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Bitcoin has been on a massive run in the last couple of months but I have a weird feeling in my gut in the last 24 hours. πŸ“†

Something doesn't seen right. πŸ™‡

This isn't based on any technical analysis or any fundamentals... but it seems very fishy what Bitcoin has done... It went from $3600- $9700 in a blink of an eye. πŸš€ 🌝

I'm seeing so many bullish videos all over YouTube once again saying Bitcoin 100k, 280k, and even 1 Million Dollars in 2021. 🀦

There might be a "HUGE DUMP" coming soon with Bitcoin!

I'm not here to scare you or anything like that. Why would you even listen to me at all, I'm just a regular guy posting content on the internet. πŸ˜‚

What are your thoughts? Are we going to "MOON" again from here... with no correction at all?

I hope I'm wrong but I will be ok... but if BTC does fall hard in the next few days, I will be there pickin' up the pieces from all the weak hands selling.

(If you look at my BTC chart, there are hidden "buy" points... if you do find them, be sure to stack some BTC at those spots).

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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First we are going to the moon... a bit, and then we are going to come back to earth for a while to pick up more passengers to almost go to the moon, and then we are going to return for re-boarding, and after that we are going to go into orbit for a while, and then we'll be in the moon, probably, but if not, we are going to come back down to get some more passengers...

Like a yoyo.

I couldn't off said it better than you did haha

Crypto markets make zero sense to me lol

I’m just here for the entertainment ;)

Same here xD

It's the wild wild west... Crypto is plain insanity lol

Hello @stackin,

What's up? I haven't read from you for a while.

Do you know the website to look at total Long position by any chance?


Pretty Good, it's probbaly because I've been slackin' on my posts for over a month. LOL

Here is a decent site that tracks the longs and shorts. :)


I'm also seeing things the same way you do; this whole rally could end up with a major dump in the following weeks.

If you're interested, you can check out my latest post, where I mentioned the importance of the $11500 level and why we could end up revisiting the $5600 area.


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Great post! Yes, that 11,500 spot is a huge spot if we close there... moon time. :)

Thanks mate! So curious about which path we'll follow πŸ€“

After seeing some comments here, I think Bitcoin halving is just being bullish because people are made to believe that, with the situation in the world now. I think we need to be ready and prepare for the worst. All this videos campaign on YouTube are just being bullish, I am seeing everything as stage plan.

I see some critical thinking in this post :)


Good thing I have no bit coin.....That was close.

What if these youtubers are right though? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Still on a bear market...
I see it go down below a $1000 before it shoots up again ..

When I find the next daily bullish Divergence, I will get bullish :)

All the markets are way out of whack right now. It's very strange

The Dollar is strong like bull while printing presses are on high gear lol

I'm afraid bitcoin will never see the promised moon, there are powerful forces that won't let it happen.

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CME, Futures, Leverage 100x Trading, Bankers etc... etc... will it be able to tame BTC? HMMM :)

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Glad to find someone else with a grasp of what's happening. I think they'll tame BTC, they have mountains of cash to do it. A small unregulated market like BTC is super easy to manipulate.