My text dividers (Everyone is welcome to use them for their posts!)

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I love dem text dividers!

Two years ago, when I first arrived at Steem, I made a small collection of flowery text dividers. They made me excited to post because there was always an air of aesthetic originality. While I've gotten used to them (after 2 years of using them), I still find them to be really pretty!

They were originally grey, as you can see to the left. I got them from because I thought that the default divider (<hr>/---) was extremely dull. I still very rarely use it.

However, grey is not the best definition of liveliness, so I sprayed some colour onto them! I first painted them red with a Krita brush, then I put some yellow and cyan, and maybe some other colour. This resulted in the image just like the one on the left, but filled with colours.

I saved the project as a .tiff file on Krita (each horizontal ruler being its own layer). Then, I used ImageMagick to separate them with the CLI command convert result.tiff -trim layer.png. And as the name of the program implies, it magically converted each layer into a separate PNG with a consecutive name (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Here, I give you the resulting text dividers. You're free to use them in your own posts if you want, or to make your own. If you would rather make your own, this old post explains how to make them from the comfort of your browser. So let's go:

Some text dividers

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Code to use: <img src="">

Making the list

If you're curious, I didn't make the list by hand! (too long). I bulk uploaded all the images to ImgBB, copied the provided list of links, then I simply pressed F12 in Firefox (works on Chrome too) and put some code in the console:

const text = ``

console.log(text.split('\n').map(n => `<img src="${n}">\n<center>Code to use: \`<img src="${n}">\`</center><br>`).join('\n'))

In the last 2 years, many other people have given away super cool text dividers for the Steem ➡️ Hive ecosystem! I have to give some honorary mentions to these inspiring people.

More great text dividers made by beautiful people

By @byn (collection):

By @thepeakstudio (collections):

By @ddua (guide):

By @scrooger (super favourite collection)

By @mayvil (guide & collection):

Origin story

I made these dividers 2 years ago and made a post about it. However, I've noticed that Imgur does not store images forever. Some of my old posts have deleted images, only salvaged by Steemit and Hive CDNs. I decided that, rather than risk losing some of these dividers forever, I'd re-upload them to ImgBB (multiple required points of failure instead of a single one; sturdier backup!).

I also noticed that there is a small trend of new bloggers joining. I want people to feel welcome to have sleek aesthetics for their posts. Last time I posted my text dividers, other people followed and shared their own, thus creating a chain of great media.

Comparing my old and new scripts

Funnily enough, we can se my progress in learning how to code by the way I made the list the last time. I also included a picture of my code in my 2-year-old post.

I can't believe I bothered to use .reduce() and a bracket function 😂 I must have spent an eternity fixing it. But it does solve the problem in one less step by merging the .map() and .join()

Do you like these dividers? Will you be using any?

Do leave a comment to tell me what you think


Those are lovely! Very generous of you to share them with everyone! I will drop this post as a special mention in our PHC server to spread the word :)


❤️😊 I hope they like them at PHC. These have really stimulated my creativity over the years.

They already do, so thank you! Been some lovely compliments already! :)

This is sooooo NICE. Helping to make posts look smarter-slicker-professional. Such a generous and community-minded thing to do. Thank you. Reblogged.

You're welcome, and thank you :)

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Wow, they're so cute! :) Thanks for sharing with us.

this one is my favorite!

❤️ Prego :) Sono raggiante.

That one is also one of my favourites. It adds so much to posts.

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Thank you! These are always a great addition to a post!


You're welcome! And thank you for the tip 😊😊😊

These are always a great addition to a post!

They are! Surprisingly they give a feeling of wholeness to walls of text and pictures.

I am a huge user of them! People always compliment me on the use of them, so thank you again!


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Thank you to this generous author and to @jaynie who share this post. I love this and I want to use it in the near future.

Hey, Olivia! I'm glad you liked them :) I hope they motivate you to post.

Thank you for the Beer token. I'm not sure how it works but I will find out! (Ironically Beer is illegal in Saudi Arabia, no? 😂)

How did you know? Yes, we have no beer here.
Anyway, thank you for sharing the formatting and divided


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I was looking for one and mine favorite is Code to use:

Thanks for sharing.

Hey! You're welcome. :)

That one is also my favourite. I think it's the most flexible. It can be used for any kind of separation (topic, subtopic, footer, etc.) and it adds so much without being overwhelming.

Thank you so much, it's so kind of you, they are really pretty. I'd love to use them from time to time:)

You're welcome, Lizelle! I'm glad you like them. You're free to use them whenever and however you like, they're yours! :)

Oh my these are lovely! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely use them.

Which one did you like the most and are most likely to use? Just curious.

And thank you :) I'm glad you like them.

I like things simple, so I like the third one best. They're all great though. And thanks for the link to making my own. That will also be fun!

If you end up making some, do tag me. I'd love to see your creations. :)

Will do!

did you make some dividers in the end?

My goodness no! I completely forgot about this! Thanks for the reminder. I do use yours kind of often, there's something useful for just about anything.

Hey Sharon Thank you so much! it is a good present for us!

A la orden :) Espero que ayuden mis text dividers en el trayecto.

A veces, cuando es difícil echarle un puñito de personalidad a un post, le pongo un divider y eso lo arregla jaja

Great dividers, thank you

😊 You're very welcome. I'm glad you like them.

Excellent work! Really well done! ;)

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

I really put my time into it and I'm glad that you find them useful.

Thanks for sharing them! They all look beautiful.

Oh wow they look so cute!!!

Thanks!!! I need them!

I love text separators... and I've loved these, they're great. Thank you very much for sharing them with us, you are very kind!

I liked all of them, but I think I'll use this:

:) I hope it brings good colours to you. You can use as many as you want! (or just one if you prefer)

How awesome and generous of you!💕

Your colorful dividers will make wonderful additions to all of our Hive posts. Thank you very much! @cryptosharon

Brilliant. Really exhaustive guide. Those links are an added bonus!

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Beautiful text dividers!

Love these!! Thank you for sharing @cryptosharon!

These are awesome, I'm bookmarking this.
And, very impressed that you used Krita because it's amazing and open-source software.

Me encantan yo estaba buscando algunos para presentar mas ordenado el contenido gracias

nice stuff - a !BEER from me

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I am new to this platform, and this is just what I was looking for to decorate my posts, thank you very much :)

@cryptosharon These are just perfect. I love text dividers like I love apples. I'll be so happy to share them with everyone. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Hola me lo acaban de recomendar están bellos. Estaré viendo los que nos recomiendas también.

Gracias por tu aporte.

Ahora veré si se como utilizarlos y claro, en dado caso que lo use, lo debo asociar a esta publicación por supuesto.

Gracias por los aportes, excelente post.

Gracias por los aportes recibidos a traves de estos separadores, son hermosos. Gracias reiteradas @cryptosharon

:) de nada, me alegra que gusten tanto

Waoh, this bus amazing to know