Rusty Songs_ (An Original Poetry)

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Playback these dusty tapes,
in reverse; reel moments,
on wooden radios
and bursting speakers
a tale filters in,
of black and white stories
flashbacks happening!
Days running backwards
like a hyper-lapse
playing before our very eyes!

Life up those grimed guitars
Stained by soot and cinder,
for within those tired strings
lies dispirited songs.
In the beauty of its dilapidation,
an elegant memory
ignites gleefully.
Flooding the heart
with a thousand new song.

As the rhythm travels,
let it nestle,
on the surface of green leaves,
like droplets of water
smashing through the earth.
Your soul is made whole
as it rewinds,
revisiting gloomy
and cheerful days.
Allow yourself to bask
in the comfort of your bleeding spirit.

Travel again:
body and spirit
to hollow places,
where the air
is tasteless as the clouds,
here, you'll hear
the neighing of horses
throttling far away,
in the distance,
thumping familiar tunes
like the beginning
of some Mexican ditty

Life is music,
when you listen.
The echoes of spears,
ringing menacingly
or the ears of the corn,
buzzing in unison
when the wind blows,
or the Endless hooting
of automobiles,
etched to the tip of the ears?

Again and again,
time cannot kill,
the effect of aging songs.
On frail bones,
it cannot take away
the glorious beams
in our eyes,
when broken tapes
are slotted in rusty recorders
and euphoric melodies
begins to gently filter
into our very essence.

Analysis & Appreciation

Memories are everything. The poem depicts the meaning and attachment we place to memories. They could remind us of pain, sweetness, passion and even people who we might have forgotten. The writer, in this occasion, made his way to an abandoned old house, probably his old house, where he was firstly acquainted to music. The use of images like black and white stories, and then dusty tapes, can be symbolized with age or a vivid establishment of synonym with it. There was this nostalgic feeling to taste that excitement, he probably left music due to his evident regret in the poem. You could notice this from the use of days running backwards

He continues his elation. It was obvious that the musical instruments in that very old and aged room is capable of coming alive with the sweetest of rhythm, especially by someone who appreciates the effect of music to the soul. In essence, that second verse represented hope. In the beauty of its dilapidation, clearly interprets that life does not generally need to present us with beautiful scenarios in order for us to prove worthiness. People can be rough around the edges and yet beautiful within. Life might not always present us with tools to sharpen our beauty. It takes an in-depth ability to appreciate new value for people to recognize the worth that we are carrying. This also means that it is not every time that we can eschew beauty. But we can to people who duly appreciates us in our most trying times.

"In the comfort of your bleeding spirit" feels rather paradoxical, looking at it, there is a musical effect to it. In this verse the poet persona explains the essence of finding peace within oneself irrespective of their external exposure to what triggers diverse emotions. Inasmuch as memories can be beautiful, sometimes we suffer this incompleteness that it brings. It is always difficult to be satiated with memories, especially when we feel we could have it back in order to do better. Then it can become hurtful when we try to remember how beautiful it used to be but no longer the same

Again and again,
time cannot kill,
the effect of aging songs.
On frail bones,

The poet persona's mood was inevitably changed, and his spirit was lifted by the fact that age and time can only strengthen the love he had for the memories that once had an impactful effect in his life. This can also be relevant, especially when it comes to something like music that tends to leave a lasting impression.

Written By @Josediccus


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Music is really life.

Nice content.

Thank you

My pleasure dear

Nicely written

This reminds me of the days where my dad's radio would be playing while he analyses everything they say on it.
Good days.

This is pure creativity, you have done well.

Let’s just say that there is no man on earth that God hasn’t given a talent. This is one of yours and you’re using it so well.

Wow... I am in awe mood.
The use of imagery, language, toon, mood...this is complete package.
Then the icing on the cake is the analysis. Took me off my feet. I dough my hat.