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Well, it finally happened... starting this Friday in Las Vegas, it's now mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when in public. 🤦

The Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is making wearing masks mandatory in the state of Nevada. He felt that Nevada had taken steps backwards in terms of progress, and felt this was a necessary measure to take.

He also stated... “It’s not about your rights. This is about protecting the health and well-being of everybody you come in contact with.”

You can watch the video here:

In my opinion, I think it's fuckin' insanity. People are just sheep and continue to watch brain washing television programming. 💁‍♂️

We have an immunity system for a reason.

All this shit talking about taking poisoning/toxic prescription drugs, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, and creating a vaccine is all non-sense.

For months, I have yet to hear anything from any mainstream media news outlets and/or government officials about how one can protect themselves by improving their immune systems by doing intermittent fasting and taking Vitamin C, Zinc, Strands of Mushrooms and, especially Vitamin D.

What are your thoughts? Am I just being an asshole or am I "thinking out of the box" and realized I left the "Matrix" 20 years ago.

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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Living in Reno, I agree with you 💯. Even though I do have health issues & have to be careful to an extent, this is becoming insanity. When does it end? I feel like this just separates ppl even more as well as infringe on our rights. I am not one to follow the "herd mentality."

You had me at "break out of the matrix." I have been slowly getting out of it for several years now, but this pandemic accelerated the process for myself & many others. The world is waking up.

Not happy about this mandate at all, but I am going to continue to work on my inner reality & speak my truth. It's nice to know I am not the only one feeling this way.

Thanks, Charles & hang in there. This eventually will all lead to a huge energy shift in our world, which will make the matrix crumble even more than it is now. 🙏🏻🧚🔥💜

I don't think it will ever end, it will just taper off into next year. Apppresh! Love the positive attitude. :)

It will be interesting, but I am working on keeping the high vibes up! When we keep our energy frequency high, we have better outcomes. Thanks for the kind words, my friend. Have an awesome day! :)

That’s fucked man. Hopefully the lack of choice doesn’t last long. Wearing a mask non stop will definitely make it hard to walk around the strip drinking a 40oz. I see a lot of people revolting over that.

I can’t help but think every dude walking around in a mask is a total cuck.. mostly bc it reminds me of this every time 🤣😂


I think I met this guy a few years ago on the strip HAHAHA


Wowwww. Epic photo 🤯

You know it is funny how things work. Here in Japan, it is not mandatory but the government urges you to wear one...and everybody wears one. But the thing is, it has been a culture here before corona. Girls wear them when they don't use make up 😂
And during influenza season people mask up because of those crowded sardine tin trains.

Nah, yall should wear masks just in case. I used to think the same, the immune system, this is bullshit, but talking to friends down in Brazil ( unless they have covid 20 down there) this shit ain't no joke.

Brazil Covid 19 mass burial grave

I'll just make it easy and hit up elon musk and head to the moon lol

Immunity of our body system could be improved but everyone is not same level, if it ensure like you nursing your then it will be right that no caution is required, but this is a pandemic you can't deny, it transmitted through community and social met together.

Insanity for sure.

I agree with the governor. Nothing is better than the immune system, but an extra layer of protection can’t hurt. I don’t really understand how masks got so political and a such hot button issue.

All this stuff is insane, but we live in insane times 🥳

Masks are just another layer of protection. There is no harm in wearing one. There’s only an inconvenience of it. I think we should all do our part and just wear them out of respect for those around you.

Masks is also mandatory in South Africa, the thing is that they say 90% of all people will get the virus in any case, with little symptoms - lets get it and get over it!!