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Well, it finally arrived... my $1200 Stimulus (SCAM) check from the U.S. Government. It's one of the biggest scams in history. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It seems like "extortion" to me to keep our mouths shut while the powers to be just stole 98% of all the money. Yes, The people only got 2% of the scam printed money. SMH 🀦

While Trillions of dollars being printed this year to "bail out" all the banks, hedge funds, stock markets, crony friends etc... etc.. the American people were left in the dust and fed bread crumbs once again.

I'm not sure why most people are not mad, it seems to me that most people are just sheep and ignorant on what is "really" going on. πŸ™‡

In my opinion, we haven't seen anything yet. I can see the economy getting 10x worse from here.

Why would I say that? The fed and governments of the world will start printing Trillions more in the next few months and I can see them continuing this until they completely default. πŸ“‰

Is this negative? Absolutely not! It's just based on facts. I'm just a messenger, spreading out the truth to the masses. πŸ˜‚

It's going to be a really ruff in the next few years for everyone unless you prepare yourself now.

How do you do that? You got to play the damn game starting right now.

Start protecting yourself by having assets (Gold, Silver, Precious Metals, Bitcoin, Cryptos), learn new money making skills, have a side hustle, stop buying shit you can't afford, don't waste time watching TV and Netflix all day etc... etc... In other words, get off your ass.

This is the best time to change your life. It doesn't have to be that bad because when the shit hits the fan, thats when you see the biggest opportunities.

However, everyone must prepare now because if they do see a great opportunity... most average people won't be able to take any action because they were not ready.

The future is bright guys, you just have to open your eyes. πŸ˜„

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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Starting to see rationing of meat in a few stores, limits on basics, it's coming so prepare while there's still time.

We got some time here, 2021 is going to get bad :)

Well said on do not buy what you cannot afford

I want to buy $1000 jordans haha jk

Currency depreciation as a result of overprinting money. I agree with the investment of cryptocurrency while many are expecting world recession due to Covid-19 with the whole world not moving forward because of lockdown.

They said they will print 3 Trillion more this month haha... SHESH!

With US being one of the movers of world economy, this can seriously affect everyone even if we are not staying in US. 😩

For real? 😲
How big part of the population received those?

Anyone over 16... Probably around 70% of the population but 97% of the Trillions printed was to corporations, banks, hedge funds etc etc... we got ripped off. lol

Buy Bitcoin hahaha

What is that today? .10 HAHA :)

Put it into hive and power up.

You first then I will haha :)

We don’t get that kind of stimulus money in Australia, if I did then I would.

Eh, it's more money to buy Bitcoin πŸ˜‚. I don't get free bitcoin money here. I'm still stackin' Godl, Sliver and Crypto for when craphittingthefan.gif

I heard they might pass $2k a month... the USA is going to shit lol


I am sure we will go into a depression, but at least you received something, we did not get a thing and we will be harder hit than the USA!!

Yeah, huge deflation is coming then massive inflation in couple of years... it's nuts man! πŸ˜‚