HiveUK Meet up in Halifax 19th September 2020 - Recap

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While the current global situation is certainly non conducive to having meet ups, back in July when this idea formed I had accounted for a Second Wave of Coronavirus starting in the UK in late October. Instead it started the first week in September and on the 14th September in a bid to reduce the escalating number of cases a new UK Law came in "The rule of six" - where no gathering of six or more people can take place.

Screenshot 20200920 at 10.39.07.png

That alongside the daily massive increase in Coronavirus cases reduced the numbers of our UK Hive meet up, so in the end we were within the six rule. This will be a annual event and hopefully next year we will be in better times and fill the space a little more..


For the day we have @stevenwood far left, @slobberchops middle right and @shanibeer (photo courtesy of @nathanmars)


And with @nathanmars himself. It actually ended up being a day full of discussion so photos were a bit of an afterthought, we missed grabbing some group photos with @shmoogleosukami although he pops up plenty on the live stream so you will see more of him in my best bits edit of that.

What I should have done is a post yesterday morning with the Live Stream link - but I got so caught up in the prep and then @slobberchops arrived and it all got busy. @stevenwood was not long after, followed by @nathanmars who had made the massive train trip from London. @shmoogleosukami then arrived followed closely by @shanibeer


Food of course is essential to keep creativity going, and LoomLounge produced an epic spread of sandwiches, wraps, pasties and sausage rolls plus two incredible fruit platters. So everyone was very well fed, but they also were enjoying loads of coffee - it was obviously going to be a theme for the day and we went through flat whites, cappuccino, Americano and many Hario drip brewed coffee's.


The livestream was being closely followed by our remote Brits @chris-uk, @cawdawg and @father2b (@shmoogleosukami is pictured here stood in front of what the viewers called "the worst Darth Vadar costume ever" - it's the destoner for my coffee.)


Quickly it became apparent anyone passing the live stream was game for a bit of meme generation.

image0 3.PNG


We had background music all day from @nickyhavey Drum and Bass selection - I had cranked it up at the start of the stream to entertain @chris-uk - it deafened @slobberchops when he arrived.

Now I have the measure of Twitch I might do a few coffee roasting Livestreams, you find me at c0ff33a on Twitch and there are also some clips from the livestream - whatever that means!

All in all everyone seemed to have a good time, I took everyone's temperature to go alongside the track and trace form - nobody had a high temperature, we managed to remain well distanced and there was plenty of opportunity to use antibacterial hand gel and hand wash at the sinks provided. Loads and loads of coffee was drunk, many ideas and plans were discussed to help further Hive and also increase it's UK user base. We didn't get to do a coffee roast in the end, I quickly realised the roaster is so noisy nobody would be able to talk while it was on.

I will edit the livestream into best bits for next week, if anyone that attended does not want to be in the video edit (I'm fairly sure @slobberchops will prefer not to appear) then let me know in the comments and I will edit you out.

What does this mean for Hive Blockchain - meet ups are a great way to discuss ideas but also to promote the Blockchain, showing Hive isn't just a bunch of virtual people - it's backed by real world people who are passionate about the token, the Hive Blockchain and what it can do - not just for blogging but all the dapps, games and services that are built on top of it. Wherever you are in the world, if there are a few of you close buy to each other that can travel and meet - it's a great way to learn more about Hive from other users, forge friendships - and of course just have a relaxing, interesting day.

Many thanks to all who attended, it would of course have been nothing without you. For everyone who had to pull out, which was totally understandable with the current Coronavirus situation - we'll be back again next year when this pandemic is under control - so watch this space.

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I very much enjoyed being there even with how difficult it can be for me to socialise.

It was so calm and chill there, made it a very comfortable meet.

Coffee was very nice and food was great!

It really made the day for me you came @shmoogleosukami, not only because I love your streams and vlogs - but because it showed you trusted me enough that it would be a relaxed and open day. Now you know where I am you are welcome to come and visit whenever you like - to see me roasting coffee and get the full experience or just chill out for a day. And next year the meet up will be bigger and better - I would love you to be a part of it and run the live stream for me, I'm sure you could turn it into something amazing (and me Twitch famous lol)

It's a possibility, Next year I am hoping to get back on track conquering this anxiety to an extent. :D

Hive meet ups are a great way to discuss ideas but also to promote the Blockchain, showing Hive isn't just a bunch of virtual people - it's backed by real world people who are passionate about the token


Really enjoyed meeting you lovely people in person. Thanks a million for hosting this amazing meet-up.

Next step is to open a coffee shop in London that accepts only $HIVE :)

Amazing to meet you, and a coffee shop that accepts cryptocurrency including Hive - that's a game changer. Keep in touch, I will help where I can to make this a reality - love your energy and passion - I can see why @theycallmedan calls you POSH

Thanks for hosting this @c0ff33a, was good meeting you and the rest who turned up. I hope all that food did'nt go to waste, it reminded me of SF3 Krakow and the layers of food all ready to be eaten during day 2.

That coffee was awesome, we had some this morning, lovely smell to it. I guess this is better quality that the bags of stuff you get from Tesco with a Starbucks brand on?

It was amazing putting faces to names I have admired for so long, and I still can't get over your adventures exploring derelict buildings. Rest assured all the food has already been eaten, I have four hungry mouths at home and a few elderly neighbours who were very happy to receive something a bit different.

I would like to think my coffee is way above anything you could buy in a supermarket, aside from being freshly roasted compared to six months plus old - I source most of my coffee direct from the farmers that grow it, it is all Speciality grade so well over 80+ cup score and some of my highest cup score coffee has been through a fermentation process before the coffee has been dried.

I will definitely be running a 2021 event, but now you know where I am you are welcome to pop in when you are passing, or @goblinknackers too.

I will forward this post to @goblinknackers as I know he doesn't do much on here anymore, but will want to try your coffee's for sure. I'm drinking yours right now again as I post this. @bingbabe is impressed by it too!

Awesome work @c0ff33a thanks again for all the hard effort put into bringing the community together hopefully there’s was tons of fantastic discussions going on I’m sure there was I was listening in the all of it lol

And op our continuing your twitch journey?!? Wel I look forward to seeing some roasts from you in the future :)

And yes the stream camera was the meme generator 😂 anyone that crossed became a victim I even clipped some small clips of the stream for ya to help you make a video of the best bits 😂

Again thank you for the amazing meet and I agree with Nathan mars need to buy coffee with hive 😉

Thank you so much for literally spending all day watching live the stream - whenever we were out of shot for a while I would go and message in the stream who was still watching - and you always replied. But I have to ask - did any of those sacks move? And do you want the worst Darth Vadar costume ever? It's cheap - compared to a Bugatti Veryon anyway.

Haha no the sacks didn’t move there was 12 counted them myself 😂 and wow the costume I think many people are interested in it lol

Also there is a reason I'm standing on a chair in this meme which I'm sure will show up in the highlight video once @c0ff33a has made it. :D

Wow ... It's fun and you get together and meet. You all seem to be having fun. (^_^)

It was very much a fun day, and I think everyone go what they wanted out of discussing the blockchain with other like minded users and making community bonds.

That was great! Bonding with friends also knows each other well... (^_^)

Dude!! You are so cool, hosting the meetup, despite the temperature of the world. That would have been fun, even with the rule of six.... Hmmm Would we have to have two separate groups if 12 showed up? Pull numbers to see who went home?

Kidding. I think it was perfect and I wanted to jump right through the screen and eat those sandwiches myself! They looked awesome. Do we get to see the Macarena? You know I'll be watching it. No @Slobberchops? Foul! No, I get it. I want to come, but, not with a camera in my face. :))

Looks like a blast!

And then there was coffee from @c0ff33a ! How could that be anything but awesome!!

Upped and reposted


It's definitely not a great time for meet up's, when I formulated the idea way back in June the UK had stabilised after the first wave of Coronavirus and previous pandemics like SARS showed an Autumn second wave would come - I though that would be late October but it seems Coronavirus had other plans - we've had a daily Dublin of infections since 3rd September and today reached the same number of confirmed cases per day as back in the start in March - this all reduced the numbers that had planned to come, but we few had a good day and it paved the way for me to plan future events.

I hear you! We are facing the same dilemma here in the States. This is like the houseguest that moves in with you and forgets to ask you if you mind. I'm glad you went through with it, but, that was pretty gutsy anyway. :)

It looked like a fun event!

Le sigh... we have winter to look forward to. As an aside, do you send you coffee to the States?


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Sooo gutted that I could not make it. But was great to see you all on the live stream. Covid has surely written this year for some.
My daughter was sent home from school last week as her teacher had tested positive so to be safe I had to cancel last minute.
Thanks for going above and beyond for the need of the platform and it’s members. You are a true representation of what a witness should be about.

You were very much missed, while I was sat with @stevenwood on Friday and Saturday night outside Kobenhavn Kraft beer bar we both agreed you would have hated the miserable experience of drinking a tasty beverage outdoors but still in a covered arcade. We might have had a few tasty beverages to make sure we were right 🙈 You cancelled for exactly the right reasons, and in 2021 the next meet up will be bigger and better once this horrendous virus is cleared out.

Very cool of you to host it! I hope that by this time next year everyone will have access to a vaccine and the virus wont be a threat!

I have the space to host it, we could have safely accommodated more then double with good social distancing - but the new UK law banning groups of more then six people put many off - along with the worry of increasing Coronavirus cases. We are today in the UK back with the same number of confirmed cases we had right at the start in March - so the second wave is here and it's going to be a long hard winter.

Good to see people starting to get together, get motivated, even if under ruling number of 6. Enjoyable read just for the fun of knowing everyone is staying connected!

@tipu curate

Thank you so much, and it was really amazing meeting in person so many people I had interacted online with for such a long time.

Always exciting to meet in person, couple of years ago many meetings were happening in different countries nice to see you revive one again.

I really wish I could have been there to see some old friends and make some new ones. The coffee was very tempting, but it is a long trip and I had a busy day anyway. I hope there will be other chances to meet up. We need to do an online one some time.


When I get to meet you it will be memorable I know, and I know it will happen because you are a big part of my Hive Blockchain experience - and you are probably one of the most active physical meet accounts the blockchain has. For me putting real faces to the names of virtual accounts I have interacted with for years was priceless, and I will do a meet up again in 2021 once Coronavirus has been dealt with, and it will be bigger and better.

It's great that you were able to do something in these strange times. I'm sure we will meet in the not too distant future. There needs to be a big UK meetup when that is possible again.

Cheers! !BEER

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Gutted to miss it! Looked like a good meet-up!

I loved it, even though I spent most of the day making coffee for everyone lol. But in 2021 it will be back for a bigger and better event, keep your diary open!

Meet ups always bring something new and I hope you would had very healthy discussion.

It was a fantastic day, just meeting in person people you have interacted with for years online is special - finding out they are just as nice and friendly in person - priceless.

interesting only 20 miles away from me

Well make sure you are free for the 2021 meet up

I'm sorry I had to pull out, would have loved to be there during the right conditions. Hopefully will get together one day!

You were missed just like all the others who were going to come, but it's a tough year and time - a global pandemic is not to be taken lightly and Coronavirus isn't a runny nose - it's a killer. Plus for me - it would cripple my business if I had to self isolate - so while I did not wish to cancel I respect that everyone who cancelled did so for the right reasons. And everyone that did visit had to fill out my NHS Track and Trace form and have their temperature taken - nobody was over 36 degrees.

In 2021 when Coronavirus is dealt with I will be doing the even again bigger and better, so watch this space.

Looking good all of you, nice to see things still going forward, although maybe not exactly as originally planned.

It was actually really amazing, just meeting people in real life you interact with virtually all the time is priceless - and it really showed me people act on the Hive Blockchain just like in real life - the nicest most friendly people you could hope to meet.

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Hey mate, sorry I have been away the last 2 weeks on a 98% digital detox so only just catching up to notifications now. Thanks for playing out my music at your meet up! Sounds and looks like it was good fun despite the impending lockdowns and restrictions trying to stop all the frivolities!

Hope everyone is well!