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It's one thing to acquire a job; it's quite another to be able to manage your employment with your study. A choice always attempts to prioritize one over the other. I don't know about you, but my job is more important to me than my studies because there is no studying without the money I receive from my employment.

Aside from my activity on Hive, I don't have any other jobs. Not necessarily blogging, but other small projects I'm working on, such as the i.e. The Newbies Initiative, Hive Bootcamp. These activities need a significant amount of personal time, which is difficult to combine with studies.

It has been easy for me for a few months now because all schools in my country have been on strike for seven months. The government has failed to pay lecturers' school fees, and as a result, lecturers have refused to work.

In some ways, this has been a blessing in disguise because it has allowed me to devote more time to developing my tech profession and learning programming languages such as javaScript, C, and Python (still on course). This effect has also caused me to ponder what career I want to pursue after finishing my education as a Mechatronics Student.

Balancing Hive with everyday courses and preparing for tests and examinations was a lot of work for me well before the school strike. My Hive coworkers are always asking me how I juggle everything. How do I even conceive of articles to write or blog posts to publish?


But, in reality, I've grown accustomed to writing solely when I feel like it. I don't like the notion that I have to postpone a lot of other things merely to stay on track with daily rewards. Although this is a bonus for me, I only do it when I have the time, and most of the time, I make the time in the midst of very busy schedules.


Before joining hive, when I was at a polytechnic (college), I had always desired the possibility to work and earn money while studying. That was approximately 2016-2018 before I met hive, and it was a terrible financial time for me while I was in school. Those were difficult and trying years for me. I'm grateful to Hive for rescuing me.


Aside from Hive activities, I am taking Cloud Engineering courses, learning Spanish on Duolingo (on a 71-day streak presently), and religious activities that take up most of my Wednesday evenings and weekends.


Every morning when I wake up at 4 or 5 a.m., I spend about an hour learning Spanish on Duolingo. It's always the first thing I do in the morning because it's easy to overlook when other heavy, brain-tasking things come up. Then I spend the next few hours navigating through peakd, discord and whatsapp for messages and contacts to check up on.


The majority of my day is spent studying my online course lessons or attempting to answer questions via Whatsapp. I receive that a lot because of the large number of newbies I've introduced to Hive.

As I previously stated, I write my articles whenever I am motivated or inspired to do so. I'm always having trouble drafting many posts to schedule for later. They are typically completed as inspiration strikes and published once completed.

I make an effort not to write hurriedly, so I usually have time to use the Canva tool to create my thumbnail. When I write an article, I sometimes start by creating the thumbnail, but more often than not, I do so immediately after I have finished writing the piece.

I wouldn't say I've properly balanced my studies and work, and I'm not sure how it will be if the strike is called off, because I'd have to combine physical school with online education while simultaneously working. I'm hoping it won't be too stressful for me.


But, given that I've been on the chain for four years, I'd know just when to incorporate Hive into my daily routine. I can only say that Hive has become a part of me, and it's difficult to get through the day without checking in with Hive.


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Starstrings01, also known as Giftedhands, attends the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta to study Mechatronics Engineering. He is a lover of the hive, a guitarist from Nigeria, and a student.

His ambition on Hive is to be more than just an ordinary blogger; he wants to be someone with a purpose. That's why he started the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Please follow the @newbies-hive curation trail by clicking here.

He tries to juggle education with being active on the chain, but his love and passion for Hive keep him on track..

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 5 months ago  

Personal management is key in these generation, or else, the debtors will come knocking,either Sapa or illness lol.

Balancing all these are good, but keeping mental fit, avoiding a breakdown is key.. I ve recently noticed a typical cycle for me too and something's just hade to bulge for more important ones.

I hope your anchor holds when your school resumes bro, but I m really glad you re making excellent use of the time.

I m really sorry for those who have wasted 7months just like that..

Yeah but at the same time, I have use it to build some skills brother!… So I don’t totally call it a waste.

 5 months ago  

No you are not wasting it.. I meant those who had sat at home doing nothing.. you na boss na

Lol. Me boss ke… na your footsteps I dey follow.

 5 months ago  

Na people wey get weight their footsteps dey show for ground..

You no see anything.. I never reach abeg..

 5 months ago  

Yes, he's indeed making a very good use of his time.

Those that are at home waiting for the strike to be over without engaging in one or two things, it's their luck.

 5 months ago  

hehe.. did you say luck, bad luck?

 5 months ago  

Yes, I said luck, lolz 🤣🤣.

 5 months ago  

I'm imagining how it's going to be like when school eventually resumes. That stress is going to be crazy and being human, I hope you stay fit. Nevertheless, man's gotta hustle no matter what. Keep building the goals.

Bro! School have tire me I won’t lie because I would be letting stuffs that I would not need on real life applications.

 5 months ago  

Well, this is why we need to make sacrifices, sometimes life gives us difficult situations to handle or deal with. Just know that when school resumes you'll be having to make tough Choices.

Balancing so many things has been so difficult me, I’m always impressed with how you manage. Also glad you are learning programming, I’m sure it’ll serve you well!

Balancing so many things has been so difficult me, I’m always impressed with how you manage. Also glad you are learning programming, I’m sure it’ll serve you well!

It is good to see you here brother... It is not easy to balance a lot of things together, it requires sacrifice most of the time... The sacrifice comes sometimes to come as time for sleep, or time for one of those other activities to give to sleep

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 5 months ago  

From your post, I think time management plays a huge role in being able to combine school and work. You have been able to create a balance in everything you are doing at the moment and including studies when school return is what's which will be difficult but I know you can do it.

Bro! Thanks for the motivating words. I just need to put myself together when school resumes finally.

Wow - fair play, it sounds like you are working very hard to manage all of this. I was quite lucky and didnt have to work while I was at university (our government paid our fees and gave us a grant to live from back then - but not any longer). I could not imagine that I would have gotten through if I had to work as well - it would have been too difficult for me. Best of luck with it all.

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Wow which country is this... I think the only country I know that does this is Denmark... I have a friend (@cwow2) who told me about the government giving grants to students for studying... and seems schools are free there... Oh! I would really love to visit Denmark...

Yeah it is quite difficult to strike a balance, and I won't lie, my academics bleeds because of this... I am not doing as great in my CGPA... I am not sad, because I know I may not even use the certificate to do anything rather than the skills I am building already.

 5 months ago  

Not sure, but I think @hoosie is from Scotland? From what I could gather from his/her posts :p

Also, The Netherlands almost have the same model as Denmark when it comes to school, with some slight changes :D

 5 months ago  

To start with, your cover image got me captivated 👌 You are too good with canva design, Weldon!

Work and study are doable especially when you manage your time though I must admit that it's never an easy task. It will require a lot of sacrifices for one to achieve a set goal.
From what you explained here, it's obvious that you have a good timetable to accommodate all that is before your table and I do hope the stress won't be much when the strike is over!

Smiles... I would not take the credit... but this cover image was done by @finguru... I sent him the one I made with canva and he said, NO I can produce something way better, he shocked my eyes with his skills in Canva design. I am learning from him obviously...

@nkemakonam89 the truth is, since the strike I am tired of going to school.. I just want to stay at home and keep learning by myself, building my skills and move on with my life. The truth is, if my parents agrees to this, I don't mind doing this. But I know they won't, so let me just keep pushing until all this is over.

 5 months ago  

Wow🤭🤭🤭🤭, @finguru you are a guru 🤩, woot!!!!! This is super beautiful... good job!👌👍

the truth is, since the strike I am tired of going to school.

Hahahahaha.....I can't stop laughing here but seriously I understand you. It can be so tiring with the way the whole thing is moving. The truth is that even if the strike is over tomorrow, no one really can guarantee that next year will be free of the ASSUU strike again. Anyway, I blame my dear country for this but then, whatever has a beginning also has an end! Just try to finish what you have started no matter the ugly circumstances behind it.

I wish you GRACE 🙏

I can relate to how difficult it is managing school and Hive. The past 2 weeks has been a busy one for me offline, and I’m struggling to get back on my engagement game after this past weeks of being inactive. It’s not easy, but I’m managing it slowly.

yeah, I know you had exams... I think you should be done with it by now... So how did the exams go?

Bro, exam days are the worst days. you have to let go of Hive during those periods because you need all the time in the world to prepare for them. But during my exams, I still create time for Hive but not as much as a normal day.

Exams is going great! The papers I’ve written so far went well, and I have one last paper on Friday. After exam, we’ll have final year project to complete, but I think I’ll have a bit of time to get active here again.

 5 months ago  

I can imagine how hard it is for you
Recently i can’t even get hold of a chance for hive after a full days work

I want to be like you when I grow up

smiles... you are the senior mama here..

I should be saying I want to be like you when I grow up. who am I, infact who I am, or am who I?

 5 months ago  

Rookie left this chat 🤣

I dey follow you for back as na your HBD savings dey enter my eye like this... 😅

 5 months ago  

Let me go and kuku withdraw it so that you people will allow me drink water drop cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You can send some to me before you withdraw it.. 😉😉

It seems to me you carry yourself with discipline. And I resonate with the ambitions for this platform.

I like the balance you strike. Finding my own has been a work in progress...

Discipline is what makes man consistence.. Doing things sometimes when you don't feel like but you know you just have to, so that the end goal can be met.

Bro I am trying my best, I don't even know If I have everything already figured out myself.

Schools are just also beginning in my country after the three years break and home schooling... And its a great adjustments for students... A well plan time management is great tool to cope up

 5 months ago  

Eiiiiiiii how Is it going to be when schools finally resumes, a whole lot of work.
Have always love Spanish too I should make use of this time j learning just like you

 5 months ago  

It's not going to be easy at all for someone like you balancing work and studies because you are so engaged with so many things at the same time. I remember one time you said something about you not getting enough rest, how can you? But thank God schools are on strike, the work is a little lessen but for the boss that you are, you looked for a replacement immediately, lolz. The truth is I don't even want them to resume again if not for some final year students.

Why do we even go to school? Is it not to get money? Abeg for me this strike is indeed a blessing in disguise but only to few with insight 😬.

 5 months ago  

Found it very hard to navigate working and learning because they don't really give much time to themselves but once you fix up your time well, you'll adapt.

 4 months ago  

I remember when I was a student. It was very hard to balance work.
Nice post!

from duolingo statistics, I have learnt about 500 Spanish words... I can't just tell you like this, but I can speak some sentences... but do not yet know how to write or speak all the sentences that comes to my mind.