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The days are still warm ... even hot around noon ...

IMG_7921 malo.jpg

... the sea is nice and inviting ... but this photograph was taken in the evening, when the atmosphere is considerably more refreshing.

IMG_2866 malo.jpg

I took a long walk along the coastline a week ago, the last Wednesday precisely ...

IMG_7584 malo.jpg

... spent practically the whole day, morning excluded, rambling around quiet fields, meadows and rocks along the sea.

IMG_7750 malo.jpg

That's why this post ended up to be an eclectic, colorful mix ...

IMG_6646 malo.jpg

... of wide blue seascapes ...

IMG_7538 malo.jpg

... colorful plant life ...

IMG_7606 malo.jpg

... colorful insect life ...


... and even some garbage.

IMG_4534 malo.jpg

I did a bit of snorkeling as well ... and then I sat and watched the sea ... the horizon ... and what's going on around me in general.

IMG_4537 malo.jpg

Some fishermen were throwing the nets not far from the coast.

IMG_5799 malo.jpg

This larger fishing boat was directed out of the bay, in open Adriatic. The crew will probably stay a few days at sea.

IMG_7549 malo.jpg

The coastal meadows were covered with flowers ...

IMG_7553 malo.jpg

... so I took a few shots there ...

IMG_7541 malo.jpg

... and continued along narrow dusty roads surrounded bay tall grass and various bushes.

IMG_7543 malo.jpg

Now, with the autumn being near, almost visible on the horizon of the year's cycle ...

IMG_7544 malo.jpg

... many of those bushes are covered with colorful berries. These are the fruits of Smilax aspera, thorny climbing plant that grows along shrubs and small trees. Here the berries are photographed with the green background of the Tree Heather (Erica arborea) ...


... while the same kind of berries on this enlargeable photograph are growing around the resilient leaves and branches of the plant called Spanish broom (Spartium junceum)

IMG_7678 malo.jpg

These lovely fruits are insipid and unpalatable to humans, but they are not poisonous ... and are on the menu of many local birds.

IMG_7535 malo.jpg

The blackberries are completely black and shiny when ripened and ready to eat ...

IMG_7539 malo.jpg

... and they are usually in that phase at the end of the summer ...

IMG_7525 malo.jpg

... but the blackberries on this shrub along the road ...

IMG_7533 malo.jpg

... somehow remained joyfully red ... and sour ...

IMG_7530 malo.jpg

... till further notice.

IMG_7689 malo.jpg

The small fruits of the asparagus plant are green like the rest of this plant ...

IMG_7699 malo.jpg

... that grows in the thorny intricate mix of vegetation.


The Crioceris duodecimpunctata beetle is a species closely connected to this plant. The larvae of this leaf beetle feed only on the asparagus berries ... while adults prefer tender sprouts and young leaves ... and feed on various other plants with soft juicy leaves, like pumpkins and zucchini ad example. After a short posing for this shot ...

IMG_5984 malo.jpg

... the beetle disappeared among the thorny leaves.

IMG_7773 malo.jpg

Further down the road ...


... I was surrounded by fields and open meadows again.

IMG_7751 malo.jpg

Portulaca oleracea grows abundantly on agricultural fields, when they are put to rest after the harvest of cultivated plant, like potatoes or cabbages ...

IMG_7752 malo.jpg

... it's spreading low along the terrain like some strange, alien cardiovascular system that doesn't require a body to exist ... and it's a very tasty and nutrient plant ... often better food than some of the stuff cultivated before her appearance.

IMG_7758 malo.jpg

It was highly regarded as food and medicine in ancient times ...

IMG_7755 malo.jpg

... and it has lovely yellow flowers that appear in big numbers in this period.


Fennel is another tasty vegan edible from these meadows ...

IMG_7582 malo.jpg

... the plants are pretty high and dry now ...

IMG_7580 malo.jpg

... and the tiny flowers had turned into tiny fruits ... you can see the colorful Graphosoma lineatum bug on this cluster.

IMG_7619 malo.jpg

A pair of these bugs is mating on another cluster of the same plant.

IMG_7602 malo.jpg

I saw plenty of bugs on fennel. This is the Carpocoris purpureipennis. This one is orange - brown ...

IMG_7613 malo.jpg

... but Carpocoris purpureipennis is a pretty colorful species ...

IMG_7610 malo.jpg

... that comes in quite a few interesting variations.

IMG_7597 malo.jpg

Some fruits are bright yellow ...

IMG_7593 malo.jpg

... and this minuscule fly is feeding on them.

IMG_7655 malo.jpg

Here is another pair of Graphosoma lineatum, mating on a cluster of tiny green fruits.

IMG_7735 malo.jpg

A Hundred meters or so further ...

IMG_7738 malo.jpg

... I was once again surrounded by a variety of thorny bushes ... accompanied by some smaller herbaceous plants ...


... like this Knautia arvensis ...

IMG_7701 malo.jpg

... with plenty of lovely composite flowers.

IMG_7703 malo.jpg

I like these flowers very much, so I took this extra shot ... that may seem a bit unnecessary.

IMG_7742 malo.jpg

These are the rose hips of the wild rose, Rosa canina.

IMG_7746 malo.jpg

Quite beautiful ... very healthy and edible ...

IMG_7747 malo.jpg

... great stuff for herbal tea or marmalade.

IMG_7792 malo.jpg

This is the Common hawthorn ...

IMG_7797 malo.jpg

... Crataegus monogyna ...

IMG_7801 malo.jpg

... with plenty of colorful fruits ...

IMG_7799 malo.jpg

... which hare also edible.

IMG_7804 malo.jpg

Some hawthorn shrubs are growing intertwined with blackberries ... so it appears like different fruits are growing on the same plant, at first sight at least.

IMG_7713  malo.jpg

The fruits of Clematis vitalba have fluffy silky appendages ...

IMG_7718 malo.jpg

... so this plant looks like is covered with feathers in the late summer and early autumn.

IMG_7840 malo.jpg

The wild, self seeding grape vine ...

IMG_7835 malo.jpg

... Vitis vinifera sylvestris ... is also very common here ...

IMG_7837 malo.jpg

... this one hangs from the branches of the old Pine tree (Pinus sylvestris) near the abandoned stone quarry.

IMG_7848 malo.jpg

Just a few steps further ...

IMG_7856 malo.jpg

... I found a not - so - hidden treasure ... amber ...

IMG_7849 malo.jpg

... and emeralds ...


... ancient coins ( or vintage at least, this is the Yugoslav dinar, currency of the socialist state that disappeared from the world's map, I bought many Ice Creams and Comic books with these coins some decades ago) ...

IMG_7866 malo.jpg

... and mysterious fragments of some advanced technology.

IMG_7842 malo.jpg

I had a lot of fun while exploring this little illegal dumping site.

IMG_7847 malo.jpg

Maybe it doesn't look at first glance ... but ... this is actually a pretty inspiring place. In this small outdoor bathtub, ad example ... I found some empty little bottles, once filled with a wide variety of liquors ... some empty packs that once contained some cigarettes ... and, hanging upside down above all that stuff ...


... a spider.

IMG_7844 malo.jpg

The Argiope bruennichi spider feeding on some brown butterfly enveloped in sticky silk.

IMG_7841 malo.jpg

I found also a pretty large piece of thick multilayered glass ... shiny like a frozen alpine lake on a clear winter's day ...

IMG_7851 malo.jpg

... and this is a short, slightly unfocused look through that glass.


I had even the TV. There was only one channel ... with not much on it ... just the usual garbage you see everywhere on TV nowadays ...


... so I decided to watch the small lizard (Podarcis sicula) sunbathing on the top of the TV machine ... it provided a better Reality show.

IMG_7861 malo.jpg

I found some more technology ...

IMG_7868 malo.jpg

... scattered in small pieces around the TV. It looked like an interesting puzzle in some old school adventure video game ... too hard to solve, as usual.

IMG_7870 malo.jpg

I found some interesting shadows as well. This one looked like a mountain ...

IMG_7872 malo.jpg

... and this one ... was just lovely and intricate ... I guess.

IMG_7518 malo.jpg

There was a girl ... posing in summer dress on rotting paper ...


... and not far from there ... at the edge of the garbage area ...

IMG_7830 malo.jpg

... beautiful Yellow toadflax flowers were growing.

IMG_7796 malo.jpg

When I left behind me this lovely garbage place surrounded by tall shrubs ...

IMG_7395 malo.jpg

... and arrived at the open meadow again ...

IMG_5794 malo.jpg

... I noticed a group of horses in the distance.

IMG_5789 malo.jpg

It was a nice group of horses ...

IMG_5792 malo.jpg

... and there was a young foal among them.

IMG_6649 malo.jpg

I had a great view almost all around me from that slightly higher ground ...

IMG_6647 malo.jpg

... I saw something cool ...

IMG_6645 malo.jpg

... whenever I zoomed my lens ...

IMG_6642 malo.jpg

... distant sailboats ...

IMG_7440 malo.jpg

... a less distant fisherman ...

IMG_7438 malo.jpg

... working with nets ...

IMG_7444 malo.jpg

... throwing them not far from the shore.

IMG_5706 malo.jpg

There was a race going on ...

IMG_5707 malo.jpg

... between a speedboat and the small local fishing boat ... and guess who was winning ... for now ... who knows how it ended, maybe it was like in that old & famous race between the ordinary Rabbit and a professional racing turtle.

IMG_5708 malo.jpg

I turned my focus to other stuff before the end of the competition.

IMG_1389 malo.jpg

I continued my walk ...

IMG_1665 malo.jpg

... and after some time ...

IMG_1664 malo.jpg

... I came at some abandoned houses ... this was a part of some kind of communal farming once upon a time, when this was a socialist state.


I find some more garbage here ... nothing spectacular, so I didn't bother with serious exploration ... I took only this enlargeable shot ... someone left a mattress here ... among some other, smaller things ... and I found this fluffy jumping spider jumping all around the outdoor mattress ... it looked pretty funny ... and kinda cute.

IMG_1671 malo.jpg

There was a concrete well near the houses ...


... and I saw some more garbage on its dry bottom.

IMG_7555 malo.jpg

I continued walking around the houses ...

IMG_7778 malo.jpg

... shooting with my camera along the way ...

IMG_7559 malo.jpg

... plants and insects mostly ...

IMG_7562 malo.jpg

... I saw this small bug ...

IMG_7563 malo.jpg

... for the first time on that occasion.

IMG_7635 malo.jpg

Then I changed my direction ...

IMG_7640 malo.jpg

... and continued to the sea ...

IMG_5802 malo.jpg

... which wasn't very far.

IMG_7648 malo.jpg

I saw many interesting insects while walking through the meadows along the sea shore ... leaf beetles ...


... camouflaged inchworms ...


... grasshoppers ...

IMG_7771 maloo.jpg

... unidentified mating bugs ...


... European firebugs ...

IMG_7809 malo.jpg

... and some very fat ...

IMG_7810 malo.jpg

... pretty colorful caterpillars ... feeding on the Euphorbia cyparissias plant.

IMG_7784 malo.jpg

Insect world is full of surprising shapes and colors ... but plants can also provide some cool tricks on photograph ... although this looks like a view at some small plants growing on the carpet of moss ... this is actually ...

IMG_7790 malo.jpg

... only a detail of the wild carrot flower that has turned into this strange leafy structure.

IMG_7912 malo.jpg

This plant that grows on the pebbles very near to the salty water is the Crithmum maritimum ... very edible ... pretty salty and very aromatic ... absolutely delicious ... I enjoy eating that stuff with no
cooking or spicing, right there by the sea, like one of the many hungry rabbits present in the area.

IMG_7907 malo.jpg

The evening caught me there ...

IMG_7901 malo.jpg

... among strange and beautiful coastal vegetation ...

IMG_7919 malo.jpg

... solid rocks ...

IMG_7920 malo.jpg

... and resilient plants ...


... with obsolete adverts left by the summer crowd ...

IMG_7925 malo.jpg

... with colorful garbage ...


... and delicate flowers.


Evening lights started to appear in the distance, across the bay.

IMG_7924 malo.jpg

It was time to go home.

As always in these walks on HIVE, all the photographs are my work.


Very wonderfully wonderful but I don't know what nice to say for such a good post :-)

@tipu curate :)

Manually curated by brumest from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you :)

How are you dear friend @borjan good night
Without a doubt you had a fun walk, judging by the beautiful images you have captured, I was impressed by the gif of the well.
how much life of insects there are in these images, the photographs that tomatoes at night came out great.
It's a shame that people don't take care of this beautiful place and throw their garbage there.
Excellent you take congratulations, you are very kind to let us know
Until the next walk dear friend
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

Thanks :) have a good day

So many beautiful photos to see! That’s a long walk indeed. Nature there is so wonderful from big to small, enormous to minutely tiny.

I like the blue sea and sky. Those berries are so bright red, there are so many insects around. One day nature will overtake the whole world!

Looks like it was a wonderful day. So many interesting meetings and discoveries!

Nature is very active in this period :)

Heard it many times but for the very first time, I have actually seen asparagus plant. It is very rare where we live and the so focussed berry, of course, reminded me of its taste.

Also, the Portulaca oleracea is found here I think but never had tasted them

Haha! It is indeed true, TV garbage that fills up an individual's fresh mind with the garbage of course. Very wells said!

It was like walking beside you with this post @borjan .. I think the best post on what I found on hive today. Stunning photos and I imagine what an amazing and thrilling experience you had on that day :D

:) Glad you enjoyed this walk. Have a good day ... and life in general.

😀 Thank you and you too.

Wow, @Borjan, just WOW.

I am so blown away by this WednesdayWalk!

You have really outdone yourself here!

So many truly outstanding photos! You have managed to create beauty out of even rubbish!

It looks like you had such a wonderful, peaceful and enchanting day!

I am just so captivated by your photos and the story of your journey.

Thank you so much for sharing! 🙏

I can't wait to see you again next Wednesday! 😃

And by the way, all of the berries look so delicious and the little spider is so adorable I want to take him home and cuddle up to him....😊

Thanks :) Next Wednesday I'll be walking around my hometown.

Oh cool, I can't wait!!!

I'm going to go somewhere different too, so I'll show you mine if your show me😂