Weekly Activity Report Of Verified Bloggers in Hive Learners Community

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Greetings everyone! Today we are going to publish this week's activity of the bloggers in "Hive Learners" community

There were total 82 verified members who were active in our community this week. As per the community rules, we encourage everyone to make at least 3 meaningful comments per day and engage with others so that we all can learn & share our knowledge together.

Here's the list of this week's bloggers and their total posts & comments count in our community:-


1@aburihan152Stage 01Bangladesh
2@adi.pisces45Stage 01Indonesia
3@alkhalidi9268Stage 01Indonesia
4@aminah0166Stage 01Indonesia
5@amryksr56Stage 01Indonesia
6@aneuk-aceh12Stage 01Indonesia
7@anikearn312Stage 01Bangladesh
8@ardiansaputra20Stage 01Indonesia
9@ariylove23Stage 01Nigeria
10@arul0112Stage 01Indonesia
11@arulbloger00Stage 01Indonesia
12@auto-moderation50Auto Moderation Bot
13@awuahbenjamin20Stage 01Ghana
14@barry40526Stage 01Nigeria
15@basyir0132Stage 01Indonesia
16@bhattg61Community FriendIndia
17@borsha10054Community MOD
18@bruno-kema55Community MOD
19@cryptofi36Stage 01Nigeria
20@cwow201Community FriendDenmark
21@deimage05Stage 01Indonesia
22@dianissteem12Stage 01Indonesia
23@divplanet13Stage 01Nigeria
24@drhive7510Stage 01Pakistan
25@drtipu10Stage 01Pakistan
26@ekachiyuni56Stage 01Indonesia
27@fernandoylet03Stage 01Usa
28@fery36Stage 01Indonesia
29@furkanmamplam22Stage 01Indonesia
30@gone-hive13Stage 01Nigeria
31@hattaarshavin52Stage 01Indonesia
32@hivemaster0100Stage 01Pakistan
33@holatoorera11Stage 01Nigeria
34@husnainjutt20Stage 01Pakistan
35@idayrus828Stage 01Indonesia
36@imam-samudra30Stage 01Indonesia
37@irman20Stage 01Indonesia
38@jasonmunapasee712Stage 01Indonesia
39@jianil9010Stage 01Bangladesh
41@jms21132Stage 01Indonesia
42@joelibra64Stage 01Indonesia
43@kawsar8035714Stage 01Bangladesh
44@khaidir55Stage 01Indonesia
45@kronias55Quality Controller (QC)
46@mahirabdullah010Community MOD
47@mamun12345660Stage 01Bangladesh
48@maulidar58Stage 01Indonesia
49@mnurhiver32Stage 01Indonesia
50@mohd.ichsan22Stage 01Indonesia
52@naisfreedom00Stage 01Indonesia
53@neoseven47Stage 01Indonesia
54@nice-macro32Stage 01Indonesia
56@prayzz532Community MOD
57@puma009713Stage 01Bangladesh
58@rasel7252Stage 01Bangladesh
59@ratu-hive20Stage 01Indonesia
60@resyiazhari02Under Surveillance (7 Days)
61@ridor530184Stage 01Indonesia
62@ridoy1212Stage 01Bangladesh
63@ridwant38Stage 01Indonesia
64@rizkiavonna24Stage 01Indonesia
65@saifuddin7319Stage 01Indonesia
66@sanaula12311Stage 01Bangladesh
67@sarkash701100Stage 01India [First Warning]
68@seha76612Stage 01Indonesia
69@shopnilhasan416Stage 01Bangladesh
70@sir-lionel12Stage 01Venezuela
71@soehada10Stage 01Indonesia
72@steemadi53Stage 01Indonesia
73@steem-muksal46Stage 01Indonesia
74@suhadi42Stage 01Indonesia
76@taniagonzalez01Stage 01Venezuela
77@tumppa-queen66Stage 01Bangladesh
78@ummamah133Stage 01Indonesia
79@vikar514Stage 01Indonesia
80@waliphoto02Stage 01Indonesia
81@yulia-hive00Stage 01Indonesia
82@ziabutt383659Stage 01Pakistan

So, This is current week's activity list of the bloggers in Hive Learners community. We will keep an eye on the activity & engagement of each blogger.

If you are a new member in our community, complete Verification Process from our discord server & participate in our learning stage to get support from us. To know more about our community, please go through our Rules & Guidelines


Thank You

 8 months ago  

You can add "Denmark" to the country for me ^^

 8 months ago  

Updated. Thank You 👌

 8 months ago  

thank you so much for the support and love really means a lot.

!giphy thanks


 8 months ago  

Thank you so much @kronias good job👌


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Thank you very much sir for mentioning my name number one

 8 months ago  

Thanks @kronias for mentioning me in your post.

@kronias! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ziabutt3836. (2/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

 8 months ago  

Perfect. My name is on the list. 🔥
When we can start to make Stage-03 ?

 8 months ago  

Big updates are coming soon in our community. Follow our announcements for latest updates

 8 months ago  


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 8 months ago  

Muchas gracias por la aceptación en esta comunidad. saludos para todos

 8 months ago  

Extremely grateful to be a part of the community

 8 months ago  

Thank you very much for the support and good information.

thank you and always success

 8 months ago  

thanks @kronias for mentioning me in your post.
when will my name be mentioned in the stage-02 pass list
I'm really waiting.

 8 months ago  

It's great to still be in this amazing community and I will continue to try to be active, even though sometimes busy with work and other activities and hopefully I can always learn with all of you here.

 8 months ago  

Thank you @@@kronias

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 8 months ago  

This is my himself (hive learners)post.please see my post and verify it.

My link:-

 8 months ago  

We didn’t ask members to share introduction post. Follow our Verification Guidelines

 8 months ago  

@kronias thanks to you and the entire community at large. Great job.

 8 months ago  

thank you all friends, I am very happy to join this community, hopefully here we can learn from each other.

 8 months ago  

At first, sort out your issues with Hivewatcher. Otherwise, we cannot support you in future.

 8 months ago  

with my respect to Hive Learners. On this happy day I have apologized to hivewatchers. and I have been forgiven. Thank you.

 8 months ago  

I really want to solve this problem, but I don't know how I can communicate with Hivewatcher. do you have any suggestions?