Life-relearnt Splinterlands Account Week 11. Striking Gold! Some great rewards and initial outlay met.

5th October and my quest reward was 2100 DEC! You can bet that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I bought some more Azmare Dice summoners from the market. The most expensive was Mylor Crowling for the earth splinter, who equips every monster with the thorns ability. For life splinter I got Lorna Shine who equips everyone with a divine shield, so that their first hit is disregarded. Then I debated over the next purchase and decided on a dragon splinter one, named Brighton Bloom, who gives the team the flight ability.

It's interesting that at this level, single card purchases make a huge difference to your gameplay, meaning 2000 DEC takes you so much further than it would in the higher leagues. Once you start levelling up it takes multiple cards to reach the next level, meaning 2000 DEC doesn't get you much.

Next daily quest up was earth and Mylor came into his own leaving me sitting in 320th position on the bronze league leaderboard, which was a nice jump and probably the highest placing yet for me on the @life-relearnt account.


7th October and my new highest placing hit 229. It was after a spate of wins, trying out the new Summoners, and doubling up on score points each time. Then I started losing and after that, each loss dropped me by around 30 points, but each win would only net me about 3! Naturally, I plummeted back down to about 800th place.

It's been interesting to be able to have a wider choice in summoners to be able to select for the ruleset applied. Previously I've not had that much choice on my main account, because it was a case of having the only levelled up summoner or trying to battle with a level 1 deck, which gets you nowhere in the higher leagues.

The next few days were rather unremarkable, except for reaching 159th place, which was briefly lived and not bad considering I can't play above level 1 cards, where others might play up to level 3. I realise I really need to look at levelling up some summoners, but that's going to take a fair bit of saving. I spent a few DEC on a Sabre Shark to get a low mana sneak attack card for the water splinter, as the only other sneak option is the neutral Sand Worm card at 9 mana. It's a bit of a catch 22, in a way, because in order to earn the DEC my deck needs to be strong enough to win, but I need to buy the cards to strengthen the deck. I decided buy the cheapest summoner, which was Vera Salacia for the water splinter. Her buff gives all the cards the ability to net and hold flying monsters. I'll need 4 more to be able to level her up, so let's hope she stays low priced.

16th October I got my first good foil!


It's a Wave Runner and it's bumped my collection power up to 4,975, so I'm only 25 points off being able to play at bronze I. That and the big DEC win mean that I've also made my initial outlay back, 3 weeks sooner than I first hoped for! Everything from here on in is earnings.



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Great to see the update. I pulled a GFL the other day, on Evelynclarke, a Bila the Radiant. Two chests, and one has a GFL. Then I pull 120 chests in season rewards on my own account, lucky to get an epic :)
RNG hey?

Woah, nice! Never had GFL. Getting two Bila's has been pretty sweet in itself on my main account.

Funny how things work out. Probability isn't always what it ought to be. 😆 I usually open up potion after potion, which would be fine if I had any packs to open. 😕

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