I Hit 5 straight months of Exercising EVERYDAY since Covid came about

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Sometimes you have to toot your own horn so that's what I am doing today :)

I have either...

run, done the stationary bike, or lifted weights every single day since Covid went 'mainstream".

It has not...

always been easy. But you get in a rhythm and just make it a habit to wake up each day and get the heart pumping.

I have actually gone...

through 2 pair of shoes as I tend to drag my feet on the asphalt when running. I will be getting my third pair pretty soon as the soles where I drag really wear thin.


cheers to another 5 months of exercising everyday, Yeah right ;)

Peace out,


How's it going?
Funny huh?
People with brains are exercising more,
people without are eating and watching T.V. more...
I see it live!
I have also done a few hundred miles in the old bike so far,
Just Living It!
Wish You a Great Upcoming Weekend!

Thanks my friend. Same to you this weekend :)

It's The Plan!

Damn son, you going hard, loving the commitment and wishing you more motivation to keep going.

Thank you so much @chekohler

Keep with it brother ✌️

Appreciate it my man :)

Man. I am very sure it has not been easy.
I admire that your consistency to carry on

Yep it has been tough but I continue to self motivate, Thanks !