Pictures Attacked HiveLearners!

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Today's topic is pictures. I will be looking into my gallery and sharing some pictures with you while providing context for each one. It's that easy – BOOM!


My Some Rare Pictures:

I have shared a lot of my pictures on Hive, and it was a challenge to find some pictures that I hadn't shared before. Here are some unseen pictures of mine.

1little-me.jpg 2musical-instruments.jpg 3heavy-vehicle.jpg
4mermaid.jpg 5panda.jpg 6working.jpg

Picture 1:

I have shared many stories about when I was little, but have you ever wondered how I looked? This picture will satisfy your curiosity.

Picture 2:

Would you like to see a picture of me holding some traditional Sindhi musical instruments from my province? This picture will surely take you by surprise.

Picture 3:

Have you ever wondered how I would look while driving a heavy vehicle? Well, why keep wondering when you can have a look right now!

Picture 4:

Do you still laugh when you read the "I AM MERMAID" comedy blog? Watch me living life like a mermaid!

Picture 5:

This picture has been circulating in HiveLearners with a panda sticker on the face and a funny joke in the context. But now, no sticker! Take a look at the face with your naked eyes.

Picture 6:

Have you ever seen someone work on three connected systems simultaneously? Watch me as I handle the workload on three systems at once!


Panda Hunting:

Now it's time for some fun panda hunting pictures!

7panda-buscuit.jpg 8panda-aprons.jpg

Picture 7:

Have you ever wondered how lazy-panda gets his hive power? He fuels up with Panda Power biscuits, now available in Pakistan!

Picture 8:

Have you ever wondered what apron lazy-panda wears when his wife tells him to do the dishes? Well, I have some exciting news for you! The picture of his adorable panda apron has been leaked!


Some Rare Pictures:

Now it's time for some rare pictures.

9one-rupee-front.jpg 10one-rupee-back.jpg 11sick-lady-praying.jpg

Picture 9 & 10:

Since the one rupee note has been discontinued, it is a rare and nostalgic sight to own one. I always keep a one dollar note in my wallet, which I exchanged for a one rupee note. You can see me holding a one rupee note with pride.

Picture 11:

This is one of the most motivational pictures in my gallery. It captures a lady on a wheelchair praying before surgery. What is your reason for not doing the things you want to do in life?

Picture 12:

Antisocialist tried to teach me how to use # in memos and send encrypted messages to anyone on the blockchain. I wanted to share my research with specific people on Hive who were not in my contacts. Since this research was confidential, I was hesitant and didn't trust the encryption methods. However, surprisingly, the next day, my professor started teaching us about public and private keys as part of the course plan.

If Alice wants to send Bob an encrypted message, she will use Bob's public key to encrypt it, and Bob will use his private key to decrypt it. This ensures that no one else in the network can see what Alice sends to Bob. All public keys are stored in one place, while private keys are only stored on the client/user end. That's how I first understood the purpose of public and private keys.



13a-quote.jpg 14viewing-balochistan-from-karachi.jpg 15excited-for-hive-shirt.jpg
16a-start-of-new-world.jpg 17my-little-lambo.jpg 18pakistan-swimming-pool.jpg

Picture 13:

An iconic marriage website advertisement captured through my lens.

A Girl is saying in urdu:

"Saas na sahi par rishta tu khud chun sakti ho!"

English translation:

"Even if you can't pick your mother-in-law, you can choose your own husband!" (Thanks google translate for being bad at your job)

Picture 14:

My lens captured a picture from Karachi, but the mountains belong to Balochistan. (Karachi is located in Sindh province, while Balochistan is a separate province.)

This sight is always breathtaking for me. It's so refreshing and relaxing.

Picture 15:

While I was waiting for my Hive t-shirt.

Picture 16:

I have a lot of fidget spinners, but this one is particularly dear to me. It was a gift from someone special. The spinner is also symbolic, as it has opened many doors to new points of view in life.

Picture 17:

If you can't buy a Lamborghini, who says you can't buy one for your office desk? Meet my toy Lamborghini that motivates me to strive for my own Lamborghini. Oops, Lamborghini is considered old-fashioned now. I need a Bugatti!

Picture 18:

Do you want to enjoy swimming in a pool? Can't afford one? Don't worry, thanks to Pakistan's natural lack of management, there is a sponsored swimming pool wherever you look during the rainy season. Oh, you don't want to dip your toes in dirty water? Well, that's your loss!

Picture 19:

I have captured many sun pictures, and you have captured some as well. This particular one may not be the best, but it is my personal favorite among the other pictures I have taken.


Marine Life Artifacts:

Would you like to see something different now? Here are some pictures I took from an event organized at our university. They have a research lab and they sell shrimps, skincare products, and pink salt to fund some of the research.

20a-desk.jpg 21dolphin.jpg 22crab.jpg
23collect-in-jars.jpg 24more-collect-in-jar.jpg 25packs.jpg
26sea-shells.jpg 27fish-in-can.jpg 28crab.jpg
29i-don't-know.jpg 30more-skull.jpg 31more-crabs.jpg

Desks, dolphins, crabs, shell skulls, etc. Since I am not an expert to talk about this subject, I will not add context to each image and may skip providing context for some pictures where it is not needed.


Mental Health:

A trip dedicated to taking care of my mental health. Here are some pictures I want to share.

3232.jpg 3333.jpg 3434.jpg
3535.jpg 3636.jpg 3737.jpg
3838.jpg 3938.jpg 4040.jpg
4142.jpg 4242.jpg 4343.jpg
4444.jpg 4544.jpg 4645.jpg

Picture 32:

At the entrance, we can observe a cage that symbolizes how mental illnesses can imprison us. It depicts a bird, representing our freedom, to encourage us to address our mental health issues and allow ourselves to be free.

Picture 33:

This picture showcases several beautiful cards with messages like "Kindness always wins" and "I believe in you (brain)," among others. However, my personal favorite is the one that says, "Heart needs a lot of things while brain only needs hope."

Picture 34:

I thought it might be harder for you to read from the card. So here is what the card says:


And on days your mind feels like this,
A million thoughts going through your head,
Making you feel like an impostor in
your own home,
Driving you insane,
Are your efforts to hold on going in vain,
I want you to still hold on,
YOU, be strong;
There will come a day when this feeling
will be gone,
Just wait, Just hold on,
The anxiety will end,
You will survive."

Picture 35:

This card discusses what doesn't define us while highlighting aspects such as money, mistakes, degrees, illnesses, and more.

Picture 36:

Have you ever thought about what defines wellness? Explore the wellness wheel to gain control in your life.

Picture 37:

This picture showcases some healthy habits.

Picture 38:

Perfection can evoke fear within us. This quote encourages us to live life to the fullest, while also acknowledging that it's okay to make mistakes.

Picture 39:

Ever felt fed up with someone or something? Learn to create boundaries. Check out these images to learn more.

Picture 40:

An artwork made with balloons. This girl created a flower bouquet by filling balloons with air and painting with them.

Picture 41:

This is the place where my session was conducted. I was instructed to create an image of a house, but I ended up including a tree, mountains, and the sun. My doctor allowed me to do so. In the end, she discussed my personality and provided guidance on how to improve myself, highlighting specific areas I can focus on for self-improvement.

Picture 42:

Another artwork with balloons. We were also given the opportunity to create art using this technique and were provided with balloons and paint.

Picture 43:

A lot of cards with beautiful messages.

Picture 44:

The movie "Inside Out" themes chart sheds light on various topics related to mental health.

Picture 45:

Some goodies they gifted me on my way home.

Picture 46:

A Ramadan coloring page designed for coloring one picture per day, helping kids enjoy Ramadan in a fun way.


Food Time:

Forgot to bring your popcorn? Don't worry, it's food time.

4746.jpg 4847.jpg 4948.jpg
5049.jpg 5150.jpg 5251.jpg
5352.jpg 5453.jpg 5554.jpg
5655.jpg 5756.jpg 5857.jpg
5958.jpg 6059.jpg 6160.jpg
6261.jpg 6362.jpg 6463.jpg
6564.jpg 6665.jpg 6766.jpg
6867.jpg 6968.jpg 7069.jpg
7170.jpg 7271.jpg

Picture 47:

My own fun way to eat custard: add chocolate chips and powdered cake, then put it in the fridge. Just before eating, add cocomo. If you add it earlier, you know how the biscuits will taste. Give it a try, and you will be amazed. It's the creativity of the mind.

Picture 48:

When I prepare this type of meal in the morning, I feel like royalty.

Picture 49:

I was prepared in advance for the HiveLearners staff meeting, which lasted for over 3 hours.

Picture 50:

My brother-in-law made me pay. We have a very funny video capturing this moment. When my ATM wasn't working, he happened to be in a different location. When I told him it wasn't working, he joined me at the ATM machine and magically, it worked. To this day, he never believes me that it didn't work on the first attempt.

Picture 51 & 52:

My friend and I were having tea at an Islamic event after Taraweeh.

Picture 53, 54, & 55:

TerganFTP sponsored a meal for me and my family during the event when HivePakistan started accepting delegations and returning 90% of curation rewards. You can also delegate to HivePakistan and earn sweet curation returns in liquid Hive.

Picture 56:

Do you remember my post "Feathered Friends: A Business & Meditation!"? This is the meal we had that day, thanks to my friend.

Picture 57:

Enjoying chargha for the first time in Lahore.

Picture 58:

Another day, another self-made meal that gives a royal feeling.

Picture 59 & 60:

Lahore's famous Chaman ice cream. Pizza fries and zinger in Lahore.

Picture 61 & 62:

A meal with family after a beach day.

Picture 63:

A gift for Dad on his birthday while also taking care of his diabetes.

Picture 64:

Trying Subway footlong for the first time after my gym trainer instructed me to not eat zingers anymore. It was... ehhhh.

Picture 65:

Me enjoying tea while watching a Pakistan vs India match. People were emotional because of the match, but I am not a fan of watching cricket.

Picture 66:

A picture of a cake on my sister's birthday. Are they resembling a French kiss? Food ****!

Picture 67:

You know I prefer pulao over biryani, but did you know that I also eat samosa with pulao? I enjoy adding creative elements to my food.

Picture 68:

A memorable Oreo shake I bought for my grandma.

Picture 69:

Yummmm! Chicken anytime.

Picture 70:

Enjoying pizza fries from Doragi Street while my friend talks about his future plans (including marriage dreams, hehe).

Picture 71:

My friend and I were enjoying Foodpanda delivery in a public park, as if we had no home. It was funny to see people's reactions.

Picture 72:

Yes, this is the gigantic DOUBLE CRUNCH ZINGER BURGER I always talk about. It looks enormous, but I can finish it in 5-7 minutes every single time. I devour it like I belong to the caveman era.



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i did not know there was a lazy panda on hive :) operating mutiple systems at once done that :)

error detected you have 2x a picture 46

 11 months ago  

Came to report that as well. Looks like you have it covered already.

What a missed opportunity of stopping at #69

and no flower pictures :)

but i can help with that

 11 months ago  

@stresskiller You can also find flower image in 32nd Marriage Anniversary! post!

 11 months ago  

How about a tree as well?

 11 months ago (edited) 

@pravesh0 How about Fairytale Theme tree?

 11 months ago  

What a missed opportunity of stopping at #69

I wanted to but I already reduced images for each heading alot.

 11 months ago  

@stresskiller Thanks for spotting it. You got 1 hive tip for that.

@pravesh0 I saw your text after fixing it, enjoy 1 hive tip.

 11 months ago  

Thanks for the tip.

There should have been a spoiler before that Food Section, it's midnight and now I am hungry.

Btw your 26th photo, I have them in my home, lemme show you.



Your first pic is just amazing, it makes me sad that I don't have any photos from childhood.

Looks like we got a ride at your photo gallery, nice!!

 11 months ago  

That is big, colorful, and beautiful 😻

Don't be sad; I once thought I had no pictures of my childhood until I found one. This picture saw the daylight because my granda made efforts back in the day to ensure that I have them now. My grandma is famous in my fanbase because I talk about her a lot.

I was very little when my grandmother passed away. I can barely remember her face, all I have are some memories of the stories I heard from my parents when I was a child, acting childish with her. After being mature I didn't get to feel the warmth of any of my grandparents, may Allah bless them.

 11 months ago  

My grandma also passed away two months after my parents' wedding. My grandfather was a farmer and didn't have enough money to send my dad for higher education, so after completing 8th grade, my grandfather's sister adopted my dad. Since I had never seen my biological grandmother for most of my life, I was told that my adopted grandmother was my real grandmother. That's why I call her my grandmother.

All I want to say is, sometimes we lose our relations, but then we find them in new ways. After my grandfather's sister died, we called her another sister of my grandmother because they were both sisters and had a similar resemblance. I always find an elder person to attach to in my life.

Try to find your grandparents in a new form; you may discover a connection with them.

You were really fortunate to have someone as a replacement to fill that empty place, sadly I got/have none.

 11 months ago  

I still hope you will find someone to fill your heart or you can view the world from my POV.

Okay, I hope so too.

 11 months ago  

72 picture in a single post seems rare. In fact, I never seen any post having so many pictures.

In first picture you are sitting like a king but the King's chair is missing there 😅.

In second picture at first look it gave me an impression like you are selling fanta😂

Image 16

I also love to spin spinner but all of my spinner already vanished because kids of relatives took all of them. So, I stopped buying.

Image 17

It would be like a real one if you capture a photographs of it in road from lower angle.

Marine Life Artifacts

Those pictures are familiar to me as a student of fisheries department. 😅. Feeling good to see that kind of pictures here.

I won't say anything about food photographs because I am feeling hungry to see those photographs.

 11 months ago  

That red chair in my throne. :)

It's for a music event by Fanta. (I never liked Fanta. Dew is life.)

I don't have these issues as I am the youngest.

I have many, but this is the one the HL community knows. I shared it once in a heart-to-heart and shared the context, so I used the same image I shared in the Discord chat.

Try describing everything in jars, haha.

Food photos are my favorite too. I carefully only picked what is close to my heart.

Also, I am young, so definitely I am also into photography of my family.

 11 months ago  

I don't have these issues as I am the youngest.

And I am the eldest one among my siblings and cousins. So I can't deny it all the time whenever they ask something to take.

72 photographs in a single post is a rare thing in the hive. In my eyes, it's the first one I have seen on this platform having so many photographs. Can you share the reason or motive behind making such kind of rare post if you feel comfortable? I am curious to know it.

 11 months ago (edited) 

What are my reasons????? Hmmmm, I am not comfortable sharing them here. It's kind of related to hive plateform as a whole and not linked to my individuality. Maybe If u look in HL discord chats you will find it 💕

And many more reasons sealed in my heart for delivering this 💥

 11 months ago  

This is the most collection of pictures I have seen on the blog or anywhere else

Absolutely amazing

 11 months ago (edited) 

Thank you!

 11 months ago (edited) 

DLM just broke a record in hive. lol; 72 pictures in a blog, all well described! Nice ✅.I really love the food collection section.

What a way to save your unique memories!
When I lost my other phone, what pained me more was the amazing pictures I had on the phone, so it's even nicer that you have these pictures here in hive.

Also, the first image is an award; how did it come about? You designed it yourself? It's really looking unique as well.

I see lots of effort put in here
Good job 👍

 11 months ago  

I also love the food collection.

Idksamad and me where discussing same thing in comment section. It's not 100% backed up now but it's better.

A friend dropped in chat for me to use it.

that is a nice post. That 1 Rs tho :P keep it safe, it's an asset. dang i [ove that 1 RS note now i also want one

 11 months ago  

I know a friend who is around 30 years old. He had some 1 rupee notes, so I gave him a dollar in exchange for one rupee.

My father told me that it's not too rare, as many Pakistanis hold more than one rupee note, and a dollar note is rare for them, as they mostly visit Forex shops nearby.

According to the Pakistani method, you just need to find an elderly person and offer them something valuable in exchange to obtain a one rupee note.

 11 months ago  

Exchange rupee for something
You will need something worth of a rupee right??

 11 months ago  

Since the 1 rupee note is not in circulation and is a rare collector's item, you may need to offer something valuable in exchange, and it will ultimately depend on the receiver to accept or reject it. Its value is primarily emotional.

The dollar note I received was given to me by someone who was Pakistani and had married an American lady. According to him and the person who exchanged it with me, it was considered lucky. However, for me, the 1 rupee note held much more value because of the sentimental attachment I had to the giver. Emotional values are subjective and personal.

 11 months ago  

I do remember those 1 rupee notes, It took me to my childhood memories, at that time this 1 rupee was enough for us for the whole day. I remember buying many things from it. Keep it safe with you.

 11 months ago  

Inflation 😺

 11 months ago (edited) 

You can sell this note online for 100 rupees :P fight the inflation with that 100 rupees :D

 11 months ago  

It costs around 300 rupees as per my knowledge

 11 months ago  

if that's the case, you can fight the inflation with more force :D

 11 months ago  

We can also throw rocks at inflation monster and beat him with stick :)

 11 months ago  

Can you please tell me who is the inflation monster? :D So I could play my part in throwing the rocks towards him:D

Wow great bro, 72 pics with full description, really nice 👍, it's looking like small biographi of your life❤️

 11 months ago  

Thank you.

 11 months ago  

I was actually reading the post to where lazy panda gets his hive power but then I decided to scroll down and see what next

Then bam a lot of pictures down there even food wow with your sister's birthday cake

Gosh you really like taking pictures I respect you for that in fact you have choose some beautiful pictures for this contest

 11 months ago  

Bam bam bam bam ........

Thank you 😊

 11 months ago  

Bruh has secured whole collection of images on Blockchain till eternity.. man, I seriously lost my most of memorable pictures and had no backup.

!LOL, now I post em all on Blockchain.

Never knew we had a 1 rupee note 😂, I thought 5rs note is the only rare.

 11 months ago (edited) 

Yup, During my switch from moto e4 to poco x3, I lost alot of memories too. This was one of the reasons of this post. Atleast the food pics should be secured hehe

Anyways, images are hosted on peakd servers. So you should know where centralization comes in. As much as I know, if something goes wrong, images can still be lost or removed. But chances are too low now.

 11 months ago  

Ah, it hurts!

Food pics? Haha 😂

Anyways, images are hosted on peakd servers. So you should know where centralization comes in

Oh, yeah I know... It's all about low chances and moar secure.

 11 months ago (edited) 

You are looking nice in rung full, Which one is the oldest the one rupee note or the computer lol
I also had an album from my childhood but don't know where it is right now. If I find it I will share mine and I am pretty sure you will not recognize me:)
The first time I learned about the encrypted memo and the use of keys. Thanks for sharing with us.


Why does a Moon rock taste better than an Earth rock?
It's a little meteor

Credit: reddit
@dlmmqb, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @shiekhnouman



 11 months ago  

Thank you.

I don't know.

I will look forward to it.

I knew about keys, but why we have a public key bothered me a lot. Try sending me 0.001 Hive with a memo starting from "#".

It's like an encrypted chat.

 11 months ago  

Am only interested in how you managed and operate 3 systems at once, isnt the workload much? wont you it break you down? Anyways those food got me salivating especially the burger wish i can have some. 😋

 11 months ago  

This picture is from the day when I was preparing a proposal for a software project called "Investor's Heaven". It provides a quiz that identifies our investor type and suggests stocks while dividing our money accordingly. My friend took this picture when I was explaining to him about its model.

For this service, brokers charge a minimum of 5000 rupees per month. For instance, according to "Investor's Heaven", I was classified as a moderately conservative investor.

All these devices were connected to each other, allowing me to move my cursor seamlessly from one PC to another. I had multiple charts open in front of me, so I used three screens to enhance my software.

I hope I have clarified any doubts you may have had. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

 11 months ago  

ohhh of course understood, i thought it was machinery you operate 3 at once, was wondering how you drove them. now i understand its a PC still feels cool tgou how you designed and can navigate withing short time

 11 months ago  

Regarding burgers, the burger in the last picture is my favorite. One day, I might take on the challenge of eating it as quickly as possible in a video. I also did a challenge video for Gol Gappy, but I plan to upload it in the future.

 11 months ago  

why eat it too quickly will you enjoy it that way?

 11 months ago  

I am practicing eating food faster in order to one day be able to create videos of myself eating for entertainment purposes.

Alternatively, you could say that when food is placed in front of me, I often have difficulty stopping myself from eating it. It's also true that I don't typically add ketchup or sauces to my food.

 11 months ago  

Ohh that is why you can eat it faster no ketchup or sauce to feel the delicious taste of the food.

Hmmm i love to watch that game were you eat food fast but it'll be nice to watch you competing with someone, you can ask any of your friends around to compete with you that way it will bring the video alive and make it more fun than eating alone

 11 months ago  

Noted. Thanks!

 11 months ago  

Thank you for thanking☺️

 11 months ago  

Oh my! These are a lot of pictures... And sometimes you'll feel like you aren't taking enough pictures 😂

How did you get such an award? The first image... It's so cool and interesting to see.

This post will have to win that award again hehe

 11 months ago  

That award image was sent to me by a hive friend. Seems like a good image for starter.

 11 months ago  

Wow really cool
It was perfect for a starter hehe

 11 months ago  

Facebook and other platforms are just the only place to keep memories and Hive is doing just fine as a place to keep memories as well.

That's quite a lot of pictures but I enjoyed reading the text attached, I will say you have been this cute guy from childhood.

Those foods, I feel like having a taste of everything. You set the record and this is impressive, happy new week, and cheers to a successful week. Hugs

 11 months ago  


Thank you!

Wow, that's great. :)
Thank you.

 11 months ago  

I'd write more but I'm on a mini vacation with my son.

Thanks for mentioning me and thanks for all the cool pictures

 11 months ago  

Your welcome 🤗

I wish you also get new followers from this href.

 11 months ago  

Thanks. Right now I'm posting about trying to live on 2.15 usd (615 Pakistani rupee) per month. Not sure I want more followers until I finish... Getting some spirited responses .. not sure I'd be able to respond to everyone if I had more followers 😅

 11 months ago  

The lowest cost of labour is 500 but mostly 1000 per day. It's crazy to assume you r even trying this low number. Good luck 🤞

 11 months ago  

That's the World Bank cutoff for extreme poverty and minimum wage for our Nigerian writers. I know its virtually impossible but I have time and financial expertise. If I can't come up with some valid points then the poor are truly out of luck.

Of course it is a fools errand to be sure. However, I'm having fun trying and as I said getting some spirited responses from the community.

(In Canada a room for rent is closer to 500 HBD per month so 2.15 is just plain lunacy. However, I can get my food bill that low at least...sort of :)

Good to hear from you and I'll be looking to delegate more to the Hive Pakistan group when I get back from my mini vacation.

 11 months ago  

Looking forward to whatever you come up with. :)

You've got some memorable pics, I like the 57 item. !LOLZ
Keep buzzing.

What's the most modern plant?
A courant bush.

Credit: reddit
@dlmmqb, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @lordshah



 11 months ago  

This is funny in a sense you have to scroll up and downs alot. 😂

 11 months ago  

This is really amazing challenge, 72 pictures in a single post, this is the first time seeing this and this really take you time to update and arrange those pictures. Congratulations

 11 months ago  

Glad you appreciate it, Thanks!

 11 months ago  

Wow, those are splendid pictures from you, you really did very well in sharing those pictures of yours, I like the way you categorized them. Big-ups to you. Have a nice day.

 11 months ago  

Thank you

 11 months ago  

oh bhai sahaab , sare hdd kahle kr de yha he 😅

 11 months ago  

Thaye thaye, diesh diesh.....

 11 months ago  

It is a airdrop!!! Hahhaa booom

 11 months ago  

Indeed, it's an airdrop for some eyes. :)

Interesting 🤔

 11 months ago  

Glad you found it interesting


 11 months ago  


Yay! 🤗
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