Knockout City Is Worth Your Time - YouTube Review

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Time to get this YouTube Channel going with the first "proper" video. If you missed my last post about starting a YouTube channel you can check out that post HERE.

Also take a loot at the bottom of this post for a special giveaway you can join by watching this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if this is content you're interested in. Enjoy!

The first game out on the channel is Knockout City. I remember seeing @daltono trying out this game a while back while it was on a free period and concluded that he didn't want to spend $20 to unlock the full game. That might change seeing as the game went fully Free To Play rather recently.

I decided to play this game and make a video about it seeing as it's relatively new as a Free To Play game. I do not regret doing so at all as both playing this game and making a video about it has been incredibly fun.


I'm still finding my way when it comes to producing these videos. What is the best and most efficient way to record the content I need? When do I make my script? Do I make it in relation to the content I've recorded or do I just make a script and try and find clips from my recorded gameplay that fits with the script? These were questions I asked myself along the way.

I've also decided that I won't be spending to much time on each video dwelling on questions like; Is this good enough? Should I change that? Not sure if I like this. God, this didn't turn out at all how I wanted it to be. It's a learning process and I'm gonna learn by doing. I'll get more experience by learning from one video to the next instead of making the same video over and over to try and perfect it.

For this video I just sat down to play and recorded pretty much all my gameplay. I recorded matches separately and gave the videos titles referencing some of the things they contained. This way I would have a somewhat alright idea of what each video contained when I got to the editing process and would chose my clips.


Next time I'm going to make more detailed titles to the videos as I spent a lot of time digging through these videos to find the things I needed. Some scenes I went back to record post-script like the Battle Pass scenes and some other stuff.

While I played I also had Google Docs open on my second monitor to write notes while I was playing. I did this in form of making an outline of the things I saw relevant to have in the video. This outline later turned into a full script with some of the bullet points rearranged in a way that made more sense to me.


Recording my voiceover was quite efficient. I wrote out my script, proof read it a few times then started recording paragraph by paragraph. I labeled this much like I my video files so I know what each of them contained when I would import them into Premiere Pro. Since I only gave them names they ended up in alphabetical order which was a bit of a mess. Next time I'm gonna label them 1.1, Intro, 1.2 Availability and so on so that they appear in the correct order.


As for the content in this video I feel like it ended up ok. I would definitely have liked it if there was a bit more personality to it. Right now there's a huge section of pure information and very little of me in the video. For the next one I'm gonna try and write the script from a bit more of a personal point of view while still keeping it informative. I would prefer it if it had a bit more wit to it.

Another thing that has helped me a lot is that I've taken the time to learn how Premiere Pro works. Especially when it comes to how key frames and animating stuff works. It really opens up for some extra creativity that I'm gonna be slowly exploring as I move forwards.

So that's it for this one. I'm extremely grateful for any kind of constructive criticism you might have. Feel free to drop that in a comment either here or under the video on YouTube.

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All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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You have reminded me that this game is F2P now. I may try it again and this time squad up with my brother and see if either of us can enjoy it.

Your thumbnails are looking clean and HQ. Your mic is great too!

As for a script… I never use one. Sometimes I have a few short notes to remind myself to bring up a topic, but that’s about it. You can make things more precise if you write it out beforehand.

I love how organized you are. Your file names/folders/outlines make me happy.

About the only thing I’d reccomend is to not be afraid to show your face occasionally. I feel like this will allow people a better chance to feel more connected with you. Plus you’re a cool dude with a dope beard, don’t want to distract from the gameplay too much though 😉 then again there are many channels that I follow and I have no clue what the person looks like, nor do I care. I can say that after Ownage Pranks revealed his face, I felt more connected to his content. I always enjoyed his prank calls, but now that I can put a face to all of the crazy voices, I like it all even better.

It's at least worth giving it a go now that it's free!

I tried going without a script but I didn't really manage to get the monologue flowing naturally. Probably because I'm not a native English speaker. Putting it down in a script made it more efficient for me since it made for less fumbling for words and retakes.

I will be putting my face up eventually. I'm doing it all in baby steps so I'll find a natural way to incorporate some face cams eventually. Right now I don't have any good places to record. I have the kitchen right behind me which isn't really that cool for videos. Didn't care much about it for streaming but I want it to look a bit better for the videos.

Thanks a lot for your comment man. Appreciate it a lot.

We just played like 4 or 5 games and actually had a lot of fun with it.

I imagine doing this kinda thing off the dome in another language would be very tiresome. The way you’re doing it is working well.

Really nice overview here, I didn't know about this one. The Battle Royale genre doesn't always work for certain themes/mechanics but I like what I'm seeing here for dodgeball.

I'm excited for the upcoming Halo spin on BR. Have you seen Rumble Verse? You might enjoy trying/reviewing it too!

Just subbed to your channel, good luck!

This isn't a Battle Royale game although it has one game mode that is sometimes available on a rotation. Matches are 3v3 and really fun!

I hadn't heard about Rumbleverse until now. I just signed up for Early Access. Definitely gonna feature that on the channel. Thanks for the tip and the sub!

Congratulations on your first game video. I didn't think this game was very good when Daltono posted it. But now my thoughts are more positive. It looks like a lot of fun. I'm sure it's hard to play even though it looks easy when you watch it. I hope you reach 100 subscribers as soon as possible and change your URL to Pusen's Free Game Shop 😂.

I found the word for the raffle and how many times it's used, but hey, everyone has to find it for themselves 😉.

I can see why it might not be appealing as a pay 2 play game but it's definitely worth its weight as a free 2 play game.

About 1/5th on the way to 100 subscribers. Baby steps though. It will come with time.

 7 months ago  

That is some epic organisation! If you recorded your voiceovers in order, you could also "sort by date" to get them in the correct order, but that numbering system you mentioned would be a lot easier and better. 😁

This is all the stuff I never thought of when trying to do my own videos. I would kind of... open the game, start recording, and try to talk at the same time as play the game, then not have anything to say, then get confused when an NPC would talk at the same time as me, then feel like an idiot. Rookie mistakes! I honestly didn't even know most people did voiceovers after the recording until a couple of years ago. 😅


I didn't count them 😂 I was just amused.

I tried sorting them by date in windows explorer and it worked fine there but in Premiere Pro they still scrambled to be alphabetical.

YouTube videos definitely need some heavy editing to be entertaining these days. Let's plays generally don't work for an audience unless you're already a well known personality or find a way to make it extremely entertaining. People lose interest and move on to the next video so quickly that you gotta make sure there's always something of interest happening. It required a bit of work and it's probably not worth doing unless you find it fun.


Here we go! The game looks spectacular dude, it caught my attention, seems like a perfect game style to alternate from all the time playing Fall Guys, I'm going to try it out and see how it goes.


Now the video I think that your first video was awesome, I liked the topics and how you developed each one with good information and the edition was quite enjoyable and good. I think that as you emphasize in your personal opinions after having made the video I would have liked to have more of your opinions on every topic and not only on the final minute of the video but otherwise, it was pretty good! Btw, the editing is very good, you can tell that you are getting the hang of Premiere Pro. Keep it up dude, I like the style you are doing on the videos and how you capture your ideas!

pd: balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Awesome dude! @ me on Discord if you wanna play. I haven't had the chance to play this with any friends yet.

My plan for the next one is to add my personal thoughts underway in the video, like you say. That's one of the things I learned from making this video. That's gonna add a bit of my personality to the video as a whole. Thanks a lot for the constructive criticism.

Sure! I told @therealflaws to download it too, tomorrow we'll tag you to play a few games and see how it goes!

The truth is that this game looks very fun and the best thing is that it is free as you mention. The most important thing is that you had fun both to play, and to record the game.

I always like the originality of your video game reviews, it's different from what I've seen so I'm always happy to read and visit your posts.

Great job, I look forward to trying this game. Greetings! 😁

The game is solid fun! Thanks a lot for the encouraging words.

Great post! I am currently at work, so the video played with no audio but I liked the first bit that I saw. The biggest thing that has stopped me from producing videos is the perfectionist struggles I have. So not caring and just getting a video done and moving on to improve is a really good idea.

Also, I am sure you have people for that, that could do much better. However, if you ever need any graphics made for your YouTube, hit me up! I did a ton for my friends on Twitch/YouTube when I was really heavy into graphics.

I love your process and organization to make life easier for the next time, it helps me get an idea of your workflow and areas to slimline. I struggle without "doing" so that helps me visualize and understand how you made this video.

YouTube - You've got a new subscriber!

I totally feel you on that one. I've been watching some of the "How to start YouTube" videos and my main takeaway from them is to just start. Just get it going. Own the fact that your first videos will probably be crappy and that you'll learn as you go. Take steps to improve every day.

I'll be sure to reach out if I need some graphics done. Now I've been doing everything myself since I subscribed to the full Adobe package.

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. Appreciate it!

Video was mint, dude!


Fun game! 😁😊🤙

I like the flow of the review. good ups for the nice, loud, volume too. I usually need to turn my vol up..

Thank you! I was worried it might be a bit to loud. I'm probably going down 2-3 DB next video as I'm close to the red at a few points.

😉 it was good and plenty loud enough, but I guess it might sound a tad better a bit lower..

This game was whack

 7 months ago  

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Haha, cheers! Let's see how it goes. I'm looking forward to being back in Twitch at a later point in time.

Congrats to @incublus for winning the 5 HIVE giveaway. Coming your way!


Oh, thank you. I'm so happy to win that! I will tell my children that I win that great youtuber's first giveaway.

This is a historic day.