Mumbling Mondays

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I have decided to try posting daily, see where that takes a person. As with all my posts, I imagine most will know that I have no fucking clue what to post about nor do I do any real effort at the best of times.

Ah, Mumbling Mondays. Did you see the title? I just decided on it.

That was 3 hours ago. Now let me see, where was I... Nowhere as usual.

Just spend the last bit fucking with some possible NFT solutions on BSC and gotta say I am more inclined to let ETH give me a gas enema and set that shit on fire. Literally

The only NFT creator and marketplace I found on BSC that is not trying to strongarm people into accepting ludicrous fees due to less competition was and kudos to them. I liked the idea that they charged me a storage fee and then the actual cost of creation was only $1.

Unlike Bakeryswap which charges $5 no matter what and then after that you have no options really available. Neither of the platforms I checked out had batch creation though... Guess like with most things on BSC we will chalk it up to early days.

Well in the early days, days yonder back in time people made sure they had working and robust products. Not in the crypto space, which has taken the developer methodology of "move fast and break things" to a massacre level because everything is better with blood; I mean ketchup.

I gave Tezos a gander, and I gave Wax a look. I would probably be more inclined to go with Tezos because they seem to be innovating more vs Wax which feels like a free for all and has lost their shit by not only being on EOS but also on ETH.

How the fuck do you walk down the same alley twice to get mugged and bum fucked within the span of 10 minutes. You have to ask who is the real victim, since I assume Wax has nothing in their wallet and just got 2 free shags. If you think that analogy is convoluted then welcome to the NFT space.

I am not adding sub-headings because titles are hard. Naming things is one of the hardest you will do unless it comes to kids. Those you name after some name you know of someone that you will never be better than and their name reflects the hopes and dreams you could never achieve.

I will never breed so that is just a guess...

Speaking of breeding, Hive communities are a hoot ey.

I have chosen to post this to my own little I am special community because I like it to be the first tag and no that is not an invitation because chances are unless you tag me I have no clue what gets posted there.

However I will be using the #leofinance and #proofofbrain tags on this post because I think the info is partially related to both.

Now how do you think they should handle that? Some doorknob rider with lube and a comb in their sock could downvote me, fair enough. But since the world has gone inclusivity crazy and I do like things to be in the code.

I recommend they have proper taxes implemented for communities who are primary and have their own interfaces. I think in a way they currently do but just to complete the thought I will repeat what they may or may not be doing in a similar fashion.

So if I post from the interface and content is shitty then downvote from main etc, little bit manual but supposedly manual labour is what social media is about.

Then if you post from another interface but use their tag because the content is kinda related, and say no one cares to downvote you. You just don't get the full rewards from that token and scottbot will instead burn 50% of what you would have received had you posted from the interface.

Not sure if they doing that or just giving less rewards. I like the burn idea. I hope I thought of it.


I ran out of steam... Oh last thing I will cross post this everywhere because I think I said I am going to try make a post a day and I want to do that, for reasons and stuff.

I needed a pictureI needed a picture

I will never breed so that is just a guess...

Uh-huh. Never say never. 😒😐

chances are unless you tag me I have no clue what gets posted there.

And then you will drop a hair-raising comment like, "oh don't tag me on those nonsense...blah" 😒

Glad to see you posting every day. Keep it up.
I'll probably come to your DM on how this whole NFT thing works. 😄

Hahaha I think that is a catch 22, but to be fair I don't always check tags at all or I forget about them. One thing is certain though I will never breed but will adopt a kid that can cook and budget then it will leave the house about the time I die so perfect timing I guess.

Nah, the kid will adopt some fine kids too and you'll have a house full of them, running around before you kick the bucket. So... Not perfect timing! 😄

You trying to curse me 😐


I love how you can talk endlessly about how you have no idea what to write about or the process of writing itself and bam you get a 4 dollar post. Lol. What kind of nfts are you creating?

Well I did talk about NFT's a little also haha, anyway having a gimmick seems to work for everyone else mine is I have no clue and stuffs. Not creating nft's for me really I guess I could, but more looking at as a badge system etc and wanted to know what are the viable markets since anything on ETH is shit but Opensea the one aggregator I know does not seem to support BSC and BSC ecosystem still rather trash but although wax is better I do not like the way they operate and hopefully Trustwallet and Opensea start aggregating more chains then it would probably be a toss up between Fantom, Sol and Tezos with Tezos seemingly the main one now. Just for making and selling I think Tezos is the best option for most and as a backup I guess they can use NFTShowroom on hive but some form of interoperability and a global aggregator will need to arise.

Also I am just lucky when my auto votes catch on and take their money back then I will get no more monies and might have to write about recipes or world news and shit.

Now that was a mouthful lol and a lot to process. But it looks like you have it all figured out. Channeling that inner tech savant!

Lol the auto voters don't read that's the beauty of it. You impressed them with your able now you going to the moon lol

That was incoherent and fruitloops but it sort of made sense...

Most posts apear to make sense but they are actually just midwits talking complete shit

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Incoherence the tool I use to try and mask my ignorance. I think I will take fruitloops over ass-kissing, I do take offence to being a midwit but will agree to talking complete shit purposefully.

Nice will download not sure if it is the same album as the one I have with that song about the gangsters and the boys mother.

if the "god" you imagine doesn't look like you, then you've been brainwashed to be a slave to the people who look like the "god" you imagine.