LLama & Kron defeated by Chaos Legion

Defeat LLAMA-KRON only with Chaos Legion.png

Hello my fellow Splintanians.

It was quite by accident, that I stumbled upon this combination of Chaos Legion only cards to make the LLama+Kron combination suffer a disastrous defeat.


The main living ground for LLama Kron is the 17 mana cap battle. I must admit, when I selected my team I did not consider the feared combo to be my opponents selection. It has been quite some time since I encountered Llama+Kron. Probably because this combination I'm about to show you is already known and quite effective so people stopped playing L+K.


So let us meet our team:

Grandmaster Rathe_lv2.png

As a summoner I chose the newest addition to the Chaos Legion. With Lorna still being the Queen of low mana, Grandmaster Rathe is a worthy deputy, bringing +1armor with void armor to the team. Basically that is the free hit we usually get from Lorna's divine shield, since the void armor makes even magic take a step back from our monster's health. The only weakness I see in that logic is the piercing ability. But at silver level in a low mana match the odds of encountering piercing are slim.

Pelacor Conjurer_lv5.png

I was actually expecting a green team with some magic and with Grandmaster Rathe the first position (in a low mana match) going to the Pelacor Conjurer is predictable. The flying ability with a speed of 4 makes him hard to catch with melee and ranged attacks, magic gets reflected and amplified (thanks to our summoner) and as mentioned, we get the free hit with the +1 armor from the deputy.

Adelade Brightwing_lv2.png

While Adelate might be slow, her attributes are most useful. She can repair the armor of our tank. That's where this combination surpasses Lorna, since the divine shield can not be reloaded. I keep calling her Queen of low mana because she only costs half compared to Rathe. But I digress...

Dealing 2 magic damage makes Adelade useful in 2nd and 1st position in case Conjurer is taken out. But before that happens she will be resurrecting him one time.

Celestial Harpy_lv4.png

Have a closer look at the ruleset. Fog of war means all attacks go to the tank, no sneak, no snipe... Except opportunity. Whenever there is a fog of war, be sure to add at least one opportunist. Your opponent might not consider that and comfort themselves in a sense of false security for the back row. Lots of low mana with low health monsters out there that do a lot of damage. So we need to take them out quickly.

For two mana we get flying, opportunity, medium speed and 2 melee attack with a health of 3, which then is boostet with +1 (void) armor for a free hit to take. This card just belongs into a low mana white team.

Soul Fiend_lv2.png

So with no sneakers, why add the meat at the end? Because it is free (costs 0 mana) and never underestimate your opponent. Yes, I reasoned the addition of the Harpy with them not considering it (in a sense). But never fall victim to counting on your enemy making mistakes.

If they have an opportunist in their team, we distract from the Harpy with the Fiend. It has lower health than the Harpy and in the very rare case there might be blast involved I would rather get the damage to the Harpy than to Adelade, so we put the Fiend at the end.

So that was my team and then I entered the arena.



Watch the Battle

My first reaction: Ah crap!

Ok, here we go, LK coming to get me, just hit "Skip to result" and be done with it. So I did and this is what I saw:


One of the bigger WTF-moments of the day. I won? But even Splintertools told me "Don't count on it, just go home".

Hooray for the replay button.

If you missed the link above, here's another one: Watch the Battle


So, there is a (compared to Llama+Kron) cheap way to defeat this Combo now. Have fun with it and enjoy the ride :-)

Which begs the question: Is this the new 17 mana cap team? At first thought I doubt it. But from now on, if I come into that ruleset and white is available, I will play this team, until it is defeated. Then we might have an interesting circle as in rock-paper-scissors were one team defeats the other but neither wins all.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the day.


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Card images and Chaos Legion Logo from Splinterlands Homepage
Screenshots taken by me from the Game.
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An interesting combo! Thanks for sharing.

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure. I like sharing a good combo. Will do so more often in the future. 😉

Yeah, it's pretty useful, trying to pick up tips whenever I can! Just added a few cards to my water deck ready for the new season. I hope it will work out. 👍

I wish you well :-)

Currently on hold with my own purchases, waiting for Rift Watchers and reorganizing.

Think I'll stay in modern, much better payout while cheaper to play.

I dont have the cards for Wild so stay in Modern! Looking forward to wrapping up this season and seeing the rewards

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Nice 👍
Reading from @dreemport

Thank you 🙂

Welcome 😁

I just wish I know how to play these games. I have not been in this Community and does not know how to do all these here in the community.

Anyways, you have used those players well. Well done...

@dreemport sent me here...

Thank you.

If you want to learn, just head over to Splinterlands and sign up. There's a little tutorial gameplay to get you started and for just trying out you don't have to invest anything.

With a tryout account you can play a set of starter cards free of charge and figure out how it all works.

Only if you also want to earn from your winnings and own cards you need to purchase the spellbook for 10$.

Ok... Thanks for giving me this tip. I think I need to go ahead to sign up since there I tutorial to study the way it works.