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By: @kirby951116


I was born in Malaysia 25 years ago, currently base in Ipoh. I had been working as a 3D animator for 4 years. As an animator, it's been a fun and tough journey for me. The fun part of the job is that I get to know a lot of interesting people. All of them have different stories to tell, different perspective for life, different personalities, make different decisions. That's where I get inspiration from, to bring things to life.


Fibre art can be tough and loud – learn more about the fibre artist Yore and Zhegrova and the beautiful town Erfurt

By: @neumannsalva


What do you do, if you should not leave the country because of a pandemic, cannot spent a lot of money, get migraines from driving longer in the car, only have 5 free days but ABSOLUTELY WANT TO ENJOY A VACATION (sorry for shouting):


Discover Romania - Ruins of The Vodita Monastery

By: @acesontop


Most of my "sort of traveling posts" that I have on Hive are from my home country, Romania, and the place I am currently living in. A piece of land that has endured plenty of battles over centuries and that still remains a place worth visiting for folks around the world. Not the perfect traveling destination in the world, but it definitely has some really great places to visit.


DİY Concept: Making a Hammock with Toothpicks

By: @crysis


(EN) Hello Hive Family. I made a chair and a table with toothpicks for you last night. Later, I wanted to make a hammock. So how is the hammock made?


RETO DE 30 DIAS DE AGRADECIMIENTO. Dia 9: Agradezco por mis piernas / 30 DAY THANK YOU CHALLENGE. Day 9: I appreciate for muy legs.

By: @vicnzia


This thank you, while brief, is beautiful. It is one of my favorites in what I wear the challenge. Talking about my legs is like talking about a precious treasure. I consider that without them I would not be able to do everything I do with so much love, it is that I use them for everything, to do yoga, to dance my contemporary dance, to walk, to climb the avila, to ride a bicycle, to do karate, I love my legs and that's why I take care of them.


Keep up the awesome work!

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Hola, @appreciator, espero que estés bien, mi nombre de usuario @al1, nunca e recibido tu voto, pero si he visto que has sido de ayuda para los demás que bueno, Dios te siga bendiciendo, voy hacerte una delegacion de 50 hp, se que no es mucho estoy empezando y la verdad necesito de tu ayuda, gracias🤗❤️

Hello, @appreciator, I hope you are well, my username @ al1, I have never received your vote, but if I have seen that you have been of help to others that good, God continue to bless you, I am going to make you a delegation of 50 hp , I know it's not much I'm starting and I really need your help, thank you🤗❤️

hola tuviste respuestas? yo no tengo claro que requisitos se deben cumplir para tener un voto...

Lovely compilation. I commend the effort of everyone who made it here. Congratulations to them.

Lovely work @appreciator

amigo gracias por su apoyo, soy venezolana, feliz tarde

This blog post of yours is very beautiful and the style of riding the bike has been very nice to match the dignity and value of the wonderful pictures. In fact, if you do cycling regularly, your body stays healthy


Awesome picture

Good Day @appreciator
Please what should i do to earn your vote on my post
Kind of new in hive

I can tell you something. Just keep goin on! Just blog constant with good content and you will earn money. I just wanted to give you an upvote but there was no blogpost for an upvote. You understand what I mean ;-)

Greets from Presseggen in Austria

Thank you very much for your encouragement
I will start to blog constantly
Once again thanks you, Sir

Keep goin my friend ;-) Let's build the biggest Cryptobloggercommounity in the world

In fact with your comments you have motivated me to start blogging



Great to be there, but it's pretty hard. I've been here for a short time and he asked me is @appreciator a person or a group? 🤔 sounds like the protagonist of a movie 😅

al igual que tu me hago la misma pregunta sera un grupo o una sola persona? ....
lo que si se es que hacen o hace una gran labor para ayudar a muchos.

Keep up the good work here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

I shared this post on Twitter to try and get your work in front of more people.
You can find your post and me on Twitter if you like? https://twitter.com/dick_turpin
I've also upvoted you and shared your content on Hive.
I read your post. No Bots were used, this was all done manually. Hope That Helps.

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"
Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

A todos los autores, mis felicitaciones por quedar en este top. Sigan así o mejoren cada día. 😄👏🤗

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congratulations to all the mentioned and featured authors of the day. Many thanks to the entire @appreciator team for this selection and for the great support they give us every day.
May success be with us daily.
Have a splendid day

Really awesome :-)

Thank you so much @appreciator :)) Today I will try to make a car with toothpicks :))

Saludos, que honor ser mencionada aquí! Muchas gracias appreciator, haces sentirnos apoyados y motivados.

Greetings, what an honor to be mentioned here! Thank you very much appreciator,You make us feel supported and motivated.

Felicitaciones por tu trabajo @appreciator tu elección fue muy buena..me gustó mucho el de @crysis.., fue muy minusioso su trabajo muy bueno. Los felicito a todos

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Travel will always be first in my list. From the ruins of the Vodita Monastery in Romania to a city in Germany called Erfurt (although this was supposed to be a needlework post) it is always exciting to see new places even if it is just inside my home. The fibre art is very catchy and I must admit brings a new art form I am not familiar with. I am glad I got to know about it now. Let us welcome the new Hiver who is an animator and at the same time a socialpath who loves Sherlock Holmes. I am a huge fan of the famous detective and have read quite a number of his books and movies too. Creativity at its best with toothpick art! I just wanted to lay down and sleep just looking at his cozy creations. And finally, I reserve for last the post on the Thank You Challenge. I can't help but marvel over this young lady who, despite her handicap, has learned to overcome such challenge. She is absolutely right about being thankful for her legs. Although I would take care not to be on her bad side. She knows karate! A very satisfying read @appreciator. Great selection as always.

I just got a upvote and I was flasht! Thanks for your support and the big family here on HIVE ;-)

Congratulations everyone 👏👏 great initiative @appreciator👍 😊

Thanks to leaders like you at HIVE I have come to understand that original and quality content is not a matter to be taken lightly. In particular, it has cost me a bit to produce the publications with the quality I would like; perhaps due to lack of knowledge, time and availability of a good internet signal.
But, I am truly grateful for these types of tips, comments and teachings that you let us see in each publication.

Felicidades a todos los Hivers que han tenido la dicha de haber sido seleccionado por @appreciator en el top 5 de calidad, excelente selección, bien merecido chicos bellos🎉🎉🎉

Sigamos inspirando, creando y generando contenidos de calidad❣️❣️❣️

Y muy buena iniciativa de @appreciator, que nos hace innovar en el tiempo, nos hace volar la creatividad y diseñar cosas nuevas, haciendo de #Hive la mejor red social monetizada con tecnología Blockchain.

Sigamos haciendo que la rueda siga girando en Hive...😎😎😎

Dios los continúe Bendiciendo Grandemente 🙏😇😘😘😘


Felicitaciones a los autores de estas cinco publicaciones. Es todo un reto continuar realizando su trabajo creativo y de calidad. Muy acertada la selección. Bravo y un aplauso para todos.

Que increíble!! Felicidades por ese top <3

I loved this selection today Sir. I think many of us can be proud to belong to Hive because of all its talented people.

Completely with you! ;-) Now we have 2022 and I am still blogging on HIVE! Thanks for you support ;-) #onebigfamily

Congratulations to everyone, I enjoyed reading them... Thank you very much to @appreciator for such an excellent selection.
I wish you a happy evening, big hug!

I am new user on hive community

Excelente! La plataforma #hive debe ser un lugar donde converjan talentos dispuestos a seguir mejorando día a día.
Felcitaciones !!

Most times, I do wonder if it's a human that handles your account even though I know it is. You have been doing great with the quest of undervalued post. Thank you for your presence on Hive 🙏.

Felicidades a los compañeros que quedaron seleccionados, mi saludo y mi respeto, buen trabajo, saludos con cariño a @appreciator. 👏👏👏😘, gracias por traernos otra buena mención .

Una selección estupenda que llena de talento a nuestra querida comunidad de Hive. ¡Qué continúen los éxitos!

nice brooo

I got a upvote right now ;-) 19.02.2022 really awesome ;-)
Thanks @appreciator - really bääääämmmmmmmm

Hello friend Hive, I hope you are well wishing you lots of success I'm @mary29

Friends @appreciator I have a disturbing question! I have never received a positive vote from you! 🤔 why is it? Greetings and thanks for your good work within Hive.

Listen ... Good blog but you stopped blogging. Why? :-)
Greets from Presseggen in Austria

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Thank you for the evaluation of my publications. Also, I wish you every success in your work and healing. Hugs from Venezuela.

Hello Appreciator! I wish you a Happy Christmas and I thank you for all the support for the entire community! It has helped me a lot and so many like me. May you have a blessed time with your loved ones!

Hey there @appreciator team!
ILIyan here.
I’ve been working on spreading awareness about hive in my country Bulgaria.
And I created a proposal about it with my job done so far, and looking forward to new achievements.

I’ll be very grateful if you spare a time to look into it.


Thanks in advance!

I want to delegate 100HP to @appreciator

Hi dear @bluemist we missed you and your suggestions has been missed i hope that you bring it back to life again newbies needs your voice that was their salvation here

Hi @appreciator! How are you?
I'm here, friend! @nachomolina2

Friend @appreciator! I'm writing to remind you of the name of my new user account


Thanks for your kind attention!

Saludos cordiales. Hermano aquí en Venezuela está un poco dura law cosas, pienso que hay muchos de nosotros que estamos en esto porque nos está gustando el hacer público los escritos y hacer comunidad. Pero también optamos por una forma de ayuda como cambios en nuestras recompensas para así solventar nuestro diario en la economía familiar. Ayudamos a ser más votados.

I will delegate you today.
I really hope to get curated by your team!

Excelente! Muchas felicidades a los seleccionados, un gran incentivo para continuar subiendo contenido de calidad

Hola @appreciator. Siempre estaré agradecida por el contante apoyo que nos da en la plataforma, se le quiere. Muchos saludos y abrazos fraternal. Que le vaya bien en todo momento.

@appreciator Excellent work, let's keep growing every day!

delege 20 hp greetings

hi @appreciator Today's selection is very good. Hive !!

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