2019 Silver Double Dragons: Silver Dragon Coins Part 3

The dragon is the most important cultural and mythological symbol of China. It is also a favorite design of many coin collectors and precious metals stackers like myself.

The first dragon silver coins that I acquired were the 2000 Lunar Dragon I and the 2012 Lunar Dragon II minted by the Perth Mint that depicts the mythical Dragon. In 2017, Perth Mint started producing special Dragon coins and the succeeding year 2018 started the bullion Dragon coins in the shape of rectangular bars.

In this Silver Dragon Coin series, I will be showing the Perth Mint silver dragon coins. In case you are interested, provided below are the first two that dragon coins previously featured in the series.

2017 Dragon and Phoenix

2018 Dragon and Tiger

In Chinese culture, the dragon is revered as a divine mythical creature embodying power, wealth, and good fortune. Dragons are frequently depicted in pursuit of the flaming pearl, a metaphor for wisdom and enlightenment, which is often represented swirling through mist, smoke and shadows.

Today, I am featuring the

2019 Australia 1 oz Silver Double Dragon BU

Struck by The Perth Mint from 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver, the coin is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act.

The coin’s reverse depicts exquisitely detailed representations of two dragons and a flaming pearl, with a stylized representation of clouds in the background. The design includes The Perth Mint’s "P" mintmark.

The coin's obverse depicts the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, the 2019 year-date and the monetary denomination.

Information Source

The 1 Dollar - Elizabeth II 6th Portrait - Double Dragon is a non-circulating coin and is minted in .9999 pure silver in limited quantities.


Stay tuned for the next silver dragon coin in this series!


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I do love these coins but i know my stepson would want them he loves dragons ;)

I hope your week has started well

Dragons as a mythical creature seem to be very popular from the very beginning. I have a Japanese coin from the 1800s that have a dragon on it.


The Sovereigns of Great Britain all had St George slaying a dragon on them

Victoria&GerogeReverse (2).JPG

Lots of stories and movies about dragons and the series Game of Thrones surely added to the popularity of the dragon. As for myself, 😍#ilikeitalot!!!😍 Likewise, @tattoodjay... I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Thank you for commenting on this article, my friend. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

WOW thats an old coin and I think there are dragons on coins of quite a few cultures over the years

speaking of dragons but not solve rlOL, there is this one at the UN compound


I didn't know that the Dragon coins were minted in bar shape, I am looking forward to your next post @silversaver888!!🤗
Very awesome coins my friend!!!!!
Enjoy your evening😍😍😀

I like a lot! I also like what I see with the bars in your upcoming posts! Thanks for sharing sweet sis!😍🌸🤗

I just love this 1895 Japanese One Yen dragon.
Always with Love, 🍶 🎎 🎏 🏯 🏮