Fungi Friday..... Or Is It???

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I've seen the fun Funji Friday posts along the way and enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of mushrooms and other fungi things, many of which I have never seen in my real world before.

After seeing a few posts this evening I thought, maybe I had some photos to share for Fungi Friday, so I pulled up my photo program and put in the word "mushroom".

At first it went right well.

mush 2.jpg

Even if some of them appeared to be forming out of alien slime.


Very odd... but fungi all the same.

mus 3.jpg

That's the ticket, I DID have some fungi photos.


Then it gave me the below. I'm looking all around the photo...where?... where?

But there were none there!

I do like the artsy way the diseased leaves look though.... but going forward....


It next gave me this..... ummmm ....nope !


Then there were THESE lovely mushrooms....



What ???

You guessed it, my phone says this is a mushroom too. I guess with the shape of the top, I can almost kind of understand it.

ceramic decor.jpg

Finally, it did give up one more fungi photo....


So there you see it in all it's phone's version of Fungi Friday

I'll leave you with this little painting of a happy mother fungi and her cute little baby.


Thank you @ewkaw for making this fun #fungifriday posting possible.

...and thank you everybody else for putting up with my shenanigans !

Hope you are all having or about to have a happy weekend.

Love you !



I like that happy mushroom painting at the end. Now above that a a couple with the "shrooms" on the rope. What is that meant to be? Those leaves would have tricked me too lol!

Thank you !

The shrooms on a rope is just a ceramic dangler for the garden that a potter makes and sells on etsy. Different colors and a couple of different sizes. I have several and a ceramic bell hanging in one area around my back porch that also includes a couple of ceramic mardi gras masks. It's the "ceramic" garden area.

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Pumpkin mushrooms, lol. Computers can be so silly!

I know !

I believe that is their technical name, Pumpkin Mushrooms .... because they look SO much like the other !


Technical names are the best of names! Haha

You made it! :D Welcome!
And we do like alien slime around here too.

Gotta say the round ones with little tails are a first here 😂

Thank you ! Glad to be here.

Must be a new species never recorded.... till now.


Hahaha :D

Lol! There could be mushrooms/fungi somewhere there in those photos but hidden :D

Maybe it is !.... and I'M the one that can't see it !


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🥰What a lovely painting. Loving mother fungi and her baby. It’s my first time hearing about fungi Friday. It’s quite interesting some of what your phone considers to be fungi. 😂

I thought some of my phones choices were quite comical too. I guess it wasn't too terrible since it is just a machine !

I guess I shouldn't complain since the phone did all the work in choosing the photos for the post. ha ha

Some other folks have been doing the Fungi Friday for a long time and it is fun to see all the different fungi that is out there.

It wasn’t terrible at all. Those pumpkins actually shaped like mushrooms. It’s a “smartphone” indeed.😃

Oh, I like it! You really did find some with your search! Pumpkin mushrooms?!!I did have some of those! Here I have been looking and coming up empty - and here they are, right on my page.

I like the artistic flair of the orange one. I've gotta be me, he is singing...Defiant little bugger.

Nice way to intro yourself into #fungifriday!

There always has to be a renegade.... right ?

It was fun to do, but unless I start consciously hunting down some new candidates, this might be it !

Hope you are having a happy Saturday. I stayed up all night, so slept in and even though I have now been up about 2 hours (what??? really?? it feels like a half hour !) ... I haven't really done anything except play on my computer while sipping coffee and water.

It's a beautiful day.... I can see it through the window !

It seems that way! I have had maybe two posts in five years with mushrooms. We really don't get many around here, even in the swampy areas or woods. I'm sure there are some, but, not in my travels. We don't get a lot of rain or wet days. The rain we do get is pretty much dried up by the sunshine.

Example: Rain yesterday, but, today is going to be 80 and sunny. That is the way Mother Nature rolls.

I ditched everything and went to bed before two~ Probably closer to one. I hope you have a wonderful day! Do something fun and run straight into the sunshine today!

I had most of the mushrooms here a year or two after I moved here. My uncle cut down lots of pin oaks right before I moved in 😏 but did not have the stumps taken up, so after the first winter, they started enjoying the company of different mushrooms. Once in a while after a good rain, they will come up randomly here and there across the yard. It's not many, but now the stumps are gone, so they are not concentrated in one place anymore.

The weather certainly is a bit crazy as the seasons begin to switch out.

I didn't mean to stay up so long, but I was trying to find a resolution for a windows 11 glitch on their photo files. Kept not wanting to give up and time just kind of slipped away. No biggy when I don't have to work the next day. I LOVE staying up till whenever I want.... but a luxury only for the weekends at this time.

Someday soon for you! You can retire, right? Then it will be a luxury every single day. It sure makes everything so different with telecommuting at home, doesn't it? Have I ever stuck out my tongue and said, "Lucky You!"

The weather has been really crazy. Up in the mountains is almost 80! No lie! The leaves surprised me. We had all green last week and this morning! The color is showing up. It is too warm for that! Doesn't it have to be technically cold to do that?

I still have Windows 10 (I think?) Now I need to look. LOL I never got back to you on the other thing because the hard fork messed up my entire site for days. (and days) It was still not letting me do things last night or this morning, just the ole error message. :(

You do get mushrooms! Lucky you... well, sort of!I hope you are having a great afternoon!

I'm ok with mushrooms as long as they are not really taking over the yard.

I don't really think I have enough money put back to retire completely. If I "semi" retire, I suppose I would work at something part time. If I can't set my own hours, that might still interfere with my bedtime freedom. I am trying not to fret about it at all as things happen that resolve issues sometimes that I could never think up on my own, so I am having faith that something good will happen and I will live to actually get to retire one day while I can still be independent. It's a tall order, but many times, tall orders are filled, so my hope is for that.

I have resolved my other issue and moved my HBD to savings and claimed my interest. It seems there is some issue between peak that I use for posting and the hivesigner key thing. They stopped playing nice together long before the fork, so I ditched the hivesigner and have and changed to the peakd signer inner and once I did that, it all worked again..... well.... that part did, but like you, the fork has forked up a few things like loading my favorites and refusing to load a photo or two and the such, but maybe one day they will get all that back in line

The fork fixed and broke a few things. My hivesigner now works properly. Go figure! I am glad your issue got fixed, did you figure that out yourself? I would never have thought of the peakdsigner. Didn't even know there was one. Yikes!

At least I no longer have to backdoor my tips. 😮

You are absolutely right. Things have a way of resolving themselves without me even having to butt in. :) Life is good that way.