Arsenic Lullaby Consensus2021 FINAL PIECE and more great NF artists to see!

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Thursday the 27 is the final day of Consensus 2021 the worldwide virtual crypto currency conference, and NFTart had no small stage...

In fact right here for ya is the link to the virtual Art X Whale gallery!


You can enter and walk around and take it all in. "Like playing Doom, you use the keys to move" how it was explained to me because I don't know jack squat about this stuff (nor do I remember how to play Doom, but I got the hang of it.) Hey, I'm an illustrator and playing video games is bad for my eyes...and for my productivity.

But I DO know something about art. Today, I'm gonna show you the final finished piece of mine, featured at the Consensus gallery ( above) that I've been showing you bits and pieces of!




Previous blog on how it was done, here-

(if you took a sec to go here and give it a like, that'd help the cause and I'd sure appreciate it (...yeah I know it's legacy web, but humor me, there's a method to my madness)

Turned out pretty decent. Some other time I'll get into why this is something that could only exist as NFTart. There are elements working together in this piece that would not be possible, or work together properly in a static medium, or even as a cartoon. That's later though...

Time now to introduce you to the rest of the whale community artists featured at this exhibit!
previous blog on the first round of featured NFTartists here-

Oh...when I say "rest of" let me put an asterix there, it is possible I missed someone and there was at least one person I could not find on twitter. If such is the case I do apologize, BUT I did put the word out that if any of them wanted a plug, to give me their info. So if you don't see yourself, know that I did try!

First off, it really REALLY made it hard for me to sleep after the last time I said all sorts of nice things about OTHER peoples work. Call it a character flaw. I'll TRY to give a thought or two on each of these artists, but...understand it's causing great harm to my ego...

Twisted Vacancy

...this guy's too good. I hate him for that.


It was hard to choose one from her works that make a good example because she does a lot of different techniques, styles, and mediums. And she does them all extremely well. She does any of them as well as the rest of us do one thing well. You know how maddening that is? I hate her too.

Spaced Painter

How the fuck does he do these?! How does someone even come up with this visual?! Much less create it so expertly? AND there's sound that is in harmony with the visuals. Not fair. Not fair at all.

Brendan Dawes

Yeah...I hate him too. I looked for something of his that wasn't great, just for my own mental well being. Couldn't find anything that wasn't great. Hmpf.

Crypto Spector

fuck that's know what? Just pretend you didn't see that. Forget I ever mentioned this person.


What does that say?! this artist sends updates to physical pieces they did?! Oh no. no...please tell me that's not going to be a thing. That is NOT information I should have, I will NEVER finish a piece. AND, by the way...did they think this was not amazing enough as it was? Give the rest of us a chance, ya jerk!


I want to cry. Let's move along


These are the types that really drive me nuts. Where their work is just flat out talent and charm. This would be top notch in any era. I hate this person


You're gonna want to go to the virtual gallery to REALLY appreciate this one, because SOMEHOW ( and I am going to tell myself it was luck) The composition remains visually compelling even as you walk around it. Add this one to the list of people I hate.


Elegant, pure and simple. Elegant. Nothing I've ever done could be described as "elegant". Hate him too.


This guy makes virtual worlds and virtual merch...mind blown. It took me two hours to make my avatar with a pain by numbers type program for 12 years olds. He's got a genuine vision, not just for his work but for the nft field in general. add him to my list.


Don't get me started on this one...just pretend I didn't post it.

And that's that.

All fallacious-ness aside, you can see that the gallery is FULL of the best...skilled talented Innovators, and I'm proud to be there among them!

Also, the last panel on NFTart is today!


And that is all for now. I shall go back to only talking about myself next time, after this headache goes away that appreciating the work of others has given me.

More of my NFT art can be found here -
and here-

More behind the scenes pics of other work-


as always my homebase is here


and just for the hell of it...I'm on alla these also ( though some less often than others.)




@steevc ...let's compare the resources used with me minting any number of editions of an nft with me putting the same work out in physical form- AN INDUSTRIAL PRINTING PRESS RUNS FOR SEVERAL HOURS, it is then boxed and shipped to a distributor, who then ships it to a store, that the customer has to travel to...and back. add to that the paper mills making paper (with trees) and shipping it, the ink being made, the boxes being made (out of trees)and shipped.

I'm not even going to get into the resources used in the logistics of getting a piece of fine art from point A to point B or the resources used by art galleries...creating and fabricating the peripherals for exhibits, removing exhibits, powering large expensive displays.

I have been in the art and publishing industry for two decades, Steve. Me minting an nft is about 0.000001% of the resources/energy used o make a physical edition of something.

The carbon foot print of you buying an nft is NOTHING, compared to the carbon footprint of you buying the same thing in physical form.

as for the "The concept of ownership is changed when items are digital and infinitely copyable." It is not "copyable" actually, any more than me copying all the zero's and ones in a bitcoin, gives me a bitcoin.
it is the art as witnessed by the blockchain that is an NFT.

I have gone over this more in depth in the past. You might, if you're interested, scroll through my previous blogs explaining what an NFT is. If the concept seems muddled to you, those should help.

It's not a black and white issue. I was just pointing out some concerns people have with NFTs. I am not against them if they help artists. A lot of them will be for purely digital art. There are ongoing debates about the energy usage of blockchains. Elon Musk is getting involved, but the miners are going to use whatever optimises their profits. Hive is not so energy intensive as it does not use proof of work.

You can sell digital artworks without using NFTs, but they confer more exclusive ownership.

As I understand it what is on the blockchain is a sort of ownership certificate rather than the artwork itself as storing that much data there is not practical.

I get the concepts, but it is a much-hyped area right now. You seem to be a rare case in working with traditional materials to produce your work, but then animation is generally going to need digital, unless you resort to film.

I have issued my own NFT in the form of a song that can be bought in the Rising Star game. It is a limited edition and I can set my own price. I do not expect to make much from it though. My music is also on sale on Bandcamp, but I let people pay what they want. They get standard audio files, so there is nothing to stop them copying. People will pay anyway to support the artist with no need for NFTs, but they offer another option. I think it's great if you and others can earn from your work in this way.

There's some amazing work out there by talented people. NFTs are an interesting new model, but some do have issues with the resources required to 'mint' them. The concept of ownership is changed when items are digital and infinitely copyable. The Hive rewards model has potential too. Even now it is possible to get fairly large rewards on a post, but the distribution can be skewed. If the userbase grows and the price goes up then it could improve. I'm doing what I can to reward the stuff I like and am buying physical items from some people.