It's a great app

I'm curious. Definitely will check it out over the weekend :)

You check it out?

Sorry for the late reply. Have been working my butt off in the last three weeks.
No, i haven't, but this month I'll be digging a lot deeper in to the HIVE-Sphere and develop some layouts for projects that might be of value.
If I manage then by tomorrow Ecency should be installed :)

Cool. Thanks for getting back to me at least. Appreciated.

Of course. I apologize for losing track and "disappearing".

Poof.... Ninja vanish

As a kid I always wanted to be a ninja. I'm still practicing hitting things with my ninja stars. So far I just hurt myself a lot …

Alright, I'm in. Ecency looks veeeeery interesting!
I will make my first post tomorrow using Ecency :)
First impression is very good!

One more thing:
I can't open the app on Mac, as it can't scan the app.
Is there an update coming? It would be great to use Ecency from an app.

Try and let us know what you think... 😉

I'd made my first attempt to boost post (just trying to figure out how Ecency works), but the "Next" button (located right below the text "Drag the slider to adjust the amount.") would gray out and couldn't be clicked.

Gray out means your balance is not enough for other amounts, please check your Points balance and how much Promote/Boost is required.

Thanks for your kind reply, Ecency. I forgot to input the username (I added only the post link without the username) and that happened to be the culprit behind the gray out.