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Good day my prestigious ladies of @ladiesofhive and my #hive friends. I'm really excited to participate in this week's contest. I also want to say thank you to @ifarmgirl for this thoughtful topic. And to the organizers of this contests!
Before I'll proceed I'll like to invite @hopestylist . Dear girl I'll love to read yours!

Anger is an emotion that comes up when we feel some one on purpose offends us!
We all, are likely to get angry during our daily activities because of the nature of our jobs, the atmosphere, our mountain of unfinished work, anxiousness, or even from our close friends.anger I feel is just unavoidable and it's also a good one most time, because it helps us express our feeling.
This now brings us to the business of the day!

We all have a different boiling point, some of us are easily angered, while other's are really cool tempered. Kindly share one thing that makes you angry and how long do you stay mad and what or who can pacify you

Just as the expressions on our faces differ, so does our boiling point !!

Honestly for me I tend to be the calm or cool type, it's really hard to make me angry, like you'll have to put in efforts and Time to get me angry but when i eventually do get angry, I am so upset and heartbroken that I end up crying because I know I can't respond or fight back.

Most people enjoy saying things that would make other people angry since, to them, it's nothing, therefore they label it as a "joke" without thinking about whether the recipient is likely to take such jokes down.
In situations like this, I just refuse to respond or, more often , pretend not to hear you and just cry.

When someone body shamed me, was one of those times when I became quite enraged. I belong to the group of people who have knock knee, or as some people refer to it, "k-leg." Over the past few years, I've worked to increase my self-assurance. Sincerely, it hasn't been simple. So, that day, in a joke with a co-worker, she jokely chipped in, "See your bent bent leg," which is to say ( look at your knock-knee.) I started crying because I was so furious!

Something that can make me really angry too is,
When a person who isn't a close friend invades my privacy.
Most people have the habit of asking for a device, like a cell phone, to check pictures or make calls, and then they suddenly start touring or sneaking round the entire file. Situations like this really flare me up

A good thing, is in this situation, I do not stay angry for long. I remind myself, "EDNA, your happiness does not depend on anyone," and I also keep in mind that anger shortens life and is bad for my beautiful skin.

My treatment.
One person who can quickly lift me out of a bad mood is my partner. He has a way of making me grin. So when someone or something manages to enrage me, I'll run to him, explain all that has happened from the bottom of my heart, and then he'll just give me a funny name.😀
(And I'll be like, "Can you get serious for once?") I'll smile, and the rage will disappear.

Taking sweets, such as chocolate, cake, or biscuits—basically anything sweet—helps me relax.
Especially when the incident that got me enraged happened outside my house!

Finally, I adore this section, which I like to refer to as the REBOOT.
And sleep is that!
I simply eat lots of food go to bed and fall asleep.

Then wake up feeling fresh as though nothing happened.

This works better for me.And all images are from #pixabay
Except for one personal image.

What is your favorite snack or snacks??share a photo of them if you can.

I was a cry baby as a child who would refuse food, so my mother would always purchase me biscuits to quiet me down.

Nothing changed as I got older. Except for the fact that I'm now a foodie who still loves snacks.
Sometimes I even eat snacks after I've finished my meal. Then I'll be able to declare I'm full.
I enjoy snacks because I sometimes feel so hungry after eating that I need to have some.

Always having snacks nearby when I'm writing or otherwise working helps me get things done quickly and is the perfect motivator for me. So it's safe to say I'm a fan and lover of snacks, chocolate,and cakes!!

My favorite snacks are peanuts, and I adore this particular variety for its crunchiness.

I also really like biscuits because I take it with any soft drink of my choice (I love the combo 🙃)

And then chocolate. This I don't joke with,I even explore.
Like go to a shop and ask if a new brand of chocolate is out!

Thank you for stopping by.🤗
Sending you all love and light🤗


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It's a good thing you have some that can calm you down when you are angry and it's really surprising that taking sweet things calms you down too.

It's really so unfair for someone to insult you based on something that was not under your control but it's all well and good.

You sure are one snacks and biscuit lover, see all the varieties on your table, lol.

Thank you so much for the invitation, I hope to leave an entry 🥰🥰.

Sorry sis my phone been misbehaving lately..

Thanks for your nice words.
Honestly criticism is a bad one and people just feel so comfortable taking advantage of situations..

And yeah sweet works so magical for me 🤭🤭

I understand you my dear, it is well 🥺🥺.

You're welcome dear 🥰🥰.

Yay! 🤗
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Some people's criticisms even when they meant for a joke can be very hurtful and I understand why it makes you mad. It's great that your partner has a way to make you forget your rage :)

Many thanks for sharing your story and these yummy-licious snacks too :)


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Thank you so much for your kind words..

And yeah my partner is a great therapy 😊😊

You're very welcome, cheers to you for having a great therapy :)

I also hate it when someone invades my privacy though it's someone I'm closed to. Like whutt?? Can you ask if its fine first?", something like that. 😄

Honestly it's pretty annoying 🤣.I be like how do you get comfortable going through my files??

But sad thing, invading privacy is becoming a custom, you'll barely see anyone touch your gadget and will not want to take a tour..

Thank you so much sis for stopping by!

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