Ecency - 4 months 10x growth

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It is about 4 months since we launched our Ecency website and rebranded our products. It has been one of the most productive months our team had. Many things we build over the years were mostly related to backend work and mobile application. Now most focus went to building our website from scratch and making sure we are using best technology and best optimizations. And connecting all services we build over the years, together, still not done.

Optimizations in terms of speed to improve user experiences and conversion rate. Optimizations to make it more mobile friendly. Optimizations to make pages SEO friendly for crawlers to index pages efficiently. Optimizations to use next generation image formats. Many more small and big things that helps website to shine. We learned and learning a lot of new things along the way from companies like Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter.


It is not that often you see website reaching in top 100k range in just 4 months. Yes, reached top 98k range this week, it is 10x from 1M range which we initially started. Next year, our target is to keep 10x growth and reach 10k range in top websites across the globe.

We don't want to just reach top rankings, we want to be serving more users and be top useful website for all content creators and communities.

2021 will be great year for Ecency, having dedicated-fast mobile application, synchronously working together with website, easy onboarding and one of the best gamification and rewarding social features. We believe we can achieve all that together with you. ❤️

We are preparing next batch of updates to, including multi-language support with 8 new languages, that's right, any new user on Ecency website will have ability to switch language and learn new social experience in their native language! 🚀

Support Ecency, in our mission:

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Ecency has grown so much, it’s a great tool. It would be nice if the search engine within the app was more accurate and the communities had better integration. Grateful for all the effort put in though, it still results extremely useful and hope it continues to grow 🙌🏼

Thank you @fenngen, yes search page improvement is in progress. We are pushing new update this week to website and in next update our focuse will be search page. What things you have in mind in terms of better integration of communities? Are you not able to perform any community action on ? Appreciate taking time to comment.

Happy holidays! 🎄

Whoops, you were talking about the site and I was thinking about the app, which misses the “post in community” feat. Either way congrats on the huge accomplishments and happy holidays as well!

You are probably using older version of mobile app, check latest version 3.0.11 please.

Here I am attaching GIF, how it looks and works on latest version of mobile app.


10x! That is huge, but not too surprising!
ECENCY.COM and ECENCY App have come so far since I started using the app in 2017. Without the app I would not have stayed here AND I owe my Hive existence to Ecency!
I am so excited to see what the future holds for all of us!
Bravo Ecency!

Thank you sis for being avid supporter of Ecency! 🤗

Happy holidays to you and your family 🎄

Congrats team that's amazing. The desktop browser version is thef best. Much less buggy than the app. This is definitely key to your expansion. Keep it going. Next stop the mooooon!

Thanks, desktop app has so much potential that's why 2 years ago we focused on building only desktop app but now website and desktop app growing together will be best for user experience. By "less buggy than the app", I assume you meant mobile app? Did you try latest version of mobile app, we have improved it a lot over the last couple month. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the issues you had is already solved. If not, feel free to elaborate so we can fix it up for all other users. 🙏

Happy holidays to you and your family 🎄

Mobile App works perfectly! I love the new app - its the only one I use! I was referring to the new desktop App. I actually can't even get it to install - the windows version. The installation just keeps hanging. But I prefer the browser version for desktop anyway. Gives me the flexibility I need! And its 100% better for you SEO (this is actually my field of work). You'll get your traffic up in no time here.

Keep up the great work guys!

Nice to be the part of ecency. Although it has apps for various formats, I particularly feel comfortable with the website through a browser. I also use android app time to time.

I also enjoy the notification reading feature which I don't think any other hive dapps have.

Way to go ecency.

Great to hear from you Hafiz! Good to have many different choices on different devices 😊 more accessible to different people on internet. We enjoy using our Notifications service as well, we are planning on expanding it in upcoming year, so you get notified about interesting topics and communities and people. 🙌

Many congrats, easily my favourite mobile hive experience. I really like the draft integration working between mobile + web.
It'd be awesome if the drafts page had a + to create a new post on the mobile app. And, clicking on a draft on the website would edit that draft. The edit button is tiny.
Here's to an awesome 2021.

Those are great suggestions. I just created PR on website with clicking on title and description would also open editor/editing. It will be included in upcoming update.

For mobile app, created issue to work on that, did you know you can click on 💾 icon on editor screen in mobile app and save multiple instance of post as draft ?

Tbh, the way saving to draft and saving to editor worked seemed a bit clunky. Like, I wasn't really sure if my action saved, saved to draft or what. I feel its predictability has improved in recent versions so my hangups might be from losing parts of drafts in earlier versions. If I was going to put in some UX effort myself it's be in how that editor-draft thing interacts.

Yeah, we are working on editor screen improvements which will be released on website on Monday/Tuesday. On mobile app, we have got some reports that there might be some issues with saving drafts, we are looking into it. 👍

Great job guys! I am very glad that you are here! :)

I've been away for so many days, and I'm glad that you guys are still doing your best in keeping the blockchain and the users maintain a productive community.

Geez! I sounded like someone in the higher up at the ecency team. 😅

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This is great news and congratulations to all the team members for your efforts and idea to make this application /website an sucessful asset for hive 😄🙏⁦✌️⁩🎉🍻

Thanks for sharing

This is awesome news. Well done

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Congratulations! You have done a great job. I only started using @ecency recently. I just thought of it more as a mobile app. It's after Hivesearcher that I really got into using @ecency and I'm having a great experience here. The interface is one of the fastest and smoothest I have seen on any website (both blockchain related and other ones). There isn't much of a need to compromise for the sake of using blockchain.

I do have one suggestion for @good-karma
Make it easier to directly access replies and comments from this area. Notifications can be cluttered when you get lot of votes on the posts:


Thank you! Great suggestion, added into list of todos.
Did you know you can filter notifications? Here attaching screenshot..


Thank you for the tip!

I send all new users to it is beautiful and signup is pro

Thank you! Means a lot, we continue to make Ecency simple for new comers and more accessible for different culture/language and for different devices (mobile, desktop, web) 🙌.

Feel free to support our proposals:

Proposal Support 100% !

Q: I don't see any photo thumbnails when I browse using Ecency, is that default to save bandwidth like loading comments? I didn't see an option to turn on/off loading photo thumbnails so I thought I would ask.
Q: Also, what are the plans for the ESTM fun tokens? I love that I earn rewards for being active it is great incentive to use the app.

  1. I assume you mean mobile app, there is bandwidth save option which doesn’t load images and it is not default perhaps you clicked it once. Check view change option on feed, posts list top right corner above posts, tap on it it should change to show images.

  2. For Ecency points, we are thinking more use cases and token swap, for Ecen token, we want to make sure and choose right platform to create our token so it is more accessible and easy to use. ERC20 might be one option for instant liquidity and wider Ethereum ecosystem access but we need proper wallet management to make things easier for everyone. We don’t want to switch and say here we have erc 20 ecen token and go figure out how to use that. Goal is to offer in app wallet for Ethereum users as well along with btc wallet. How long it takes for us to implement that of course depends on our resources, we will do them regardless, just timeline might change. Also if we get 2nd layer decentralized token system on Hive, it would be better, I know few teams are working on it, we even considered writing one ourselves. Because we already have points system and only making that decentralized would be sufficient base for all tokens and expand from there. We don’t want to be doing redundant work if teams with good model already working on them. That’s why we are learning about our options and choosing best one for entire ecosystem to grow.