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It is said that the city of Havana is a rolling museum, because every day in its streets you can appreciate the beauty of many classic cars, which serve as cabs for those who can afford it.

These drivers work on specific roads, but there are also those who offer their services through mobile apps and if you need to be picked up at the door of your house and taken to a particular place, this is also possible. Of course, it will be even more expensive.

Most Cubans can, however, take a ride, let's put it this way, in these relics.

But, on the occasion of the 501st anniversary of the Villa San Cristobal de La Habana, the city proudly saw the reopening of its great Automobile Museum. So certainly our capital is a rolling museum but we have also The Garage.


So we can enjoy very close to cars with a lot of history, and also learn at first hand how these jewels came to Cuba.

With these photos I wanted to participate in the #Monomad Challenge and I hope you like this work. I approached them with a certain solemnity and tried to show the place through some details.

Scorching sun, harsh shadows, not the best time to take this photo, but... I just had this opportunity.

The Museum has photo exhibits and other infographics. I particularly love looking at these old photos, in which you can appreciate so many details, and even, if you are creative, you can make your own stories. 😅


The cars are very well maintained and polished.


We have many curious things, displayed in an original way. This Maseratti -for example- is very similar to the one Juan Manuel Fangio used for the 1957 Havana Grand Prix.


Also on exhibition is a 1933 Packard car like the one driven by Al Capone here in Cuba.



And so we have on exposition there the cars driven by historical personalities of Cuban politics and culture.


Look at this relic coming up next.


This vehicle participated with No. 40 in the First Classic Car Tour "Havana-Varadero-Havana" in February 1997. Its former owner was Mr. Dionisio Milián Cantero, a member of one of the wealthiest families in the Vedado neighborhood in the 1930s.

The exhibition provides details of each car in a technical data sheet containing: Model, Country, Body Type, Engine, Fuel, Piston Diameter, Piston Stroke, Displacement, Maximum Power, Wheels, Transmission, as well as a little history, explaining to whom it belonged, or how it arrived in Cuba, or if it was in any important event.


You already know that I am a photojournalist and sometimes I attend important events. Well, I was able to photograph this one, occupied by Pope Francisco in 2015.

These photos of the Pope's visit may reach Hive one of these days.



This brand of truck is famous for its history in the United States and this particular one was used on a farm (La Caoba) in Jagüey Grande. Matanzas. Its owner was a wealthy landowner in that area. It dates from the year that this brand came into existence, I think 1917 or 1918.

I also wanted to take some pictures of the motorcycle collection we have there.






For some time now I have been thinking about contacting the members of the Harley Davidson Club here in Cuba to do some photographic work with them. Looking at these images I remembered this project that I had been putting off... 🙄



Soon I will be visiting the City of Santiago de Cuba, located in the east of the country, about 870 kilometers from Havana. Who knows if between work issues I can make time to get to the automobile museum in that city and bring you some snapshots.

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What nice cars. I have passed by there, but I have not entered. I have to visit him. Beautiful photos!

Well, it is really interesting! When you have the chance, come in and you will be amazed.

Thanks @jordy0827 🤗

That motorbike especially pops in black and white!

Ah, so you like motorcycles? Sure, it's logical and now that you have those muscles, you can show them off even better! 😂

I do indeed! Especially shiny vintage ones! :OD

Excelentes fotos!!! geniales las capturas a través de los espejos y reflejos, las disfruté mucho 🤗

¡Gracias amiga! 😅 Nada comparado con la experiencia de verlo en vivo.

Que bonitos esos coches, ese museo me gusta y me interesaría visitarlo. Gracias.

¡Pues te llevaré, seguro, cuando vengas a pasarte unos días conmigo! 😘

¡Me encantan los autos viejos! Sobre todo los de los años 1950-1960, que son quizás los que más tiene La Habana y otros lugares de la isla aún en circulación.

Excelentes tomas, este fue mi favorito :)

Este es un Citroën Méhari (Francia) fabricado entre los años 1968 y 1987.


Me gusta esta marca, recuerdo que mi papá tuvo uno por pocos meses, creo que era de los '80 ese modelo, y la parte de atrás subía y bajaba según las condiciones del terreno, suspensión hidroneumática le dicen, era divertido jeje, ¡gracias por la información ampliada!

😁 la información que no puse en el post (olvidadiza que soy)

¡Qué bueno que esta publicación te trajo tan gratos recuerdos! Estoy contenta por eso. 🤗

Gracias, @sofathana, amiga.

Quién te viera en esa motocicleta toda desgreñada rumbo a Artemisa?? 🤣. La fotos geniales como de costumbre.

Amanda, usaría casco y una ropa oscura... untitled.gif

¡Creo que se me fue la mano! Hay que pasar por la peluquería por un tinte primero.

Jajajaja, te presto una peluca! De las del cumple de Oli.

🤭📸 lo máximo... Tipo Christina Perri... sima 🤣


I loved the photos. The contrasts between brightness and reflections, estás escapá! It makes you want to visit the place and you will. Now I'm thinking... the polaquito could be there someday? That's what I woke up to. Very good post, congratulations my friend!👌👍

😅 Ay Eddy... Honestly that job didn't turn out the way I would have liked, because the camera I brought (the one I have) was the Panasonic Lumix and I didn't even know I was going there, so I didn't bring a tripod. My camera dies (literally) in low light conditions and needs to be stabilized on something so I can use lower shutter speed and lower ISO. 😞

I see it perfect, everything in focus, no hint of hand shaking. I loved it. If it had been me the cars would have looked moving 😂. I loved those photos. 🙌👏💪👍👌...

Thank you 😉🤗

I can't believe what I'm seeing, what beautiful black and white photographs of this beautiful place, it's a trip to the past in every sense. The image with your camera in it is great!😀

Believe it! 😁

Thanks @avdesing, we're on a trip back in time.

I know, we are the past of the real me.

😵 (a little confusing, just a little).

Some day I'll explain it, it's something about quantum physics haha.

You know what I will say here...?
What a nice collection of classic cars and motorbikes :D

😁 Thank you

Do you know what I am going to answer?

¡Ojalá fuera toda mía! 🙌

Has podido pedirlo para Navidad! Pero bueno, si Grinch es el personaje favorito... 😂

😂 Será la única vez que reciba un pedido por Navidad. Y la primera vez que pida algo también.

Universo, ¡manifiéstate!


Qué cosa más fea por tu life! 🤣

No había mejor GIF jajaja, pero esto sí que ya es mejor :))

No need to say, I absolutely loved the post 🤩😍
Those cars are living legends 😎, and your photos capture them perfectly.
Take me to Santiago 🥺,I'll be the pinkeeper 🤣
I hope you can visit the one in Santiago. I went there when I was a kid, and I'd love to go again. They have some really quirky cars. Anyway, I can't wait for that post😃
I loved the photos!😍

Take me to Santiago 🥺,I'll be the pinkeeper 🤣

😁 ¡Vamos!... Ojalá pudiera llevarte. Sé que cuidarás bien el Pin.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked my post. When I made those two dividers I thought of you hahaha.....

An apotheosic post!... Some dream cars and a bunch of lovely data to complete this great article... A big applause for you and for that way of photographing details in close-up!... I loved that photo of the FORD logo on the front and the other one of the view from the steering wheel!... BRAVO!... These are like "ALMENDRONES" but polished and in a luxury case!...


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Way to go. Have a nice day @nanixxx

Thank you. Have a nice day too! 🤗

Qué hermosas fotos! Cuánta historia en un solo post.

Gracias @sherescolche. Es un placer compartirlas aquí.


That museum of the Cuban automobile is a treasure in time, although as you say, our island is also a rolling museum of ingenious people who, in the midst of the difficulty, manage to keep these vintage automobiles in the alley.

Because Chino, it's the difficulties that make people grow. Look how everything was synchronized for you to put together your "chivo". A desire that you harbored in your heart with great strength.

got to love these gorgeous pieces of engineering, proper cars and bikes. The sort of car where you could lift the hood and fix things yourself, nowadays sheesh, you need a degree in computer science.

You know, I don't have a car, although I know how to drive. But if I could have one right now, I would choose a very comfortable one with air conditioning, hahaha.... A little citrus smell inside and a little incidental jazz music. Plus I could turn the steering wheel with one finger. And then I'm ready to hit the road!
How would I feel? 🙌🏻😜🙃🥳🤩

The other image of me in one of these cars, exploding and smoking, and me lifting the hood because a belt popped or the radiator ran dry and me with my hands full of grease, trying to put a nut on, all sweaty and with a black face, that image? I don't even want to imagine it. 😅😂

I think the first image is best! but forget the aircon, one without a roof to feel the wind, in your hair, the sun on the skin.

Mind you the second image would be hilarious that would be good to see LOL

OMG what wonderful pictures, incredible the history that can be behind a vehicle, who drove it, where it transited, uff I imagined a lot of stories and is that the old cars call me more attention than the most modern models haha

"With a little imagination, you can create a story" you said it yourself, beautiful lady hehe ❤️

Buhito, I'll take you in one of these cars to watch your favorite anime movie. 😉

Hey when I went to Cuba I always had the intention of visiting the car museum but due to the short time I was there I couldn't, I hope at some point to return and also to be able to enter the capitol. Greetings and excellent pictures.

The car museum and the Capitol are two very important places, yes. I hope you can fulfill that plan when you come again, and let me know. That way we can meet in person and go out together to take some street photos.