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It's so easy to get views on your posts but most of us are not doing the things that it requires

PeakD.com released a feature that displays the MOST VIEWED posts.
It has several sorting options: 1 week, Yesterday, Today, 2 weeks, One month


I go through the feeds of most viewed frequently because I'm intrigued who is actually bringing traffic to PeakD and in turn Hive. It's often a very different set of posts. But then again there are key players that would always be on that list. @themarkymark , @blocktrades @theycallmedan @hiveio and a few apps like @splinterlands are always there.
But then some of the most viewed are random users that you wouldn't expect. Lots of vido content lots of apps i don't know a lot about.

ABOUT VIEWS: Keep in mind it only represents PeakD.com and also doesn't include Brave browser or any browsers that have an addon that resists site analytics.


This is the last 7 days
What can we take away?

  • The usual suspects are there
  • The majority of posts are in communities
  • Several of these accounts you've never even heard of before
  • 5 of the top 11 have already been paid out but are still viewed a lot
  • Actually several of these have been in the top week posts for several weeks now
  • A couple of them have barely earned very much.


Below is the top posts of yesterday
Yesterday recently ended (GMT TIME) and so let's see what the top posts were.

  • There are a few of the same posts
  • Plenty of new posts ... only one already rewarded post on this screenshot
  • One very familiar face... mine.



Here it is ... are you ready for it?

Share your content where the people who actually want to read/view it will see it.

I put the post from above "Lauren's Bridal" post on Facebook and tagged lauren and her husband. Aka FB probably showed it to her friends and family. Also some of my friends and admirers of my work wanted to see it. That doesn't mean a lot of people (that's how fb operates these day) ... but it's apparently enough to be one of the most viewed posts of the day on PeakD (keep in mind views were split between the previous day, yesterday and now a few hours of today)



Over a month ago around the time Most Views came out I did a post about Fall Colors in Utah and then put it into a FB group about Fall Colors in Utah. Aka I put the post where the users really honestly wanted to read the content. Not just a show off post but something really useful to their lives. Granted that wasn't probably as DESIRED to hive users because there's like maybe a dozen Utah residents on hive.

But then on these last 4 posts I've continued to share on FB. And it's not a lot that jump over from FB to a 3rd party site. BUT... I give a good lead in and reason to do so.




So I haven't posted a ton but I have done 5 recently
I shared 4 of them on FB just on my own news feed... no groups or anything. One of the tagged other people so showed up on their news feed. And then the splinterlands one I didn't share anywhere... but I'll let you guess which one got the most rewards. haha


If you're wondering how much more beneficial it was to post something to a group compared to my own page.
Yep putting it into a group was way more beneficial and that's because it was a post that was on topic and really helpful to them.


If you review the most viewed you'll see a lot of them are posts about something a lot of people are passionate about here on hive (aka #hive #splinterlands #leo) in communities that love discussing that subject. But i guarantee the others that are getting lots of views probably shared them elsewhere.

@themarkymark wrote a post where he suggested going to Twitter seeing what topics are trending and write about that and then put that post right back onto twitter.

I think you should also consider going to FB groups or even better to Reddit... writing an article you think those users would find compelling and then sharing it there.


Perhaps it's sad how few views are needed to be one of the most viewed posts on all of Hive for the day or week. Or Maybe a ton more people use Brave browser than we expect.

But we know the past culture is about getting rewards, I think most of us would rather get a good vote than get a view. However this sort of thing is not going to bring in serious writers or influential content creators. Why Not? Because creators know how to turn tons of viewers into money already, they don't need hive reward system and wouldn't be satisfied with the tiny amounts anyway if this is what they do for a living. They have partnerships, they have ads they intertwine, they have affiliate links... they work their own products and services and for all those things they need lots of readers that actually go past the feed and actually want to consume what they posted.

So let's change the culture... or maybe somehow MERGE THE CULTURE
PAST: I feel like in the past it was all about creating things that felt like they deserved our vote and the VOTE was what you were after.

@peakd already goes to the Most Viewed page and votes those who bring in readers... specially if they're underperforming in the reward department.

I'd love to come out with tools for communities to know and focus on those who result in readers of posts.
I'd also love to do a sort of daily/weekly/monthly hall of fame for those who had the most views that day or top 10. A place to go check the history of most viewed on PeakD. Maybe put a little badge on their posts so you know they achieved something that benefits all of us...

... They brought lots of people to Hive/PeakD and helped with brand recognition.


There are many viable strategies for choosing who to give votes to.
All I'm saying is maybe go through the daily or weekly MOST VIEWED pages

And reward them for establishing OR bringing in a good audience to their posts, for getting people used to what we do. Maybe look through that list and see who has overdelivered compared to the vote reward they presently have.



I'm very happy to be in the most viewed list of yesterday. I shared this post in Telegram, some groups in WhatsApp and I invited some people.

We have an initiative in our community Makeup Power and every week we share the new theme. I was very surprised when I saw tonight that I had the most commented post.

I can't imagine what can we do if we use all options that we have available.

awesome exactly the actions of someone who gets lots of views!

ABOUT VIEWS: Keep in mind it only represents PeakD.com and also doesn't include Brave browser or any browsers that have an addon that resists site analytics

I only use Brave and I selected Shields down for peakd.com , So I assume my views count ?

I never knew this about Brave. A lot of people in the crypto space use this browser. If we weren't a crypto-centric website I'd say it doesn't matter, but considering a lot of people use Brave because they're a crypto friendly company that kind of does matter for Hive analytics. I'll have to look into shields down for this site too.

We learn something in Crypto everyday

Tell me about it! I never stop learning. Whenever I think I have a great grasp on the industry something new springs up. It's really an exciting time to be in crypto!

We haven't tested it ... maybe you'll be able to see.
But in theory yes

Maybe it’s time peakd makes its own token that’s focused around unique views?

I can’t believe how many likes you get on a fb post with links. I’ll post 2 or 3 things on fb that get a lot of likes and then as soon as I post a link or YouTube video it’s like they silently blacklist my account from other peoples feeds, nothing, no one sees me for weeks until I change my profile or add a life event

Maybe it’s time peakd makes its own token that’s focused around unique views?

That's the same thing that came to my mind when reading the post. Maybe a combination of unique views and upvotes by stakeholders which results in the overall value of a post.
Could be a great start on the way to have social media upvoting only on second layer base and reduce the inflation of HIVE itself one day.

SO FAR... peakd hasn't been "shadow banned" on FB like youtube is. I expect some day when we are bigger that will be the case.

What would you propose be the UTILITIES of a token? A token MUST have a lot of unique utility for it to warrant existing.

Really? ok so its just sites like youtube and certain news sources that screw me over at fb? other links don't affect your algorithm scores?

As for the coin, Just throwing out ideas, since the whole point of the post is that viewers are as important as contributors, if we had a coin that rewarded unique views and view time, maybe it could encourage people to share their peakd posts with people off hive. Two main problems you'd have to answer is 1 What will encourage people to buy the coin? and 2 Is it possible to prevent fake views or bot views?

i know that most of my posts get pathetic views but i will go with most of my readers use Brave, because this 2 posts have no views, and i am sure they had at least 3 :D



all in all you are right, but i kinda wanted to move away from people i know (2/3 of FB are people that i meet on regular bases, small town...) so i don't share there a lot.

When exploring the feed, I actually would like to see posts with relatively few feeds so I can help upvote the good ones and downvote the overly offensive/damaging ones.

However, it's not clear to me how I can filter for such "new" or "up and coming" posts. Perhaps that's a feature worthwhile adding to Peakd?

An algorithm that an inverse relationship sort of sorting based on most views with least rewards?
So you go into most views section and perhaps the post with 100 views and $2 reward is displayed above the one with 200 views and $8 rewards.

Something like that?

@jarvie Yes, that would for sure be an interesting type, and could make for a nice "underdog" post filter.

Other ideas from my side are (a) a filter that simply shows the newest post irrespective of reward levels or (b) a filter that shows newest posts but filters out ones that have more than, say, $2 reward?

I think any of those would draw my interest, but perhaps you can judge better which one would work for the community at large?

I haven't done any downvote.

I think it's good and healthy to downvote things that are obviously misleading or wrong. But I upvote a lot more than I downvote...

That makes some sense though.

Great addition to peakd, guys!

great ideas! we definitely need different trending options because PoB doesn't work currently. The problem I perosnally have with fb sharing is that I don't use fb. So I can't get more views with using external sites. But I think we could make an algorithm that accounts for multiple things like stake, views, reputation?, comments/engagement? etc... I had the idea of "likes" some weeks back that some liked... but I think most don't want to upvote options.


Forums and Reddit likely can have much more power than FB... but i don't do a lot of posting there.

Interesting thoughts. I'm still not the best at this in the first place, but I'm still TRYING to learn.

Is it just me, or are views not working for other people? At least, I can't see anything on the VIEWS tab in tools.

Edit: And there are some that have one comment on them - above those that have 600+ Are views working properly?

there is a thing if you are using brave browser and have shields up, nothing will show on Views tab in tools.

Ah, thanks! I will test from Chrome after.

Thanks! I have been puzzled by this

Maybe share what your views say in the tools menu
Here's what our analytics software says for all pages with url tarakp in it.

I have nothing in there, it is empty.

However, does this only show what has come through peakd?

For example, I checked the first on the list, which has 44 views and 39 unique. That post has 100+ comments on it, but I think that would generate more views than 44, as people would be checking back to comment again. I would also assume (perhaps wrongly) that at least some people would read or click, but not comment.

Just wondering how informative it is, as if accurate, there is something else going on that I should look into. If not accurate, it can't be used as a metric for curation.

Out of curiosity, can you have a look at the weekend engagement posts from my bro, @galenkp, as they get a massive amount of comment engagement on chain, so should get considerable views.

Are you using Brave? Or another browser?

Brave, @bil.prag said it might be the issue, so I will try chrome later. Thanks. :)

Yep, Brave and analytics are not best friends :D

Maybe we should put something on the page saying:
"NOTE: Brave browser neither records analytics from other users nor will it allow you to view your own analytics"

it is a specific situation as there are not that many networks that can be accessed from 5-6 different frontends. maybe there would be a way to get all the stats together but it would be a group effort of everyone involved.

as for brave and views, you could just turn off shields for peakd, and views page should be working.

Speaking of changing the culture. What if people in the chain read and interacted with the content in the chain. I like the idea of brining more people to Hive. We have a whole community here and invested in the idea, just not in actually reading other peoples content or it looks like even clicking on it and looking at it.

it does make sense... you have to have strong connections or a really strong interest in the subject from a good writer. You get more views than most because you write really good stuff and you make connections.

Mostly we have a lot of budding content creators that create more than they consume. They came here in search of rewards more than lots of connection perhaps?
Also the more people that come in means the more people likely to have similar strong interests

Most expected feature.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

This is a super useful information!! and think that I only used fb to share memes I had never thought of sharing what I do with my fb friends!

Does @peakd has something to see my post views collectively ? If not, then I would like to see they implement it, so that when I go and see all my posts, I should see the views for each post. I usually share my posts in my work place ( FB Workplace is used ) and it shows a lot of views there. So I was curious to see, if some of them actually click the link and come and see the details on peakd.

You can go to Tools > Analytics > Views to see all your views
We show the estimated views on ALL those with over 50 views

Surprised that I was on that first list too, with a post in German! Interesting! But it had no effect on the rewards apparently :)

Those who really have something to say could or should really do this. A lot of us like me see posting as a small regularly writing exercise (in native - or foreign language) and are happy in our own small community.

I have been sharing on Twitter, but as soon as I started sharing on my Facebook also my views went up like crazy. One day even had the most viewed post. So I think you make a fantastic point here.