Out into the Mad World again

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I don't tend to go out much since Covid. Not coz I'm scared of a phantom virus. I know it's a complete scam. No, I just don't like seeing what the world has become lately. It makes me angry. BUT yesterday my friend planned a day out and I thought I'd give it a go. He promised me I would not have to wear a mask even on the buses which was part of the day out. He works for the bus company so I figured he was good for his word.
We went to a place called 'The Folk Village' in Glencolmcille which is a preserved bit of history in the far West of Donegal. Some old stone cottages with traditional Donegal thatched roofs (different to other thatches) which you can walk around in. Who doesn't love poking around in other peoples old houses huh?
I'd also bought myself a camera because I've decided to not even use a mobile for taking pics any more. I want nothing to do with their plan to control us with their 'smart' phones.

I knew it would not be a completely covid free day and when we walked up to the ticket booth the woman insisted we wear masks to walk around 'inside' which was actually OUTSIDE and no way would I comply. So I just ignored her and waltzed in. If she wanted a fight she'd have to come get me.

This signage also put a damper on things but I soldiered on. We bumped into some other people coming out and only one of the couple was wearing a mask too which gave me a boost. Some (actually most) of the buildings had these horrible lifelike mannequins in them which gave me a start. This would be a great halloween party location!! The schoolmaster was very weird I thought.

Hey but at least he wasn't masked up!!

This old fella was a bit less spooky and I was getting used to seeing someone lurking in corners by now so didn't jump this time. This house has the same layout as my house, it seems to be the normal layout for all old stone cottages. The living and cooking/eating room in the middle, with a parlour (for guests) to the left and the bedroom to the right. No toilet/bathroom back then. I read in a book called The Donegal Woman that people would go down to the river to do their business. Hmmm not too nice for anyone living downstream.

This old bed looks cozy enough but the straw mattress was hard as a board.

This fishermans cottage was my favourite and it was just one room. It was very cozy. A lot easier to keep clean no doubt than three rooms and probably warmer.

But it had a raised bed which was cool and a good use of space.
There was also a grocers which doubled as a pub. There are still some of these about in Ireland, I've been in some. How cool to do your shopping, drinking and socializing all in one go! Here's one in Kilkenny which I have drunk in. Quite a surreal experience it was.

The shots of the folk village pub/grocers didn't come out well, the modern version looks just as good tho.

Thought I'd try a few arty farty shots before going for a cuppa tea and a nice sit down. Need to work on my lighting and focussing maybe.....



By the time we'd mooched through the gift shop and sat down for tea I noticed everyone had taken off their masks. I wonder if I had anything to do with that? I hope so.
Next stop, the hunt for some nibbles and a pint of guinness to end the day........ but THAT is another story.........

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I hope so too! As long as someone is first, others will follow. Thank you for being first, for ignoring the signs. I do that too. So far only one person has stopped me, and I just stopped shopping there. Screw the businesses that are supporting this. I masked up and spent my money there when no one else would, now they keep me out. Their loss. Thank you for listening to my rant.

That place is lovely! Your shots are fab. What kind of camera did you get and are you happy with it? I also want to stop using my spy device.

I'd love to raise a glass in that pub.

And did you say you live on one of those lovely things?!

My house was formally like one of these buildings but it has been 'modernized' plus it has a kitchen and bathroom built on the back. I'm pondering knocking out the fireplace they've bricked up and maybe getting rid of the pebbledash on the front but replacing tiles with a thatch would be a massive job but if I did my house would look like this yes.
The camera is an old Fujifilm Finepix. It's pretty basic as digitals go which I like so yes I'm happy with it. I don't want all the bells and whistles I'd rather use my creativity.
I've only been asked to put on a mask 3 times in the whole time and I've never given in either.

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I complied at first. I tried to avoid those sanitizers at every door, but I wore the damn mask only so that the businesses wouldn't get fined, which was the most ridiculous part of the measures. Small business owners were suddenly unpaid, untrained, and unarmed law enforcement, having to enforce frivolous mandates on their precious customers.

Now they let the jabbed, who were too afraid to go out for a year, in without a mask but insist that I, who kept them open that year, wear one. I don't go back if they do. I won't put it back on.

No they don't deserve your custom. I never complied and now that restaurants and bars are opening up I get to see the real nazi's faces. I've already flounced out of 2 places who asked for a 'pass'. Technically I could have dined outside but nope, not giving them my money.

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I just found out that the music club I have been going to throughout this nonsense, more than once as the only customer who dared to go down the steps into their cellar, leaving $100 tips, will now require proof of vaccination for entry. As if this will make the others feel safer. I am so angry at them!!! But we can not stop what is coming now. May it be swift in leaving.

That is infuriating. I would write to them, also demand ur money back lol. I wonder if some of them are doing it out of fear of losing their business. We need to point out to them that complying will not save their business, it's people who will save it and if they're sick or dead from the shots they won't be paying customers.

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That is exactly why they are doing it! Those of us who are self-employed in entertainment are in danger of losing their businesses if they don't comply.

The coercion is insidious. People are desperate. I don't know who can't see the danger we are in, but many think compliance is the only way to stay alive. Maybe it is.

Your pictures came out very good.. When my pictures don't come out so good I take them to photo-shop to spruce them up. I always blame the camera when I get flops.. ha ha

Thankyou, I'll keep practising. I like using photoshop too.

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Haha, This was kind of amuzing but still classy. I bet the adventure you went on was really required and needed. I bet you didn't regret going out. And hey! The more outdoors you spend the better for you and your mental health so make sure you spend less time indoors.

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Yes you're right, I do go outside tho, I have to do gardening it's more the 'going out' that involves socializing and eating, things like that. I did not regret going out at all no I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Did that not come through?

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Oh for sure, It came through.

It's cool you didn't regret going out, because that is the fun of living socializing and interacting with people.

I'm proud of you.👏🏻👍🏻

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Yes the socializing thing was actually what drew me to Ireland. I love pubs and live trad music. I went every night and some days to 'socialize'. This is why I'm so angry. So many pubs gone and the ones left are not the fun ones I loved.

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Oh oh! So sorry about that. But atleast you got some time to chill off.😎

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