dGoal Weekly Update #4: More pages available

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ℹ️ Welcome to the weekly update of the dGoal interface for Rabona football manager. Get to know of the latest updates, be the first one to hear about what's coming next.

Welcome to the fourth weekly update of dGoal development! This would have been 5th already, but last week I skipped the post as there was not enough changes to wrap up—unfortunatelly I only managed to find as much free time to work on dGoal. But let's go back on track already! Below you'll find another portion of new additions to the app.

Also, make sure to read the 3th update as well if you missed it to see how you can prepare for a match using dGoal.

Fixtures Page

Fixtures page has finally been added! This allows you to view the entire season ahead, so you can easily prepare for more than 5 matches in advance. You can also see matches that you played in the past, historical tables and so on.

One small neat feature here is the stats block, which shows how many matches in the given season you've won/lost or tied. There are also the best win and the worst lost shown, as well as average goals shot and lost per match.

Fixtures Page let you see entire season in a glance. See it at: https://dgoal.app/app/fixtures.

Team Page

Another new page that has been added to the app is the Team Page. It allows you to display a team—either yours or any other team in the game.

There you'll find a short summary of the information about the team and also look up the team's match history. This is especially helpful to see what formations are often used by the opponent as you prepare for the match.

Team Page lets you see a team summary. Useful to see what formations your opponent might be using.
See it at: https://dgoal.app/app/team/6763

News Page

A minor addition, but the news page was finally added. You can now see the entire history of your club. One additional feature that I added is the pagination, so that you don't get all the news at the same time.

Bugfixes and Sentry integration

In the meantime, several minor bugs have also been fixed. This includes some issues with the notifications system or Match Page not always working properly (there was a rare race condition lurking in the code).

But aparat from just fixing the bugs, I also decided to connect the dGoal app to a service called Sentry. It's a (roughly speaking) error monitoring software, where you simply connect it to your app, and it will gather information about any unhandled errors that happened while users were using the app.

dGoal does not yet get that much attention, but Sentry already helped me to find few minor problems and fix them.

It will surely become a crucial tool when dealing with nasty bugs in the code, and it will help me to fix problems even before users let me know about them.

What's coming next

I still haven't found enough time to finish the drag and drop feature, so that's definitely a high priority. The next big thing to develop will be the My Team Page and Market Page.

The first one will let you see your team, renew your contracts and train your players. The latter will let your buy new players on the market and also scout for players.

Once these two views are ready, that will mark the Alpha Release of dGoal, as from that point on most often used features will all be implemented and ready to use. From that point I'll try to focus more on implementing brand new features, which are not available in Rabona interface. The focus will be roughly 50/50 for implementing missing Rabona features and creating new ones.

Let's hope next time I'll already be able to tell you more about some of the new features that I'm planning for dGoal!

Test dGoal

That's all for this week's update. I hope you will like the changes introduced in this week's release. At the very end of this post I would like to ask you to help me develop dGoal.

How you can do this? Simply, go visit www.dgoal.app page, log in and start using the already-existing features. If you spot any issues, bugs, problems, let me know in the comments of this post. dGoal is still in its very early phase and there can be things which I have missed during my own testing.

As always, thanks for your attention and see you next week!

dGoal - Interface for Rabona Football Manager

dGoal is an interface for Rabona online football manager,
where you can manage a fictional football club and earn cryptocurrency.

Do you have what it takes to be a top football manager?


loving the in depth stats of matches. Keep it up.

Thanks for the comment! This is not really so much in depth, but just a beginning. As time goes I want to prepare some more detailed stats :)

And thanks for all the support up to date!

Keep it up mate, great economics view with the new design and more management can be done now on the teams.


This is getting better and better. Easy ten times better than my frontend. It's only a matter of weeks before you'll be doing the main frontend. Kudos!

Survival of the fittest.

Thanks for the kind word and all the support!

Comparing Rabona and dGoal is not something that I'm keen on, especially that there's no dGoal without Rabona and I reuse many great ideas that you've had for your interface. I think this particular Darwinian's rule does not represent all of the intricacies in how we humans live and develop the world around us -- so let's just have a beer and enjoy the work of both of us!

Cheers! 🍻

Wonderful! I would like to help and will test.

Greetings Michael


Thanks a lot for all the support :)

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Keep up the good work!

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Hi, thanks for the comment! The feature that you're describing is already on my roadmap. Currently you still have to open all the matches one by one, but that will change sooner or later.

I am actually planning on a set of features, that will all be under a Advisor umbrella. This will be on of Advisor's responsibilities to do these analyzes for you: what formations your opponent uses, what formations might be good to choose against them, and many other things.

I'd love to have these things up and running already, but development takes time. But seeing how positively Rabona users respond, I'm all that much dedicated to putting every free hour into working to make it happen!

I am not switching based on better graphics alone, it is the extra functionality that onboards me even if I have to log in to the original UI once in a while to do some stuff that is not implemented yet.

Thanks for that, maybe I should rethink my strategy then. The problem is that I'd love for people to be able to just use dGoal, and if they have to use Rabona for this and dGoal for that -- this will be confusing and not the best experience.

On the other hand, trying to first implement all Rabona's features will be a heavy burden. Currently the roadmap draft looks like how I described in the post. Probably I'll just implement the My Team Page so that you can view your team and train them (should be done within two weeks probably), and then start working 50/50 on new features and implementing core Rabona features.

Anyway, I think I'll open a discussion about what to focus on next. My initial idea to set up a feedback board will come in handy then.

Thanks for all the support!