Today I went to the Pub

Never in all my days would I have dreamt that would be a headline on my blog. Going to the pub was a daily occurance for me, not just to imbibe alcahol but to meet up with friends, have chats and make plans. All the things the governments want to stop us doing now.
I've avoided going since they tentatively opened up (kind of) because I couldn't face the changes which would just upset me. Having to sit down, sign forms, scan codes, show passes, all that palarva which does not belong in a public house licensed for the selling of 'legal drugs'.
Many people (especially here) use the pub as their front room to mingle with fellow humans before going home where they live alone with no-one to talk to but the dog/cat/walls.
So anyway how id it go? I'd been to a little mexican for a meal with a friend with no mask nazi's about and just thought we'd wander round the corner to check out my old favourite pub and see what's the craic. If there were any nazi's we'd just walk right back out and go home.
I looked in and saw smiling faces all around and people sitting at the bar, at tables and even standing around! The barmaid also had a smile so it was looking good.
I sidled up to the end of the bar and asked if we could get a drink. Young pretty barmaid slid a clipboard towards me and said nonchalantly "just sign this here please".
It was one of those 'track and trace' thingies. I almost caved but thought no lets see. So I took the unsanitized pen which everyone else in the bar had used and said out loud "Mickey Mouse?" as I went to write my fake name. Those who heard me gave a little titter and the guy to my right said "Sign yer life away".
So I wrote a load of bollicks on it but not Mickey Mouse, that would be pushing my luck and waited for someone to ask for ID or something. Nope, no ID requested. My fellow boozer was not asked to sign he could be included as my sidekick or 'no.2' on the form. HA
So I was starting to get the jist of this now. They're going through the motions but about as half heartedly as a dole office worker at 5 to 5 on a Friday.
We ordered our liquid drugs and were told the maid would bring them to our table so we went to the outside bit which is my fave spot by the river (and the smoking area where all the best chats are to be had).
We didn't stay too long, just two glasses worth, as it would have been too much of a shock to my system to stay for a full on session. I haven't drank in weeks. It was nice tho to get back out there and mingle totally undistanced with other humans again.
We left as the staggering about stage was commencing in some quarters.
I wonder if I should get some more sessions in quick tho before they bring in the fullmetal jacket lockdown version they have planned for the winter? Maybe I should.
On another note I think I might do a weekly news blog like I did with the doom and gloom post, taking all the best stuff I get sent to me and post on fb but with breakdowns and comments. I'm not sure I've got any full on articles left in me for now, they take a lot of research to put together so would only be sporadic.
What do you think? Would that be of interest? I got some doozies which I'd like to share.

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About half of us just north of NYC are still ignoring the mask guidelines. Some businesses are open as if nothing is going on. I patronize those and ignore any mask signs on businesses. So far, no one has said a thing. I'm not putting a mask back on, will not show any papers, will not sign anything.

those of us who were not afraid to continue living are the ones who kept these businesses open during the brunt last year. I wore the mask as the CDC guidelines specified, but I will not do that again. If the mask mandates, or worse, come back, I will just spend less money. Screw any business that is going along with this.

this pub was the first time I've been in a public space and not seen a masked face. I've been the only one in the shops for as long as I can remember so at last I've found the other non-conformists. That was refreshing. I have never worn a mask, don't even possess one. Good for you. We've got this xxx

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Back in the steemit day and still now I do random posts about life, about my day. Sure they may not pay much, who cares anyway about money? Not me. Write what you want, what you feel. The happy, the sad, the real day you had, fuck spell checks, free write. The best will come out of you.

And you never know, it may just make you happier.

Do as we do here in PL, fuck the government and do what you WANT!

Have a superb week Tgal. Get ya ass to that pub as often as you want!!!!!!!

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I'm not a writer tho, I'm an artist. This free writing you speak of sounds like putting your diary out for everyone to read. Not sure I can do it. I'll see what comes out. Maybe. Am planning to go to a Waterboys gig next month too. xx

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I would like to hear more of this private stories. I need them, to be honest. Tired of all this other stuff but still hooked on it in one way or the other. My social life narrowed very much, I avoided restaurants this year all over, while in the last year I went. This shows me that I isolate more than I actually wish but can't help it. Even in the summer time too often I thought that it's going to be winter again.

I think all this made me feeling crazy and not welcomed, but I know part of it is an illusion, for I don't give it a try often enough. So I am happy, you did.

Yeh it was about time to give it a try. I have been socializing by 'meet-ups' at other designated places but they were too few and far between and with friends.

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using the word "pub"and other quaint colloquialisms you sound like you hail from the hell hole administered on behalf of the puppet masters, by the sleazebag snout in the trough scumbag tories.

Or am I wrong?
Not about bastard tories but your location?

I do hail from the northern end of that hellhole yes but I got out before the shit hit the fan. I'm in Ireland ;-) so are my old roots (on my mums side.)

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ah, nice move, just the eu border shite to deal with then! 😂

No border really. Nothing to see, can come and go as we please so far.

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thats encouraging, again msm feeding the great unwashed bullshit about a predicted flare up of violence blah blah blah

No-one wants a border here. It's very handy now after Brexit to pop over the border. It's become difficut to order online anything from UK so people use their family or friends addresses over the 'border' which isn't really there. It's all ridiculous really.

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What about vaccinated people ,.. should we be worried about them spreading the shit they got injected with ? ... i like to stay far from them , just to be sure , so no pub for me ,.. then again i am in Norway , so a beer is costly ,... while the moonshine at gatherings in the town i am in is cheap and way stronger .
A friend did go to a pub in his hometown on the coast . Came back with bruised ribs and shit ,, what happened i asked . He answered with a big smile ,.. I don't really remember ?.. i just said " there is no virus " out loud , then all hell broke loose .. i left when the first cop arrived .
So no restrictions in Norwegen pubs , but the whole mindset is scared and stupid as shit .
Nah, ill stick to this little place of freedom where we sometimes party around fires until the sun comes up far away from any government bull-shit rules and regulations ;-)

Hahaha your friend sounds funny. Yes I also prefer outdoors which is why I always sit in the 'garden' but defo campfires etc are my fave get-togethers. I went to Norway about 10 years ago and the pub scene there was very much like here. We have a lot of the same blood in our veins from the old vikings ;-)
As for being scared of the vaxd? No I don't believe in contagion, I simply avoid them for their mind numbing boringness. I don't believe the vaxd are pub loving types either, they'd surely be too scared to mingle even after their useless shot. I think the pubs will be full of non-compliants which is why the pubs would be wise to not comply either.

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