Why Some People Get Huge Upvotes? - Neden Bazı İnsanlar Devasa Oylar Alıyor? [EN-TR]

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Hello all, today I'm going to talk about a topic that many of you are curious about. We are all trying to produce content and make money on Hive and we work hard for it. We interact with people, we try to produce quality content, we participate in contests. But you may have noticed that some people get a lot of votes even if they don't do all these things. How do they do it and why do people upvote them?


Doing Something for Hive

As you know, Hive has been around for years and some people have been here for years. They have been working on the platform for years and working to make it successful. So even if they don't seem to be very active now, they may have done great things for Hive in the past. They may also still be supporting Hive in ways you don't know about. Even though everything in Hive is right in front of our eyes, there are some things we don't realize. For example, when a developer working for Hive develops something related to Hive, they can post something and get $100. I'm okay with that, and you should be too. Also, posts from people who are physically doing something for Hive can reach quite high values. For example, people who go around promoting Hive. This is normal because they bring users and traffic to the Hive. We all want that, right?



Yes, that's one of the reasons, people may support their friends. For example, as long as my girlfriend posts something of quality, I will upvote her 100%, because she's my girlfriend. As you know, in Hive everyone is free to vote. Of course, some of your downvotes may have consequences, but other than that, anyone can vote for whoever they want. You might want to be friends with me 10 years from now when I become a whale :P Just kidding, I don't know if this will ever happen haha but we'll see.



Last but not least, I should mention this. Quality varies for everyone, we can all understand low effort posts, but we may not understand the quality of something. For example, I can more or less understand how much effort a game post requires, but I can't understand how much effort a car repair post requires. Or when you look at the photos in a post, you can see whether it is good or bad, but someone who deals with photography can understand how much work went into a photo, whether it was taken from the right angle. So stop thinking about posts that you can't comment on the quality of, how can this one get such votes XD Focus on the quality of your own posts and do the best you can.

Thanks for reading, these are just my personal opinions and observations, I hope you liked it, take care and have a great day!


Hepinize merhaba, bugün birçoğunuzun merak ettiği bir konuya değineceğim. Hepimiz Hive'da içerik üretip para kazanmaya çalışıyoruz ve bunun için çok çalışıyoruz. İnsanlarla etkileşime geçiyoruz, kaliteli içerik üretmeye çalışıyoruz, yarışmalara katılıyoruz. Ama fark etmişsinizdir ki bazı insanlar bütün bunları yapmasa bile çok oy alıyorlar. Nasıl yapıyorlar ve neden insanlar onları oyluyor?


Hive İçin Bir Şeyler Yapmak

Bildiğiniz gibi Hive yıllardır var ve bazı insanlar yıllardır burada. Platforma yıllardır emek veriyorlar ve başarılı olmak için çalışıyorlar. Yani şu an çok aktif görünmeseler bile geçmişte Hive için harika işler yapmış olabilirler. Ayrıca sizin bilmediğiniz bir şekilde Hive'a hala destek oluyor olabilirler. Hive'daki her şey gözümüzün önünde olsa da bazı şeyleri fark etmiyoruz. Örneğin Hive için çalışan bir yazılımcı Hive'la ilgili bir şey geliştirdiğinde bir post paylaşıp 100 dolar alabilir. Ben bunu normal karşılıyorum. Siz de öyle yapsanız iyi olur. Ayrıca fiziksel olarak Hive için bir şeyler yapan insanların postları da oldukça yüksek değerlere ulaşabiliyor. Örneğin etrafta Hive'ı tanıtan insanlar. Bu da gayet normal çünkü Hive'a kullanıcı ve trafik getiriyorlar. Bunu hepimiz isteriz değil mi?



Evet, bu da sebeplerden biri, insanlar arkadaşlarını destekliyor olabilir. Örneğin kız arkadaşım kaliteli bir şeyler paylaştığı sürece ben onu %100 oyluyorum. Çünkü o benim kız arkadaşım. Bildiğiniz gibi Hive'da herkes oyları konusunda özgür. Tabi ki bazı aşağı oylarınızın sonuçları olabilir ama onun dışında isteyen herkes istediği kişiyi oylayabilir. Bundan 10 yıl sonra bir balina olduğumda benimle arkadaş olmak isteyebilirsiniz :P Şaka yapıyorum böyle bir şey hiç gerçekleşecek mi bilmiyorum haha ama göreceğiz.



Son olarak bundan da bahsetmeliyim. Kalite herkes için değişkendir, düşük eforlu postları hepimiz anlayabiliyoruz ama bir şeyin kalitesini anlayamayabiliriz. Örneğin ben bir oyun postunun ne kadar çok uğraş gerektirdiğini az çok anlayabiliyorum ama bir araç tamiri postunun ne kadar uğraş gerektirdiğini anlayamam. Ya da bir posttaki fotoğraflara baktığınızda onun iyi ya da kötü olduğunu görebilirsiniz ama bir fotoğrafın üzerinde ne kadar çok uğraşıldığını, doğru açıdan çekilip çekilmediğini fotoğrafçılıkla uğraşan biri anlayabilir. Bu yüzden kalitesi hakkında yorum yapamayacağınız postlar hakkında bu nasıl böyle oylar alabiliyor diye düşünmeyi bırakın XD Kendi postlarınızın kalitesine odaklanın ve yapabileceğinizin en iyisini yapın.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkürler, bunlar sadece benim kişisel düşüncelerim ve gözlemlerim, umarım beğenmişsinizdir, kendinize iyi bakın ve harika bir gün geçirin!


A great introductory post for beginners,

There was lots to get your head round when we became a Steemian, and now a Hivian
HDB / Hive Power etc

Then there's erm what's next

What should I do?
How do i contribute?
How I connect to people gain followers?
and many peoples primary goal how do i make money?

Bottomline create good quality, info rich content - we can all see what goes into a post even if like @incublus says we can't fully appreciate it.

Some of our posts are short in text however have a video embedded that was planned, presented, filmed, edited, uploaded then SEO'd and a custom thumbnail light roomed or photoshopped then promoted, this takes upto 5 days depending on the project especially a Road Trip.

PS we produce new car video reviews, road trips and automotive content, hence highlighting the repair video :)

I suppose what we're saying is as we know what goes into say to quote @incublus a car repair video, we show an appreciation for the production process:) not just the finished article.

The other thing is write create content whatever that makes you feel good, don't look at the rewards - if its good you'll get discovered - we know this first hand from here and our successful Youtube channel, thank you.

PS Know your good and you deserve the support.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I just don't know how you misspelled my name 2 times XD Luckily there is no @inclubus in Hive haha. I totally agree with what you said, everyone's specialty is different and let's focus on that!

It takes skill, skill you don't know you have and using Hive rather Peakd and having to manually type it wrong :))) time to ammend...there's no hope and to think I present on videos eek thank you @inclubus doh @incublus I instinctivly put the L after the C why, we'll never know (:

Some great points that a lot of newcomers don’t quite understand. Thanks for taking the time to educate.

I think I cleared the question mark in some people's minds, I'm glad you liked it, man, your opinion is important to me.

I think when it comes to making $ on money, people's expectations are a bit too high. When I started out I was told anything over $1 was good. I remember seeing a guy complaining a while back in one of the discords, that he had plans to quit his job and do hive full time, but he wasn't getting as much upvotes as he did a month ( at the time) prior for posts that were not very long.

He also claimed that the posts ( which were fairly short) took him hours (IIRC) to write because he translated from english to spanish.

I was quick to call it out, as even my longest posts with ENG - ESP translation never took over two hours.

With this being said, the dude was still netting around $5- $15 bucks per post, but wasn't happy that he wasn't getting in the $30 range.

I don't know why people don't understand that votes are not guaranteed, I think 5-15 dollars per post is quite successful. I would even say more successful than a lot of people on Hive. We can never satisfy some people.

Yup! I think it's just people looking at other posts and wondering, "Why I'm I not getting that much," rather than just focusing on their own content!

Yeahhh.. Sensitive topic though.

I think one never counts the great votes you get, for example I can get upvoted straight for 6 months averaging 30 usd on a post and then when that ome month comes where you only get 1-2 usd votes through out the month you suddenly forget that you've gotten upvoted greatly the last six months.

What I picked up along the way was that being consistent really helped alot, I know not a lotnof people have much interest in my articles since they're mechanical of nature, but luckily im a gamer as well 😂 and enjoy traveling so I've got options where to post and every now and then throwing a rage post out there

Exactly! As human beings we forget very quickly. I'm sure if this post got 100 dollars and my next 10 posts got 0 dollars, my earnings would be the same but I would feel sorry for my undervalued posts lol.

@tipu curate 2

Thank you so much for your support 💚

Quality varies for everyone, we can all understand low effort posts, but we may not understand the quality of something

This is spot on and is hard when you deal with people right? :D
I may not post "Quality" posts in the eyes of others because my posts are not 500 words long and such, my posts are mainly just random ideas or topics I like, wheather thats quality or not is hard to decribe right? :D

Because, its not like my posts are completely "low effort" - But also, not high quality xD

Yeah it's hard to describe quality sometimes. I can't say your posts are low effort. It's your style

This is something that everyone should understand. At first I can't understand it too but as time pass by I learned to understand and yes we need to work it out. Success won't happen over night, we need to work it out for days, months and years.

Exactly! The important thing is to be consistent and selfless. Do your best and it will pay off.

Yes as time passed by you will noticed that you are slowly getting the support you need.

Yeah I clearly understand the part that some users here have been around for a long time and certainly did some work then that's earning the good upvotes now. I just see it and get happy that it's paying off for them so I study them and try to implement the things I understand.

I think you're doing well because I'm sure some people here will realize that years from now. Learning from others and applying it is the best thing you can do.

HIVE için birşeyler yapanlar ne kadar oylansa azdır. Bunun dışında, HIVE'da kaliteli post oy alır, arkadaşlık ortamı her zaman oy getirir diyemem. 5 seneyi aşkın süredir buradayım, tek gördüğüm objektiflik plagiarism ve spam konuları. Bunların dışındakiler bana subjektif geliyor. Bazıları zamanında üye olmuş kendileri çalıp kendileri oynuyor, al gülüm ver gülüm, birbirlerine oynuyorlar. 10 kelimelik veya saçma bir post yazan eski bir üye $1 üzeri oy bile alabiliyor. Diger taraftan kendi tırnaklarıyla bir yere gelemeye çalışan, güzel postlar yazan başka biri &0.XX oy alabiliyor. Bu şekilde HIVE zor büyür, emeğinin karşlığını alamayan da gider zaten. Bizim Trliste ve Witnesslar olmasa bir elin parmakları kadar olan yazarlar da kalmazdı.

Ben Hive'da kaliteli postların her zaman oylandığını düşünüyorum, biraz geç fark edilebilir ama fark edilmek de senin elinde. İnsanların postlarını ziyaret edip onlarla etkileşime geçtiğin sürece fark edilmeme şansın yok. Özellikle topluluklara sahipken insanlar tarafından fark edilmemen mümkün değil. Arkadaşlık ortamı oy getirir diye bir şey yok, zaten oylar asla garanti değildir. Arkadaşlarınız da sizi oylamayabilir ama o eski üyenin bir fotoğraf atıp 1 dolar oy almasının sebebi eskiden kurduğu iyi ilişkiler olabilir. Evet, şanslıyız ki bizi destekleyen bir trailimiz ve Witness'larımız var. Ama ben Hive'da doğru hareket eden, kaliteli işler yapan insanların er ya da geç karşılığını aldığını düşünüyorum.

I agree with those points and yeah friendship. I saw a lot of users that even without whale votes, still got huge upvotes. It was because they have been on hive since 2017 along with their friends (probably gain all throughout the years) that already had huge vote value.

That was understandable, as they build and grow accounts together. Even I would upvote my friend post 100% if that was a quality one. 😁

Haha, so I we gonna wait until you became whale 🐳😁. Then hoping we are friends.by that time it happened 🤣


Yes, probably so, it's something they have gained from being here for so many years. In time we will make friends too. I started following you! Time will tell how good friends we'll become.

Good points if we keep these points in mind we also can get valuable upvotes over time

Exactly, if we keep doing quality things we can get upvotes 💯

It is a free decentralized environment where people are free to do what they intend to do. Your upvote where you find value, period!

Agreed, everyone should understand that.

Interesting post with some great points.

You might want to be friends with me 10 years from now when I become a whale.

Where do I find the application form? LoL.

You don't need a form, you just need to stay active on Hive and interact with me 💯

Man u doing the right question i been thinking about that when i do few @streetart and @skatehive post and they seem to be ignore maybe because they can't see me. Sometimes i have a nice post but not enought people to show it, i'm interesed on #skate and #art mostly only 2 weeks ago i find a community with same pasión for those stuffs. If u have any tip for me would be great i want ti earn more people to follow me.

Streetart and Skatehive communities looks good for you. Maybe you have good content but not enough interaction with people. You need to visit other people's posts like you and write quality comments. These are my tips for you.

You might want to be friends with me 10 years from now when I become a whale . . .

Why would I wait 10 years if we can do it now? 😂



It takes time man 😂 Thanks for the Pizza try, even though I didn't get it 😂

I would go gurther and say quality, like beauty is in the eye if the beholder.


$PIZZA slices delivered:
lhes tipped incublus
@rzc24-nftbbg(1/5) tipped @incublus

Really great insight. Thank you.

This is very good for people like me who are still trying to find their way on Hive

Yeah you have said it all , thank you for sharing

One thing I believe regarding HIVE voting is that there should be a systematic restriction that does not enable you to upvote the "A" person for more than three days and then its gets disable and you can't upvote again after the next three days. This will help in the random distribution of your votes, ensuring that everyone receives an equal number of votes.

I definitely agree with this, back when I started, I'm also one of those newcomers who complains a lot on why am I not getting a lot of upvotes haha! But as I spend time on this platform, I realized that the people getting those big upvotes, $30 and up, worked really hard to master their craft. And are consistent in posting as well. So I am also trying to be consistent in posting and of course, to never forget about the quality of my posts as I mainly focus in posting art.

Never forget Vegito's words:
"It's quality, not quantity my friend"

The image divider you use, It's the first time I'm seeing this type, am I free to use it for my post too?

True ..we have our own unique talents, abilities and weaknesses. So sometimes we should choose were we are truely fit ..if we love photography so we join to photography community..