Welcome To The 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #108 -- 100% Hive Prize Pool

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Thank you everyone for making the Love The Clouds series a big success!


I am calling out to all past finalists to participate again :) Thanks for your wonderful entries πŸ‘ŒπŸŒ§πŸŒ¦πŸŒ₯πŸ™

@axeman @hangin @voronchihin @javiersebastian @rem-steem @roxy-cat @bigsambucca @nelinoeva @sketch.and.jam @fonteynb @jungwatercolor @dranren @jacey.boldart @eii @olivia08 @remotehorst23 @aiskelzurita @artofwisdom @ajayful @puppetmaster1111 @zhayie03 @ejeeywander @zhayie03 @eto-ka @chadee @dovetail @jadung @steempampanga @chaidir082 @aronnaawe @maribelquere97 @atikajayboy @soroka74 @cryptomaniacsgr @steliosfan @rahmadsanjaya @bamboozled @dinglehopper @steempampanga @stanestyle @aronnaawe @zhayie03 @fonteynb @catlady.natascha @cryptocurator @claudio83 @javiersebastian @digi-me @preludiocosmico @dronegraphica @sketch.and.jam @orjantomarcelo @cloudblade @pipoune @leysa @yellowmode @dianadee @victorbz @marcoteixeira @contrabourdon @orjantomarcelo @marcoteixeira @adinapoli @jayclar30 @fredkese @butterblume @annephilbrick @ultratrain @lea8ndrea @ackhoo @mers @dexpartacus @rem-steem @izaid @paradigm42 @bambuka @maxili63 @kaminchan @claudio83 @afza @chrisaiki @mafufuma @offgridlife @bonp @davidesimoncini @luigi-the-gnome @deerjay @lieutenantrekt @haastrecht @diosarich @ainie.kashif @gingbabida @vicent21 @luigi-the-gnome @eewa @ingus42 @barbarabezina @careassaktart @pastoragus @careassaktart @gulia.peito @seadbeady @justclickindiva @ana-maria @diosarich @jlgc @quantumg @steempampanga @jlgc @miroslavrc @syl-lab @librepensadora @gurseerat @thethoughtpolice @despero-narciso @ahmadturki @mituabida @ale.dri @kohsamui99 @sayago @zo3d @calisto24 @miguelmederico @esthersanchez @benavides54 @mirla33 @chocolatescorpi @gems.and.cookies @luisfe

I am sure that I have missed some...!


How does the contest work?


Obviously the contest is all about Clouds: You can draw, take a picture or use any other kind of medium to portray clouds in any form or manner! I want to stress again that this contest is not strictly a photography contest! Artists of all paths are welcome 😊

There are of course some usual rules for participating:

  1. Upvote and resteem the contest OR Upvote and promote the contest with a link
  2. Make a comment with a link of your work below this post
  3. All of the submitted works must be original and made by you!
  4. Only 1 entry/post per person
  5. If you can post in the 'Love The Clouds Community' or use the #lovetheclouds tag

All entries must be submitted before this post closes


What's the prize pool and who will win?


  • There will be 3 finalists chosen by the community in an upcoming post entitled "Love The Clouds Finalists?", so be sure to vote if you are a community member!

  • Each finalist will receive their equal share of the Hive liquid payout !

  • Additionally there will be four honorable mentions who will each get a 50% upvote

😊Have fun and enjoy !!😊


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Wao @nenio, the colors are masterful, the color of the clouds is spectacular.

I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for the comment.

Wow! 😍😍😍

Thank you.

I went on a trip along the Dutch coast. Discovering the beaches of the Netherlands.
This time i was focuste on the incoming storm! I wanted to show the big rain and hail clouds roll in.
I think i succeeded. Circumstances where very difficult but that was definitely the fun part of this trip.


I love this pic. Thanks, @haastrecht for sharing.

Se puede decir que es una hermosa tormenta, luego llegarΓ‘ la calma.

It can be said that it is a beautiful storm, then the calm will come @haastrecht

Hello @tobetada,
Glad to know this community πŸ€— This is my entry for #lovetheclouds, hope you like it ☘️

Friend @babeltrips, I love that cloud formation, they look like two beings united.

Yeah, that was my thought when shooting it 🀩 Thank you for sharing yours too

Hello dear friend @tobetada good afternoon
It is incredible the beautiful images of clouds that are released to us every week. Congratulations to the winners of the previous period @kohsamui99 @lilideleopolis @nenio

This is my link to accompany your wonderful contest
I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy weekend

https://hive.blog/hive-131609/@jlufer/viajando-al-fin-del-mundo-en-compania-de-las-nubes-traveling-to-the-fin-of-the-world-in -the-company-of-the-clouds-spanish-english

Una atrapada de nubes espectacular, muy linda con todos los espacios bonitos que la acompaΓ±an. Me encantΓ³ @jlufer

Hello @tobetada!
Here is my entry
Hope you like it!


Beautiful shot 😍 & look so powerful cloud !

Thank you!!

Que hermoso lo que has captado aquΓ­, un cuadro casΓ­ como una pintura @esthersanchez, muy variado. Bendiciones

Muy hermoso amiga, las nubes, el cielo y la montaΓ±a supieron posar!!
Gracias por tu visita y comentario querida @sacra97!

Que hermoso lo que has captado aquΓ­, un cuadro casΓ­ como una pintura @esthersanchez, muy variado. Bendiciones

Hermosas nubes amiga @sethersanchez, bello paisaje.

More nice photos!

I forgot to get this properly started, so here it goes...

Welcome and have fun everyone for a new round of #LTC! :)

@tipu curate

Hola/hi @tobetada. Felicitaciones a los ganadores del reto #107/congratulations to the winners @kohsamui99, @lilideleopolis y @nenio.
No salgo mucho en esta cuarentena, asΓ­ que mi patio es mi lugar para tomar fotos.
I don't go out much in this quarantine, so my patio is my place to take photos.

My this is my entry for #lovetheclouds, participaciΓ³n post


Hello @sayago, beautiful clouds, as always.

Hi @mirla33, thanks!

Que hermosas nubes de verdad de una textura hermosa, ja, ja, se presentan variadas y ΓΊnicas. Bendiciones @sayury

This is a combination of four clouds. The largest caught my attention because it suggests a shape that could be an animal and made me remember when as a child I would lie down in the garden of the house to look at the changing shapes of the clouds and distinguish in them from flowers and stars to high palaces , monsters and even Santa Claus with everything and sleigh.


Here is my entry for this week!