An Important Announcement Regarding What Kind Of Contents Can Be Shared in Our Community

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Hey Everyone! We hope you are having a nice day. After providing the updated guidelines about our user verification system, we have successfully moved the process to our discord server. Now, we are focusing on how to bring diversification on the contents in our community.

So, today we've come up with a new announcement regarding what kind of contents we want to see from the bloggers of Hive Learners community.


Currently, majority of the photography posts that are shared in our community are low quality content as some of the members just post a lot of pictures accompanied with few words which makes very bad impression when someone is visiting our community. As it’s a learning community, every member should always be ready to try, learn & explore new things (like new ways of writing & other type of contents) and not just be comfortable with the one form of writing they know, which is photography.

So from now, we will be encouraging & prioritizing members of the community to go into other form of writing as there are already too many photography related post which gives wrong ideas to newbies who would like to join the community. As an example, you can share story, poems, vlogs, reviews etc. You can try creating contents related to foods even sports/movies also. All we want to see is the effort & dedication of the authors.

[If you are a new member in our community, please go through our Verification Process & regularly follow our Rules & Guidelines]

A Notice For The Members:- Tutorials & Informative Posts Regarding Stage 02 and Stage 03 will be published soon.


Thank You


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 2 years ago  

This is actually very good, there are many ideas for creating content, so we can display whatever we are experiencing or the circumstances around us. I think, this is a very easy and cheap thing without having to bother looking any stuffs for a content.

 2 years ago  

We will carefully follow all the rules that apply in this community, and it's true that writing doesn't always have to be related to photography. There are many other things around us that we can make as the theme of writing.

Thank you for the direction and guidance @kronias

 2 years ago  

The invitation link to discord has expired

 2 years ago  

It's a good idea, I think I need to try it

 2 years ago  

I agree with many of these creative ideas, photography is not the only way to post. Some deep thinking and insight will be more appreciated by your viewer.

I have a question tho, Is the community open to everyone who wants to learn?.

 2 years ago (edited) 

I have a question tho, Is the community open to everyone who wants to learn?

Yes, of course. This community is open to everyone, but following our rules & regulation is mandatory

 2 years ago (edited) 

Can I post about stuffs related to online internet marketing businesses and opportunities?

 2 years ago  

You can share your experience & knowledge about it so that others can learn & gather ideas from your contents

 2 years ago  

Okay. Thanks

Hey @kronias This is @alfazmalek02,

I Hope you well and happy. I want ask you a question like i'm new on hive because I've not posted on hive communities so I'm from medical field and I've knowladge of disease and disorders and posting on steemit. So this type of content are valid in this community and I can get upvote?

If your content is original & not published previously on anywhere else, then you can make posts in our community.

I can get upvote?

What do you mean by this? No one can guarantee you upvotes. Also, DO NOT share same contents that you’ve published on steemit. This will result in getting muted/downvoted

Can I post as a freewriting blogger?
I am an old user of this group
When the name of this group was "Beauty of Creativity "

I found this group after so many days due to changing the name of the group

 2 years ago  

Thanks for sharing this announcement. We really need to improve in our content creation

This is really amazing,with this announcement it will guide us alot not to go astray in writing

 2 years ago  

Thanks for the heads up.

 2 years ago  

Noted. Thank you so much.

 2 years ago  

Thanks a lot♥️

 2 years ago  

Diversification is key. A little spice always makes communities more fun.

Videos can be uploaded here or not?

 2 years ago  

It understood. Thanks bfor the guide.

Well said. I've just subscribed, glad to be here.

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 2 years ago  Reveal Comment
 2 years ago  

Yes, Sure. You are welcome to make freewriting contents

 2 years ago (edited) Reveal Comment
 2 years ago  Reveal Comment
 2 years ago  

I will love to do Vblog too but how do I go about it please?

Do you mean Video Blogs? In that case, you still need to write on what topic you’ve made that video. A well-detailed description would be appreciated.

Note: you must include your username in that video