Desktop - quick vote, community creation, improvements

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Ecency desktop application got new update. In this update we have included all recent changes from as well as few new improvements.


What's new

  • All changes in latest web release
  • Quick vote
  • Community creation UI and steps improved
  • Points balance fetching fix
  • Sticky Navbar improved
  • Comments delete/edit conditions improved
  • Link insert clipboard access, improved
  • Formatting account history items
  • Other minor bug fixes

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One more reason to love Ecency. Thanks for your work

OK. Now I HAVE to check out Ecency. What it does, and how.
Sounds very interesting!

It's a great app

I'm curious. Definitely will check it out over the weekend :)

You check it out?

Sorry for the late reply. Have been working my butt off in the last three weeks.
No, i haven't, but this month I'll be digging a lot deeper in to the HIVE-Sphere and develop some layouts for projects that might be of value.
If I manage then by tomorrow Ecency should be installed :)

Cool. Thanks for getting back to me at least. Appreciated.

Of course. I apologize for losing track and "disappearing".

Try and let us know what you think... 😉

I'd made my first attempt to boost post (just trying to figure out how Ecency works), but the "Next" button (located right below the text "Drag the slider to adjust the amount.") would gray out and couldn't be clicked.

Gray out means your balance is not enough for other amounts, please check your Points balance and how much Promote/Boost is required.

Thanks for your kind reply, Ecency. I forgot to input the username (I added only the post link without the username) and that happened to be the culprit behind the gray out.

Nice one

Thanks for hard working!

Man... I appreciate all your teams hard work. I love the app.

I sure do love the improvements that every updates bring. Keep it going guys!

@ecency sir i have delegated to ecency 650hp..

Hey ecency i have so many problems in my account even i have all my content please fix it why when i upvote anybody's post it doesn't count also my reach and growth stopped please fix and help me so i can share ecency with another one please help me

Are you getting any error messages?

No i am using app but my vote isn't counting and adding money also stopped reach in my account

If there is no error, it should be counting your vote. Your vote might have less value, maybe you are talking about that. Your vote value depends on how much Hive power you have.

Hola @ecency.
Son unas increíble actualizaciones y me gustan mucho por qué soy un usuario fiel de la aplicación móvil y la versión de escritorio, la traducción de idiomas es increíble, por lo menos en mi idioma está muy bien. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi @ecency.
They are incredible updates and I really like it because I am a faithful user of the mobile application and the desktop version, the language translation is incredible, at least in my language it is very good. A hug from Colombia.

Hello sir, Vote for the poor too. No one is supporting me.😭😭😓😓

Congrats on development! 😎

thank ecency

Boost my blog i send tge 150 point @ecency

Please stop this type of comments, if you boosted, we already see it and our curators will review it as soon as they can. If they cannot review within 24h, you will get refund.

Hey Hi dear ecency-team!
I have a little problem and I couldn't find out how to contact you elsewhere, so I hope it's okay that I describe it here. Maybe you can help me ❤️

I just started using the app and I love how it looks and how easy it is to discover content, I just have a problem when writing a post. After a while my text "disappears". I can still see it in the post preview but not in the editing mode. I can even mark it and type, but I can't see the letters somehow.
I tried to restart the app, log out and log in again, but it's still not working.

Is it a known issue and is there a trick to solve it? I would love to use the app for mobile posting ❤️

Love, Ana

Hello Ana,
Are you using Ecency app on Android device? Could you tell us device name and Android version, please?

Wow, thank you for your quick reply!
It's a Nexus 5X and I use the Android version 8.1.0.

Thank you, we will test on similar device and see if we can detect the issue. 👍

Thanks a lot! Ecency works so great for reading and curating, I would love to use it for posting as well

What it is ?

@ecency Hi,I mistakenly use the “get points”function to transfer Hive through ecency app. Could you kindly transfer Hive back to me ?


You made transfer to deepcrypto8 account which is owned by, please contact their support.

I got it! Thanks

thanks for improving the things which is very important for many of the users who were using ecency

thanks for the updates and developments you are doing


@ecency i have a question i try to boost my blog they did not i have point i will daily but i can't

Hi, @ecency!
I found another problem in Ecency Desktop: muted posts in the community feed are still visible. Please check it out. This is very important to comply with community rules.

Could you share example of post?

Just double checked, looks like we might have bug, we will work on fix.

Ok, thank you. I hope you fix it quickly. 😊

Which website/app was used for muting that post, looks like muting operation is not recognized. Maybe retry?

I tried. On peakd, this site is not visible in our community at all.