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Being a woman has deprived me personally of some privileges, which I do sometimes think it's bad and sometimes good, especially as a Nigerian woman, there are things that we are meant not to do, examples

Not to take revenge when you are being cheated on by your spouse or partner: we have seen many instances around us and also on the net about women who has indulge in adultery because her spouse has also cheated on her, well am against this too, but where in the written word that say it's men that have the right to cheat and not being victimized?see I don't know about other countries but my own country would shame the woman in a bad way as if the man didn't do the same

Another thing is the role of contributing to the house keep, if you are from this part of the world you will hear instances like " I don't want my wife to work let her care take of the children" I'm also in this category, I don't know why they have that kind of mentality, or why it's like that, I don't know how they feel about women working and helping with the house keep, I overheard a conversation between two men , one of them just newly got married and the other was advising him to quickly get his wife pregnant so that he can have power over her, and he was advising him to not let her work anymore because from there she might start havin ga relationship outside marriage because she's still newly wed, at that point I was already boiling, I being a home baker has been a sort of issue for me I don't want to work for someone rather to have my business, but since i am not able of getting a shop for my self for now I result to doing my work at home and also keeping myself busy with my hive platform since I have been getting jobs of late, i think both man and woman should work for the house keep and whenever the woman gets pregnant and becomes quiet heavy , because one has to consider the stress women go through when pregnant, she should be allowed to rest and when she put to birth to take care of the child for a particular period of months.

Also women should have a say in taking decisions in the house or wherever, I notice even in church there's a discrimination against women, the men are give more right to take decisions in the church and when a woman comes forth to give her opinion , though she might be heard , but they still have to run the idea by the men in the church before it's being documented .i believe men and women should have the same right to talk and talk decisions.

If we look at the situation of the world at large now, we would see that there are so many successful women out there, for me women should be treated with the same respect a man get because we are all created in the image of God, women should also have a say in affairs if the state or country.


Even the Bible says women are help mate to the husbands not a liability but many have changed the interpretation of this to something else, well if I go on on and on I would have a lot of instances to give, but is all all women should be respected and treated in a right manner.

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It is written. Men ought to LOVE his wife as Christ LOVED the Church because he gave his life for his church.
Agape LOVE is God-like, sacrificial Love.

True, the Bible says it all

Yeah, we should treat women fairly, I agree.

Thanks, it great you agree with me

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