Egg Pockets - WIP Continued…

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Happy Monday!

I’ve been having a good time keeping up with everyone’s WIP updates for our ongoing Challenge. Seriously, we started this challenge with hopes to encourage you all to get excited again about those left behind projects. I myself have been so inspired by what you all have achieved 🥹.

Some have finished two or three WIPs and keep on moving on to the next. Others have restarted projects and found a new joy for them. Then we have some who have changed up their initial plans and love what they’re doing now even better than before!

This has been amazing to watch and I look forward to seeing what you all share this week.

I got back to work on my WIP (eggpron) last weekend. This is why I’m grateful to see you all doing so well because it is motivating me to keep going and sewing.

All of the crochet work is done on my project it’s just a matter of sewing on the rows and making pockets for the eggs.

After sewing along the bottom of the first row I marked where I would place the pockets. I put a bobby pin on every 15th stitch marking how wide each one would be. Once that was done I kept whip stitching up along one side.

I kept the yellow yarn connected to the apron in order to secure the pockets in at the top…


With the first apron I didn’t do this but wish I would have.

I tried to get a photo where you could see how I sewed a divider which makes the pocket. I connected the back of the row to the apron all the way up the length of the pocket…


This part is the most time consuming because I have to make sure to keep everything aligned as I’m sewing. If I get off track the pockets will be crooked and possibly turn out a lot smaller. Once you get a flow it goes smooth enough though. When I’m finished with a pocket I just weave the yarns over to the next spot continuing with the next pocket.

Here’s a shot from inside one…


Honestly I am looking forward to getting this done so I can move on to completing the crochet requests from my kids. Soon I’ll have to stop all that I’m doing to make new winter hats for all the guys in my family. Last year I got a late start and was only able to make hats for my two girls.

Here’s another pic with three egg holes…


They look like caves to me. 😄

I’ll return to you with a finished eggpron soon. I plan on starting the next row tonight.

Thanks again for your participation in this challenge as it has really helped motivate me to finish my own project even if it involves tons of sewing 🙄.

Let’s keep finishing strong and shooting to reach our goals ~ 😘


All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.



Before I proceed in commenting on the photos shared I will like to wish you a happy new month @crosheille. The eggpron looks really nice and I like the combination of the two colours which is very beautiful and nice, I can't wait to see the final sewing done on work to appreciate your efforts towards it.

Thank you @emeka4. Happy new month to you too!

Thanks for keeping up with my work. I’m glad you like the color combo ;D

Yeah the color combination is really nice

I love it! So cute! My mom recently sewed me one, buy there was no elastic in the top of the pockets for the eggs, so the eggs would literally just fall out if I bent over while using it. I'm going to have to do some extra work on it...although my chickens are basically welfare chickens now. I only get 2 eggs a day... Boo!! (I have about 30 chickens at the moment. Yikes!)

Thank you! I knew you would know about the eggprons 😄.

Ahhh 😯!! I'm glad you mentioned that. I wasn't planning on putting elastic in this but that makes so much sense.

So are you going to just string some elastic through the top of the pockets and then sew it down? Is that the best way to do it? It’s great hearing from someone who has actually used one and who actually has chickens. I don’t even know if I will ever have any but I’m making these anyway and staying hopeful. 😂

I read a meme yesterday that chickens are the gateway animal to...ducks. Ha! It's true for me. I have three ducks now, but they love this wet, cool weather we have around here!
Yes, I will probably just string some elastic through or sew it on each pocket. The pockets she made are pleated, so there is a lot of extra fabric at the top. Try yours out. Your egg pockets look cozy and the perfect size for an egg. If you can stick an egg in it and it doesn't fall out when you walk around, I think it would be great. Just even an elastic cord along the top part might work if the holes need to be a little smaller.

Lol that’s funny. Wow so 30 chickens and 3 ducks. Once we get the land we’ve been dreaming of we plan on building a chicken coop and maybe starting out with just a few to see how it goes.

Thanks so much for those tips. I have some really thin elastic I think would work well for it. I will test it out first by putting some eggs in and bending down to see if they stay in. The pockets might already be deep enough but it’s good to have a solution ready just in case ;)

Sadly I think most of my chickens hate me. 30 chickens would be awesome if I got 30 eggs, but I get nowhere near that. Ha! Some are bantum chickens and fly out of the area the others are in - no idea where they lay...if they do! Getting chickens is pretty fun and relatively easy if you start off small. I should do a better job with mine!!

Oh no! I'm sure they don't hate you 😯. I wonder where they lay though, that's quite interesting that they fly off like that.

Yea we would definitely start out small.

Greetings boss

Happy new month to you, I wish you all the best throughout the month.

It's good to see that you're making progress with these eggpron crochet, it's gradually taking shape and I'm sure to make it top-notch.

Can't wait to see you accomplish it, and proceed to your kids request and those hats as well.

I hope you'll better about to complete all in time before winter.

Thank you Vickoly! Happy new month to you too :D

Yes I’m glad to stick to it and get it done. Thanks for checking out my update ~

You're welcome ma.
Keep up the good work and have a blessed day.

I'm glad to always see your progress with your eggpron WIP because I believe it's not always easy on you to have read through other people's work, take care of children and other family stuff, and then still have time and energy to be working along in achieving your eggpron WIP. Indeed, you're always a mother, and special thanks for celebrating with me a few days ago.

I appreciate that. It's definitely a challenge at times but also so much fun and that's what keeps me going. I think I would be so bored if I didn't have a lot to do :D

Thanks for the visit ~

That's nice of you boss and I think I'll have to agree with being busy in the community because the more you go through other people's work, the more experience you become.

That’s a very good point and so true. 😉

You're welcome, boss.

Brilliant! That would be very useful.

Thanks! I’m glad you think so :D

I’m making them for future purposes for when we have our own chickens. At least that’s what we’re hoping and praying for. 🙏🏽

Tiny lovely caves indeed.
All the eggs will sure have a neighbor.
This will be of some very good use and hold better than plastic holders.
Very soon all kitchen equipment and table clothes will become of crotchet and every house will be dazzling in colors.

Well done ma.
I know its always a double challenge for you to complete a WIP compared to every other participant.

Oh yes, I try to stay away from plastics as much as possible. I’d much rather prefer a needlework version. 😍

Thank you. Yes, I have to double hustle but I still enjoy getting it all in ~ 😅

Very nice. I would not have thought of that. How nice.

I am so glad I came across a pattern for it. I was so intrigued by it.

Thanks so much ~

I'm lovin 'it! it's really beautiful!

Thank you. 😊

Wow that is so pretty. I love the colors too 😍

Thanks @naniplayergamer! I'm glad you like it ~ 😉

You're welcome @crosheille ☺️

Wow this beyond creativity you are amazing genius keep up the good work

I just followed the pattern that was available ;)

Thank you for your nice comment ~

It really amazing i love it keep up the good work

What beautiful work! God bless your hands and your creativity.🤗

Thank you @selenediva for the compliment of my work ~ 😊

Wow this look amazing, I love the colour of your egg pocket it look so nice and neat. Thanks for sharing my boss

It a pleasure to meet an ocd curator like you thanks for the guidelines you gave me so far. You made a great eggpron @crosheille I wish you all the best in your work

I really appreciate that, thank you. It’s a pleasure to help. 😉

Thanks so much for the compliments of my work ~

What an amazing job you are doing, I love all the perfect finish you have achieved with this piece, it seems to me that you have baked very well, besides I confess that I loved the color combination. In the comments I could read about the topic of the garter, it seems to me a good idea, I think you should take it into account, thank you for the detail of the explanation. Thank you very much for this post.

Hello @mundomanaure. Thank you for the admiration and appreciation of my needlework. I had fun putting the color combo together so I’m glad several have mentioned they liked it too :)

I have a bit more to go but glad I’m making progress.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting ~

Wow that egg cup is looking great, I would love to have one.

Thank you!! 😃

They look like caves to me. 😄

I couldn't stop laughing at this 🤩🤩, but then you are getting it so well. The caves will definitely serve their purpose and I am patiently waiting to behold the finished WIP.👍🥰

Your fingers are doing magic works🤗

Haha thanks so much!! 😘

Wow! Your WIP looks great! Your effort that was put into it was worth it! This challenge sounds like a lot of fun!

May I ask a question? In your announcement post for the WIP contest, you mentioned that I must make an introductory post for my WIP. Should I make my participation separate from the introductory post or do that all together in one? Thanks for sharing your WIP, it really looks beautiful. 😍

Thanks for the compliment of my work @jadeaca :)

You can do it altogether in one post. So the post you introduce your WIP would be the same post you share about the details and your plans on completing it ;)

Let me know if you have any other questions ~

You're welcome @crosheille! :D

Also thank you because this makes it a lot easier. This challenge is a great way to take out my works that haven't been finished yet and start working on them again. For me it's also a great way to clean out my closets and drawers with things that I should complete. 😅

Thank you for this opportunity and it's very helpful to get better and keep needle working. Cheers! 😀

You’re welcome ~ 😉