitchen. However, he likes to challenge me and sometimes we do our own version of Great British bake off. It is one of my favourite TV programs. So, I will do some posts about his and less mine culinary showstoppers.

Our pets fill the house with joy, mischief, fun and love. We had two dogs, but Jade passed away in February and we still miss her a lot. Penny is very old and she has healthy issues and needs more care. The two cats Furry and Blue are like two children and they entertain us a lot. Altogether, we are not bored at all.

Jade to the left, Penny to the right



My eyes were always up in the sky, I love to watch it at night and I am mesmerized by the twinkling stars. Having a telescope broadened my view of the universe.

Lunar surface as seen through the telescope

Photography turns to be my last passion. For those who follow me, they know that lately I am more in birds photos. Of course I am still beginner but this hobby suits me well as during the walks with the dog I can watch and photograph birds. Of course the camera is always with me when I am out, because you never know what you can see and what precious moments to be captured.

One of my last photos - Syrian woodpecker

I still find time to read books. My favorite author is Terry Pratchett. I love to watch British comedies. And I love to travel. Last trip to Tailand was my dream holiday. Then I visited my son, who lives there with his girlfriend. Thanks god it was before the pandemic. Now, I don't know when I will go again there or any other place.

This is short re-introduction of myself. More about me you can find in my future posts.


Thank you for viewing.

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Welcome to the Ladies of Hive community. Nice to find your post here as we do have more then one thing in common. The love for animals, having pets (I have 3 dogs), and the love for photography.

I enjoyed reading about you, and have to admit that I would love to use the kitchen a bit less, but unfortunately, I'm the one who does the cooking here. Lucky for me, I learned to like it. And sometimes even love it.

Looking forward to read more from you, I'll keep my eyes open for your posts. Have a great Sunday and take care.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. ❤
The dogs are not just pets, they are so clever and so loyal. I read your post about your dogs and the love you have given returns unconditionally. I am going to keep an eye on your posts too. 😀

Lovely photos of your cats and other wonderful creatures!!

Have a nice day!

Thank you! 😀
Have a wonderful week!

Hi there @nelinoeva! So the rose is Bulgaria's national flower as well? Same as UK!

Hi @livinguktaiwan, my country is called land of roses. Bulgaria was world leader in production of rose oil. Now, together with Turkey, both contries are the largest producers of rose oil.

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Hello @nelinoeva, it is wonderful to meet you! Please make the Ladies of Hivr your home. It is yours! We look forward to knowing more about you through your articles posted here in the Ladies of Hive community.

Upped and rehived 😍

I feel home here already, ❤
I am happy to be among all of you.

Hello and welcome to the Ladies of Hiive community @nelinoeva! I know a tiny bit about you from your shadow photos, and so happy to know so much more from this wonderful introduction article. The rose photo is certainly so pretty and I learned from you today that that is the symbol of your country! Your pets are so adorable: Jade, Penny Furry, and Blue. I have furbabies myself... three Yorkies!
Feel free to visit with the other Ladies in their articles posted on the community page. For your information, every comment you make on any article here will earn you ARCHON!
Have a lovely evening, my friend @nelineoeva, and take care 🥰🌺🤙.

It is great pleasure to be part of the community of ladies.
Aww, you have three Yorkies! There are many people in my area who have Yorkies. They are sooo adorable. I am looking forward to seeing your furbabies. 😀❤

Hi dear I loved reading some more about you eventhough our paths crossed before, I love that we have another European woman here and that she is a furry dog cat mum aswell thank you for the intro and see you in Discord

It is so nice to see your comment on my post, @brittandjosie 😀
This commmunty will help us to know more about each other and it is great.
I am not very active on Discord, but I will find time to chat with you and other girls there.
Have a wonderful day!



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