Wake up bro, it is 2018 again (2021.12.18)

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I see where this is heading to/going. The card prices are slowly going down to a few cents again, like they were in 2018. Old players like me probably remember it. This is (or will be) either a good buying opportunity, or a price crash. Time will tell. We will see. Either way, I still do not sell my Splinterlands cards, and I keep playing Splinterlands.

Today I completed a snipe quest, and I received a Pelacor Bandit for the quest reward.

Now I have six Pelacor Bandit cards.

My total Splinterlands card collection is currently consist of 169 cards, and it is currently worth $539.45 USD. I expect further drops in the card prices. I expect to see it around $300 USD soon.

Of course this is not a financial advice, just/only my personal opinion and viewpoint.

Good luck and have fun.


They will drop and they will rise. Such is the way of it. Buy cheap and rent em out!

I am buying and making giveaways. So far it gave better returns (in the form of author rewards) than leasing them out.

I hope you get some good ones in the general sale too!

I think cheap prices will help with player retention. While renting is a great low cost option to get into the game, it's tough to do on mobile and is too complex for the mainstream. I think summoner prices in particular are destroying main stream player retention. Even at $5/card, it's $25 just to start using leveled up cards. If these new summoners hit $1/card, I think we'll see better retention and more buy in. I would really like to see some cheap common summoners to make the onboarding process smoother.

While renting is a great low cost option to get into the game, it's tough to do on mobile

Nowadays I do everything in mobile. I currently do not have a working PC/laptop, and I cannot afford to buy one. I live with multiple disabilities under the local minimum wage in Hungary. Nowadays I am happy that I can pay rent and the bills, and this is thank you to the help and support of the Hive community. I agree with you that lower Splinterlands prices will help with the user retention.

Dam, its definitely possible man. I was in crypto since 2017, so i know how that bear market felt. I think if we see the next bear market, we just keep stackin man. Over next 2 to 5 years will be a better time for us to plan on selling i think. Hard to say, anything can happen really. Another bear market, and another rally.

I know. I am around cryptocurrency since 2014 (I registered my first Bitcoin wallet on 2014.02.26), and I registered on the Steem/Hive blockchain on 2017.05.17, but only nowadays i started to successfully build something good with cryptocurrency.

I give you some !PIZZA and some !LUV.

Dam man, i didnt know about it then. I fist got on steem too. I used to keep some money there but i took it out a few months ago. You remember cryptopie?

You remember cryptopie?

I have not heard about it so far. Around 2014 and 2015 I collected my cryptocurrencies with faucets, some of them with mining with MinerGate. I had a working PC and laptop in that time.


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